To Kill with Impunity

Drizzt knocked his enemy's blade aside and plunged Icingdeath expertly between the goblin's ribs, piercing the lung. For good measure, he brought Twinkle around and stabbed it through the heart.

The goblin, blood trickling from the corners of its reptilian mouth, looked down at the fiery wounds on its body. Then its yellow eyes focused on Drizzt's lavender orbs.

"So certain you've given up the ways of your kin, drow?" rasped the goblin, impressively since he pretty much had only one lung to draw upon.

Surprised, Drizzt yanked out the scimitars, each with a spurt of dark blood. The creature crumpled to the ground.

As it inhaled its last breath, the monster reached into a pouch and drew forth a small, roughly carved figurine. As close as Drizzt could make out, it was a carving of a female goblin. The goblin softly kissed the figurine and moved no more.

Drizzt began his trek back to Mithral Hall, back to his Catti-brie, troubled.