I love you

Hi there my name is eruruu, I'm 15 years old I stand about 5'2, and I have a tail and long ears. I' sweet and quiet, I love to help people, I also have a little sister name aruruu she looks like me but younger, she 9 years old. People say that I'm cute but I don't know. Hakuoro say that I will grow up and be a beautiful girl, Hakuoro he so…so cute and sweet wait did I just say that…what I mean is that I…will…o who I'm I kidding he so hot, with his nice body, his short blue hair that flows in the wind, his dark deep blues eyes that I get lost in every time I look in them, and his mask, his mask makes him look so mysterious I love that, I wonder how old he is, he looks about 19 years old but who knows I really don't care how old he is.

'Well hello there eruruu' I turn to look at him, the man I'm in love with Hakuoro, he standing there with his white and blue kimono on the one that I love so much

'Hakuoro are you going' I ask, but he didn't reply he just stood there

'oh I see…be careful' I say, trying not to cry, I wanted to tell him how much I love him how much I needed but I can't I don't want to be rejected I don't think I can take it. He turn to leave but than he stop and says 'I'll be back I promise' than he leaves without looking back at me but if he did he would have seen me cry, cry because I'm to scare to tell him that in love with him, that I don't want him to leave. He walking away now

'It's cheating' I yell. He stops and turns to look at me

'Its cheating to walk away from us, your family, I let him know I let him see me cry I want him to know how I fell.

'Eruruu…' I look up at him with pleading eyes that begging him not to go to stay with his family too stay with…me. He look at me I can't tell what he feeling because he hiding his emotions from me. He does that some times

' Eruruu…there will come a time that will meet again I promise…I promise' he's smiles at me than he turns to leave. I start to walk towards him, than I run and I jump towards him he turns again but only to meet my lips on his. Are first kiss o how I love it, he puts his arms around me, his arms that protect me so many times. He kisses me back an I love every moment of it. We finally let go

'I love you so much' I say didn't want to let him go

; I love you too… I promise I'll be back…I promise you that. He kisses my forehead and that when he leaves, he leaves home, leaves his family, his people, leaves aruruu, he leaves…me

'I promise I'll wait for you…I promise you that Hakuoro I promise' I whispered but he didn't here me. He turns and smile at me one l last time I smile back knowing I'll see him again than he vanish in to the white light, promising to come back and you know what he will come back and when he does I'll be waiting for him and we can finally start a family him, aruruu, and me a family