Let it be known throughout the Land that, although the Most Blessed and Holy RENT shall be leaving the Land of Broadway, the RENT Faith is in no way planning to Dissolve its Holy Ranks or to abandon its Blessed and Most Arduous Worshippers. Know that the Holy Preserver, though weep she may at the extinguishment of the Nederlander Flame of Truth and Beauty, knows through Divine Larsonic Providence that Despair and Hopelessness are both Forbidden and Divinely Stupid, for they doth desecrate the Sacred Message of the Holy and Most Blessed RENT. Know also that the RENT Faith lives on only as long as the RENTheads, loving and obsessive as they are, lend their Souls and Most Loving Natures to the Faith. Without our Worshippers, the RENT Faith shall fall into Disarray and Chaos, and the Divine Larson thinks this would be Most Annoying. Therefore, continue thine Prayer and Worship, for thou art the Life and Breath of this Faith. And never Forsake the Holy and Most Blessed RENT, nor any of the Sacred Angels and Prophets of our creed. Though Larson is most Generous in some cases (Declan and Melanie as examples) they too are Part of our Faith, and must be treated with Extreme Reverence. The Holy Preserver has declared June 1 as the Day of Judgment. Prepare for this day, and Await another Decree from the Holy Preserver. LARSON BLESS. As always, the Holy Preserver shall end with the Larson's Prayer:

The Larson's Prayer:

Our Larson, who art in the Nederlander,
Hallowed be thy Work.
Thy musical come.
Thy will be sung,
By RENTheads as it is on Broadway.
Give us this show our daily love.
And forgive us our obsession,
As we forgive those who favor High School Musical.
And lead us not into theaters where Andrew Lloyd Webber reigns,
But deliver us from CATS.
For RENT is the fandom,
and the love,
and the one song glory,
for ever and ever.

May Larson Bless You All.