Ok, spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose 2 – But surely everyone has seen it?

This started off in my strange little head as plot less Dean whumpage and just grew from there. Beware; it's not for the squeamish.

As with all my other stories, unfortunately I don't own Sam, Dean or anything else you might recognise – I just own the order the words are written in.


Supernoodle x – 29th October 2007

Blood and Hellfire

By Supernoodle



There was so much blood.

The smell of it filled his nostrils with hot copper and it made his stomach clench with nausea. It was too much - too much for Dean to lose and still be ok.

"Hold on, Dude. Okay… Just hold on." Sam yelled at his brother. His free hand reaching over, fingers wrapping around the fabric of his brother's shirt, and he pressed the gas pedal down to the floor, the Impala's tyres skidding wildly on the wet blacktop.

Dean stared straight ahead, jaw set, his eyes not leaving the road. If he let them wander, he might look down at the blood pumping from his throat, and he couldn't let himself go there. He could feel it running through the towel he had pressed to the wound, through his fingers, down his wrists. It was soaking through his shirt in a hot, wet stain. If he looked, he might lose it and it was only the strange detachment that he was feeling, the inability of his mind to accept that fact that he was bleeding out all over the passenger seat of his car that was keeping him alive.


Of all the things Dean Winchester had thought would be the end of him, a bar fight sure wasn't one of them.

So he'd looked at some guy's chick? It had only been a fleeting glance; he had been trying to ignore her and the fact that she'd been checking him out all night. She looked like Britney Spears, only more Britney the Elvis years than Britney Hit-me-one-more-time and although he had been trying desperately hard not to look her way, he was pretty sure that she wasn't wearing any panties.

I always get the classy ones, Dean reflected. Fighting the urge to take the Impala's ignition key from his pocket and gouge his own eyes out.

Despite the view, Dean had been enjoying himself - buzzing on half a dozen beers and enjoying the down time with his brother. But Sam, as usual, had been oblivious to mostly everything going on around him. A new addition to Sam's personality that Dean was quickly losing patience with. Every time he went away, Sam started tapping away on the laptop, slamming it shut every time he came near, every time he left the room, Sam was on his cell phone, whispering secret plots down the line to someone he strongly suspected was Bobby.

He'd given up trying to have an actual conversation with his pre-occupied little brother and left him to take a leak. Not noticing that Britney's wired looking boyfriend had followed him into the bathroom.

Sam had been busy with his nose in the laptop as usual with his desperate hunt for a way out of Dean's deal, searching for a way to save his brother, as Britney's boyfriend had calmly jabbed Dean in the neck with the beer bottle he had just broken over his skull.

Then laving Dean on the floor, the guy calmly left the bathroom and walked out of the bar, dragging Britney with him.

Sam didn't even notice anything was wrong, didn't notice that Dean was taking far too long, until he came staggering out of the john with blood trailing behind him like a stream and even then it was only the horrified cry of the waitress that made him look up.