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The Degenerate Elite

I am the virus; are you the cure?
I am morally, I'm morally impure

He is Nagato, and he is Pein.

He is a childhood friend with a God-complex; obviously, neither will ever change. This is why I will always follow him-- because, unlike his appearance, the man will never change. He will never cease to be, and he is a constant (so rare among the sea of new that is today). I can't help but want to be beside him always. Or as long as he allows it.

But it seems that I will never change either, for he allows me to remain there. And so I am rooted.

I cannot say if it is affection, and if so, it's well concealed. I don't... show that sort of emotion. It's odd. Foreign. He wouldn't know me if I smiled... not anymore. Not at him.

We were three once. And in that time, he was always the Third One. Because he was quiet, and for the most part, unenthusiastic. But he turned out to be so much... and I need him.

He is an addiction that I cannot, nor do not want to, rid myself of.

I am not afraid to admit it:

I need him.

I am a disease and I am unclean
I am not part of God's well-oiled machine

She is Konan, and that is all. She has never wished to be anything else.

Unlike me, she will never change. She is the angel to my diety; for I am a god.

She is the only one that remains to take me seriously. She is the only one to be spared. And for some crazed reason, she has always been there. I've never asked her to stay... I've never asked her to be there. We had a third... and she stayed, even when he was gone. All we had was each other. Maybe that's why she was always... there.

Even though I might never let it be shown, I do need her.

I don't. But I do.

It doesn't make sense. I could go on without her. But really... I don't know if I could.

It's not affection. It would be foolish to think so. It is... a need. A yearning. Because every god needs an angel. He cannot be God without her.

She is like a subtle drug; one you do not know that a man you know is taking, because he is no different outwardly than the man you always knew... but he would surely fall apart without it.

She is everything pertinant to my plans; the ones that have nothing to do with the world's everything.

We are together in all, and I need her. Together, we make the nothing that is everything.

And we make you.

I am part of a degenerate elite.

- Fin -

Lyrics: Insanity, by Oingo Boingo.
Written while listening to The Dark of the Matinee, by Franz Ferdinand.