They sat down and ate breakfast with them and after breakfast was done they left and went to search for more jewel shards. Inuyasha and kagome stayed in the back and walked together and held hands.

Sango walked up to Miroku and asked him if he's noticed anything different between Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Hey Miroku, Have you noticed anything different between Inuyasha and Kagome?" Sango asked

"No Why." Asked Miroku

"I think there is something going on that there not telling us because Inuyasha is being kind to Kagome instead of being a jerk." Sango said

"Yeah your right let's talk to them tonight." Miroku said

"Hey, Kagome do you think they found out yet?" Inuyasha asked

"No, But I have a feeling that they are going to talk to us tonight because I think Sango might suspect something." Kagome said

"Well If they do ask us we're going to tell them right?" Inuyasha asked

"Yes, we will tell them." Kagome replied

Later That Night

"Hey Kagome, Can I talk to you in private for a second?" Sango asked

"Sure" Kagome replied but, before she left with Sango she gave a nod to Inuyasha letting him know everything will be ok and he nodded back.

Sango and Kagome went down by the river to talk. They didn't speak until they got to the river.

"Hey Kagome, what's up with you and Inuyasha?" Sango asked

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked Sango

"I think you know what I mean Kagome" Sango said

"Ok, Ok, yeah there's something going on between Inuyasha and me." Kagome


"If I tell you do you promise not to ask any questions until I'm done telling you?" kagome asked

"Of Course, Kagome now spill." Sango said

"Well me and Inuyasha um …. Um we became mates." Kagome said

"You did what kagome?" Sango said

"I became Inuyasha's mate." Kagome said and she proved it by moving her hair and showed Sango the mating mark.

"I'm so happy for you Kagome." Sango said

Back at camp

"Hey Inuyasha what's up with you and kagome?" Miroku asked

"What do you mean Miroku?" Inuyasha asked

"Oh, I think you know what I mean. You are being kind to her and that's not like you at all." Miroku stated

"Ok, we became um….Um mates." Inuyasha said

Miroku's eyes went as big.

"You did what Inuyasha?" Miroku asked

"I became Kagome's mate." Inuyasha said

"Well I'm happy for you." Miroku stated

"Thanks" Inuyasha said

"Well Sango, I think we should head back now its getting dark and I am getting sleepy." Kagome said

"Ok, lets head back than." Sango said

Sango and Kagome headed back to camp and when they got there Miroku ran to Kagome and congratulated her and Sango ran to Inuyasha and congratulated him as well.

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