Would Life Ever Be The Same

A/N: Well, I need my Larkko fix as much as everyone else, so I thought I would write a fanfic. Hope you like it! Let me know. If I get enough review, I will get another chapter out tomorrow. Larkko and Sole. This chapter may seem a little slow, but I have to set up the story. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Langston Wilde focused her attention from the thought of the clock to the life she was missing out on. She really hated waiting for the bell to ring. As soon as class was over, she could go be where she really wanted to be. She should have been in Creative Writing, but because of that bitch Britney Jennings, everything had fallen apart. Things were really starting to look up at the beginning of the school year for her. She had the greatest friends in the world, a boyfriend who she never thought that she could be so close to, and her life was feeling normal after feeling empty for so long. But, so much has happened since the beginning of the school year. She began to think to herself, "Life was really starting to come together. I was actually looking forward to a new year. Now, look at my life. I hate it. I am stuck in that group home until Mrs. Manning can make it official, and I hate everything about this school. Everyone looks at me like they know me. They do not know anything about me." Across the room, she noticed this boy with glasses staring at her. She shot him a glare, which only made him stare harder. She then began to think, "Look at him. He looks like his mother dresses him with his glasses. What a freak." That thought just made her want to burst into tears. The thought of that brought her to Markko. She began wandering off in thought again, "Markko. I miss Markko so much. I used to think long and hard about when Markko fell for me. I will remember the conversation when he confessed it to me forever.

(Flashback Begins

Langston knew she had to get away. He clearly could not forgive her for lying to him. She began to walk away when Markko grabbed her arm and turned to face her.

Markko looked deep in her eyes, "Do you remember Chorus….um Mrs. Finch?"

Langston looked deep at him, confused. "You had Mrs. Finch?"

"We have been going out all this time and you still don't know.

"You weren't in my class.

Markko went on to explain, "I was in third grade, you were in second, but we were in the same school Chorus."

Langston began to feel that she had once again let down this boy that she cared so deeply for when she admitted, "I don't remember."

Markko went on to explain, "Maybe you'll remember a dorky dude with glasses, who let his mother dress him."

Reality set in as Langston replied with horror, "Freakazoid??? Oh My God, I was so mean to you."

"Well, let me finish. It didn't bother me. Because you see if you were messing with me then it meant you noticed me. A lot of people didn't back then.

"We went through grade school together? "Langston asked shocked.

"Yeah, and then I went to a different middle school than you, and that killed me."

"How come you didn't tell me this before?"

Markko considered the question for a moment, "I wanted you to see me for the guy I am now."

"Then, you don't know me at all. This just makes me like you even more."

"But see, that's me too. I see what you have been going through, and it makes me love you more. I am not going anywhere."

Langston looked deep into Markko's eyes and told him the truth, "There's something that I didn't say before because I was scared. I love you."

(Flashback ends)

Langston could not wait to see him. This class seemed to go on forever. At least she got to go spend some quality time with Markko, Starr, and Cole tonight. She began to ponder to herself some more, "I really hope that this fostering thing goes through soon. It hurts so much being so alone. I am so tired of it all. I wish I could kill Britney for this. Life was so good until she pulled this. I am so glad I do not have to ever see her face again." Langston felt a vibration from her pocket. She slyly took her cell phone out of her pocked, and looked at it. Her heart skipped a beat. It was from Markko.

"Hey Babe. Just sitting her in Creative Writing. Miss you. I luv u."

Langston began to text him back, not caring if she got caught or not. "Hey Freak, I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you today."

Another message came through. "I know. Do you want to pick me up here?"

"Babe, I am going to ask teach if I can go to the bathroom. I will call you in two mins."


Langston had to think fast. She needed to talk to Markko. She began to wonder where confident, do not take any crap Langston Wilde had gone. She raised her hand.

The teacher called on her, "Yes, Miss Wilde."

"May I go to the bathroom, please?"

"Go Ahead."

Langston barely made it to the confines of the bathroom when her cell phone began to ring. "Hey, Freak.

Markko had to laugh at that, "Hi, Babe. How's it going?"

"I hate it here. I want to be in class with you. Has Starr told you if Mrs. Manning got anything worked out yet?

"Yeah, they are saying maybe tomorrow."

Langston had to let out a sigh of relief. "Good. I hate it so much. Do you want to pick me up?"

"Sure, what time?"


"Cool. Babe, I love you. I can't wait to see you."

Langston knew they had to say goodbye for now. ""Ok, Markko I love you so much. I will see you in 45 minutes. Bye."

"Bye Freak."

Langston hit end. She had to laugh to herself. How many people would think that she and Markko were weird for calling each other freak so much? That is their thing though. It was the one of the things that made them unique. She then headed back to class to endure the long grueling last forty-five minutes before she could see Markko. She really hoped that there would not be a pop quiz

3:28, 3:29


Langston rushed out of class, not caring who saw her. She ran out the front doors to the front parking lot, and there he was. He was leaning against the piece of junk that he calls a car. Somehow, he made it look so good. He was dressed in his usual t-shirt and jeans with that red-plaid jacket that on some people would look terrible, but he looked downright sexy in it. She ran into his arms, not caring who saw her. She melted into his kiss.

Markko put his arms around her back and kissed her with abandon. He thought to himself, "I have missed her so much. I only have a couple hours with her. When is this going to be over?"

Langston and Markko both hesitantly pulled away from their incredible kiss. Markko opened the door for her. "You ready to go sweetheart?"


They pulled out of the parking lot. They then headed to meet the others at Dorian Lord's house. Markko knew that Langston needed to go see her best friend and find out what was going on. He could not wait until this was over so that he could be alone with her again. They pulled up to La Boulaie. Langston reached for the door when Markko stopped her.

"Babe. When this is all over, let's spend some real quality time together.

Langston reached out and kissed him. She melted once again into the kiss. She opened her mouth and eagerly intertwined her tongue with his. Minutes later, they broke apart. "Markko, definitely. There is nothing I want more than to be alone with you. I miss this. This is just the only place that Ms. Woodrow will let me be."

At that, they opened the door and went inside, hoping that Mrs. Manning had some good news to offer them. When she walked into the living room, Starr ran to her. "Langston, I am so glad to see you."

"You too"

"So, where is your mom? I need to get out of that place. I have a life to get back to."

Dorian Lord entered the room with a sad look on her face, "Langston, I am so sorry, but there is going to be a delay."

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