Thanks to the magic of syndication, I have rediscovered Nash Bridges. This is my story, some of the characters are mine, others are borrowed. Some names have been changed.

Hope you enjoy!

The evening breeze blew steady and cool high atop the former marina turned Special investigations unit, commonly called SIU by those who worked in it. Nash Bridges, Inspector and C/O of the SIU stood alone, stoically staring out across the water below.

Often, after solving a big case, Nash would come to this point, a place to let the burdens of other people's problems wash away, before heading home to his own little drama.

Nick and Cassidy, his father and daughter had more than enough drama to keep his personal life far from boring, the last thing he needed was to bring his job home too.

"Nash" his longtime friend and partner came up behind him "there's some people who need to see you." Joe said solemnly.

"oookay" Nash responded recognizing the serious tone his partner had "what is this about?" he asked

joe shrugged his shoulders "not sure Nashman" he answered "all I know is that a couple of suits from Washington are here, and they don't look like they came to talk about old times".

"Okay then" Nash said pulling away from the railing "lets go see what the suits want."

Nash and Joe arrived at the front of the SIU, where two men in black suits with white dress shirts and black ties, with black dress shoes stood. Their faces held no emotion, a third person was with them, he also had black shirt, pants and black shoes, and a white collar around his neck.

"Gentlemen" Nash greeted them "Inspector Bridges, Commanding Officer of the SIU, what can I do for you?' he asked.

"Inspector Bridges" the taller of the men spoke "Can we talk in private?"

Nash chuckled nervously, he'd been policemen too long for words like that not to scare him "that's okay Bubba, see anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of my men".

"As you wish sir" the man spoke again, then nodded at the chaplain.

"Inspector Bridges" the chaplain began "my name is Felix Brown, FBI Chaplain, I believe you are familiar with an Agent Caitlyn Cross" he questioned.

"yeah" Nash nodded "you could say I am familiar with Agent Cross" he agreed.

"Sir" the chaplain began solemnly "it is my duty, as Chaplain of the FBI to inform you that Agent Caitlyn Cross was shot and killed in the line of duty, protecting the president of the United States" he said formally.

At the Chaplain's words, a flood of emotions hit Nash "excuse me" he asked reaching for the corner of his desk. 'familiar with Agent Cross' didn't begin to cover his relationship with Caitlyn. What began as a game of cat and mouse wound into something far more serious and definitely more heated, in the end it was the passionate nature of their relationship that caused the demise of it, followed by her quick exit to Washington D.C.

"when" Nash heard himself say, as though in a dream.

"Two nights ago" the Chaplain answered "she made it quite clear you were to be contacted in the event of her death."

"Did she feel any…pain" Nash asked, hoping she didn't die an agonizing death alone.

"no sir" the third suit spoke up "Agent Cross died instantly of a bullet to the heart. She was pronounced dead on the scene."

Work seemed to cease on the floor of the SIU, nobody spoke, a sense of loss filled the place. Though not everyone of the officers liked or even respected Caitlyn, they knew her and more importantly, they knew she was important to Nash, whom they did like and respect.

"I see" Nash finally spoke "now what happens?" he asked "I'm surely not her next of kin."

"No sir" Chaplain Brown spoke again "Agent Cross's sister has claimed her body and there is a service scheduled for Friday morning, the family would very much like for you to attend."

"Why me" Nash asked "why now"

"Inspector Bridges" Chaplain Brown spoke softly "there are things you should know sir, can we talk in private?"

Sensing an urgent tone in the chaplain's voice Nash nodded "sure" he agreed.

Nash and Chaplain Brown reached the interrogation area "Inspector, there is something that Agent Cross's sister is sure you didn't know, she thought it only right that you be told."

"okay, what is this thing I need to know about" Nash asked

"Its actually less of a thing" the chaplain said quietly "more like a who" he finished handing Nash a 4 X 6 picture of a stunning 6 year old rendition of his own daughter Cassidy, "her name is Katherine, according to birth records she's your.."

"daughter" Nash finished the sentence as he sunk into a nearby chair "where is she? Does she know about me?"

the Chaplain nodded "she has been told about you by her aunt, we don't know if Agent Cross talked to her about you, but this letter was found in her desk. The instructions were to find you and give this to you if anything happened to her."

"I will leave you to your letter" the Chaplain stood to leave, "I will also give your partner the information for the services. Also, the president would like to award Agent Cross the medal of honor, would be willing to accept on her behalf?"

Nash nodded "I'll be there with bubba, I will definitely be there" he said looking into the eyes of the daughter he never knew.