Jordan, Roger and Marco drove Nash and Kat to the apartment Caitlyn and Kat lived in, where the picked up kat's clothes and toys. Some of it was packed in suitcases to go on the airplane with them, while others would be shipped the next day.

On the way to the airport, they stopped at the cemetery where both Nash and Kat said their goodbyes to Caitlyn. Saying goodbye at the airport was not so easy, especially for Nash, since saying goodbye was not his strong suit.

"take care of her" Jordan said with tears in her eyes.

"I will" Nash promised and "I'll send her back in the summer"

After a tearful goodbye between Kat and Jordan, Nash and Kat boarded the airplane headed for Kat's new home.

"what do I call you?" Kat asked waiting for the plane to take off.

"what do you want to call me?" Nash asked.

"I don't know, can I call you daddy?"

Nash's heart soared at her words, "honey you can always call me daddy." He said, even when you're old like your big sister Cassidy."

"Is she going to be there? Kat asked.

"yes, she will be there, and my father, your grandfather, plus some old friends of your mommy and they even have kids your age."

Kat skipped out of the airport staying close to Nash, Taking her hand he led her to the Cuda parked in the garage. "A convertible" Kat spoke almost breathlessly "cool!"

Nash chuckled "you like it huh?" he asked

Kat nodded "is it yours?" she asked

Nash nodded "yep, and you get to ride in it as much as you like."

"can I drive it?" she asked.

Nash groaned "we'll talk about it in 10 years" he said, not buckle up, we've got people waiting on us."

Cassidy got excited when she found out Nash would be bringing Kat home with him and had arranged for a party, inviting Joe and Inger with their kids, Harvey, and of course Nick would be there.

Nash couldn't wait for Kat to meet everyone "can we go see your boat daddy?" she asked when they pulled out of the parking lot. "yes, but first lets get you settled in at the apartment first, okay?"

Kat nodded "how soon will we be there?" she asked

"very soon" he assured her.

10 minutes later, Nash parked his car in the basement of the building and led Kat to the freight elevator.

"this is all yours" she asked wide eyed

Nash grinned at her expression "not really, but we are the only people who live here. Sometimes a local band practices downstairs however."

Nash realized Kat was suddenly very quiet "will they like me?' she asked.

"Of course, honey why wouldn't anybody like you." He asked.

The elevator stopped and after opening the gate, Nash and Kat stepped out. She immediately noticed the streamers and party fairs "whose birthday is is?" she asked.

"Nobody's" Nash answered "this is all for you"

"For me" she asked "wow, thanks"

"don't thank me, your big sister did it" Nash motioned toward Cassidy, who stood beside Nick staring at Kat.

"awww" Cassidy crooned "she's so cute"

Kat clung to Nash, as if her life depended was in danger. Getting down to her level, he looked her in the eye, "its okay" he said softly "they wont hurt you, I promise."

Although fear and uncertainty still rested in her eyes, she let go of Nash's hand and walked toward Nick and Cassidy. Looking back at Nash, she reached for his hand. Taking Kat's outstretched hand, he walked with her, enveloping his oldest daughter in a hug.

"Katherine Cassidy Bridges" he said using her full name, "this is your big sister, Cassidy. She lives in Paris, but she came here to meet you."

"Hi" Kat" greeted Cassidy shyly, still clinging to Nash.

"so you're Kat, huh? " Cassidy said " you know I always wanted a sister, and now I have one."

Kat stared past Cassidy at Nick, "You know who that is?" Cassidy asked.

Kat merely shook her head. "that is grandpa nick, would you like to meet him?"

Still speechless, Kat nodded, looking to Nash for approval. "go ahead, I'll be right here" he assured her.

With a little reluctance, Kat let go of Nash's hand and allowed Cassidy to lead her to where Nick stood. Nash watched as his father embraced his newest granddaughter. Kat immediately warmed up to Nick, just as Nash suspected she would.

"she's beautiful" Lisa came up behind him.

Taking the offered glass of champagne from his ex-wife "yes, she is, just like her mother."

"are you okay?' Lisa asked "I mean you haven't had a long time to deal with losing Caitlyn."

Nash nodded, wrapping one arm around her waist "I lost her long before she left" he confessed.

"you do work too hard Nash" Lisa said "but I have a feeling that'll change soon."

"ya think" Nash grinned "maybe I can convert the back office to a playroom for Kat" he said,"think she'd enjoy that?"

"where else would the daughter of two top cops want to grow up" Lisa quipped.

Nash laughed "It could happen" he said.

Joe and Inger walked in with JJ and Lucia, "so that's her, huh? Joe came up behind him, cute, oh and by the way, Inger said she will not allow you to turn the back office into a playroom for her, when we have a perfectly good one at the loft."

"how did she…" Lisa began

"she's Inger, she just knows" Nash answered.

Hours later, Nash peered into the newly created bedroom where Kat lay sleeping. After her initial shyness wore off, Kat began to loosen up and ended up having a great time at her party.

At one point she left her grandfather's side and jumped into Nash's arms. "I think I'm going to like living here" she said then jumped down and ran back to Cassidy and Nick.

Nash promised to take her to his 'boat' in the morning when she woke up, but for now he just enjoyed watching her sleep.

"amazing how things change" nick came up behind him.

"you're telling me" Nash agreed "better hang Nick, its going to be a wild ride."