A cold hard day

As her smile on her face begins to fade. she turns around so no one can see her sad face. A cold hard day had hit and it it hard. She turned around to see hom looking at her. She frowns and turns away quickly. She really loves him But she's afraid. She scared.she has no clue of what to do. He likes her, too. But the girl was different. She never said to follow your dreams, she said to chase your shadow not your dreams. The boy was doing something he knew would huurt her. Scare her. And make her not like him any more. Th girl feared for not only his life but her own. He could die. She knew what ever he was doing was going to hurt him.She looked into the rectangular light, as the tears filled her eyes. Her head started to ache. Her blue eyes, as deep as the ocean, began to cry. As she beguns to die her smile wips off her face and reveals only her sorrow inside