Um... I didn't mean for these to get shorter as they went. But I've got nothing more to say on the subject. I wanted to save a happy one for the ending. Hope you all enjoyed these.


The alarm goes off at six in the morning. Leorio fumbles at it without looking at it for a few minutes; unable to locate the snooze button, he finally solves the problem by pulling the plug out of the wall.

"Aren't you going to school?" Kurapika asks drowsily, from somewhere around Leorio's armpit.

"No," Leorio replied, simply and decisively. He wraps his arms around Kurapika again and they go back to sleep.

The alarm on Kurapika's cell phone goes off an hour later, at seven. Kurapika has to crawl over Leorio and dig through the pile of their clothes on the floor before he can find it and turn it off. "Aren't you going to work?" Leorio asks facetiously, echoing Kurapika's statement.

"I'm on the other side of the world. What do you think?" Kurapika replies, crawling back into bed.

When they both wake for the third time, it is afternoon and Kurapika's cell phone is demanding his attention again. He turns it onto silent. They doze for awhile, drifting in and out, talking quietly--then, less quietly, do other things that don't require talking. They're thusly engaged when Leorio's beeper goes off, and lying lazily against each other in the aftermath when the answering machine later picks up and Gon's voice echoes through the apartment, wondering why he can't get a hold of anybody today.

The sun's setting by the time they finally get up, get dressed, and decide that they'd really rather order take-out than go in search of food or make it themselves. They sprawl on the couch with the little cartons between them, contemplating a swift return to bed and completely unrepentant--after all, it took them nearly seven years to get into the same bed at the same time, and having finally accomplished it, they're in no hurry to move on.