For those time-traveling fics. How he fell in love before his mind caught up. Tom/Ginny

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Okay, one-shot fic. Yes, I know; if I'm updating, why another one-shot? Why not update one of my stories? Well, I have a vocab test coming up this Thursday, and I kinda don't wanna fail. My vocabulary rivals a scrap of coconut, and so I figured writing a fanfiction using the words would help me remember their spelling and such. So sorry if I use several of these words incorrectly. XP

Enjoy, however!

That new girl, with deep auburn hair and delicate porcelain skin, with a fiery and lively glint in her warm chocolate eyes.

That new girl, who claimed some sort of bizarre, esoteric story of her past.

That new girl, who competed readily with him in his grades, something that never happened before.

That new girl, who gave him a new sense of xenophobia.

He never thought he'd ever hate a Pureblooded beauty, but he did. She was for everything he was against. She was the only person who refused to kowtow to his charms. She was an anathema to him. She was his nemesis.

She didn't seem too fond of him, either, but they were always pushed in each other's way. Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She seemed to be taking every course he was.

She always deprecated his words, thoughts, and actions. She called them macabre. She stood stiffly when he came around, a strange look in her eye – a look that even Tom Riddle could not interpret. Fear? Regret? Hesitation? Obfuscation?

She was everywhere, a denizen of his thoughts. He could not shake off her image, and he hated it. Decimate this obsession. Preclude her from your thoughts. He couldn't. He was consumed.

He found vignettes of the petite auburn-haired witch at the corners of his parchment. How did they get there? Had he drawn those? It couldn't be. Impossible. He hated her.

His life's conundrum revolved around her. Mollify yourself. Ostracize her away from your mind. He couldn't. He'd already fallen into this inexorable feeling that made him shiver with disgust.

She was turning the corner, heading toward Charms, like she always did at 9:53. He strode out. Display of bravado. What was he doing? He caught ahold of himself. Attempting to impress his nemesis? It was ludicrous. He changed his obsequious words into vituperative ones.

Confusion was clear in her delicate face. Satisfaction swelled within him. The insufferable emotion was temporarily gone. But she won't love you this way. Love? Love? The idea was laughable. He didn't care.


Shoot more pejorative diatribes at her. Emote hate. Emote? No, not emote. Reveal. Reveal hate. Give her an onerous time as her Potions partner. Relief flooded within him. The intolerable feeling was temporarily gone. But she won't love you this way. Love? The idea was jocular. He didn't care… He didn't care. Of course he didn't care. Of course he didn't.

That one Ravenclaw with pale blond hair is showering her with obsequious flattery. It roiled his blood. The next day, the Ravenclaw was found half-conscious outside, floating on the lake. A hint of a smile at the debacle. He turned to that chocolate-eyed girl that had warped his mind. She was worried, she was shocked. Horrified. If she knew, she would hate him forever. She won't love you this way. Love…

He was surprised that it hurt.

That she would never love him. It was against the nomenclature of life. Their melodies produced cacophony instead of song.

That night, she found him sitting by the lake. The sun was dipping down low, its grand array of colors surrounding it to keep it warm. However, the day was cooling when she sat next to him, staring into the lake.

"I know you did it," she said softly.

She knows… His heart came to a stop.

She turned to face him, using her finger to lift his chin, forcing him to stare into those cursed chocolate eyes.


He didn't say anything, and he didn't need to. The truth was in his eyes, and she could read it. She was the only one who could ever read him.

He used to hate it.

That night, he burgeoned into someone new.

A better person.

And the next day, she disappeared.

Never to be seen again.