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Transformers: Child's Play

Ch. 1 About A Girl

"Mommy!" a little girl of five years old yelled and ran up to the open arms of her loving mother. The girl laughed and squealed as her mother picked her up and spun around in circles.

"Who's my pretty little angel?" the mother asked her daughter. "Who's my little angel?" she asked again as she sat on the grass and turned the girl so she was lying in her lap.

"I am!" the girl shouted gleefully. The young girl grabbed at her mom's hands and waved them around playfully. She then released one of them and went to grab her mom's sunny blonde hair.

The mom looked down proudly and with love at her daughter with her milk chocolate hair braided into two pigtails flying around while they played. She was amazed how her daughter's eye and hair color were completely different from her and her husband. Both her and her husband had blonde hair and blue eyes and their daughter had green eyes and brown hair. The doctor had said that she was probably one of those ¼ chances of recessive genes. Nothing to worry about. She was always curious about t, but the love for her daughter never wavered. Not for a moment.

"Mommy, I want to play ball." The girl suggested. The mother nodded and let her daughter up to go grab the yellow bouncy ball that fit perfectly in her little hands. She threw the ball towards her mother and laughed as she watched her mom fall dramatically to catch it. Her mom then threw it back to her and she made to catch it only to have it hit her on the head and she fell on her bottom where she once stood. The woman got up and rushed to her child.

"Oh my gosh, sweetie! Are you okay? I'm so sorry, baby!" the woman fussed over the child making sure she wasn't hurt. The girl just looked up at her mom and smiled and laughed. The woman breathed a sigh of relief. She had been very lucky with the child. She never got sick and she never seemed to get hurt. She just chalked it up to her daughter having a high pain tolerance. Just then, the phone rang. The young mother turned towards the open house. "That's probably your father. I hope. He's supposed to be making dinner." She got up and brushed her light blue jeans. "Wait right here, okay, baby?" the young girl nodded her head and her mom smiled, kissed her head and turned to go in the house. She had left the phone on the front table just for this occasion. She picked it up and answered it. "Hello?" she asked.

"How's my favorite lady?" a man's voice asked on the other end. The woman laughed.

"She's fine. She's outside playing with her ball." She said with her smile evident in her voice.

"Good to know, but I was talking about you, Carla." Carla smiled and chuckled lowly.

"I know, hon. I was just teasing. When are you going to be home, Jeff?" she asked.

While she talked to her husband, Carla's daughter was throwing the ball in the air and trying to catch it. She could throw it up in the air good; it was catching the ball that was proving difficult. A couple of times the ball would hit her in the face or on her head, but she would just shake it off and get the ball. Sometimes she would just throw it behind her or to the side. She threw the ball high in the air and watched it come down and bounce off her face. The ball rolled along the yard as the girl shook her head. She then opened her eyes and saw the ball rolling off the curb. She ran after it, running into the street and grabbing it and stopping right in the middle. She was blissfully oblivious of the car speeding towards her.

Carla looked up and didn't see her daughter where she left her.

"Honey?" she leaned out the doorway a little bit and then saw her in the street. She turned her head and saw the blue Mazda GX barreling towards her daughter. Carla dropped the phone and ran towards her little girl. "VANESSA!" she screamed. Vanessa looked towards her mom coming at her and then turned her head and saw the car. "NO!" she heard her mom scream. What neither she nor her mother knew was that her eyes started glowing a bright sea green and then turning to sky blue. Carla closed her eyes and then she heard a car crash and smashing metal. She opened her eyes expecting the most horrible image for a mother to see only…she didn't.

What she saw surprised her. Her daughter stood, totally unscathed, holding her ball and staring at the car with a fierce concentration she never saw in a five-year-old. She looked at the Mazda and gasped. The front end was completely smashed, totaled. It just wasn't possible.

"Vanessa!" she yelled at the girl. The child turned her head, her eyes had stopped glowing at this point, and hearing her mother's voice rose, which never happened, she just stopped and cried, holding her ball standing in the street, mere millimeters from the wrecked car. Carla ran to her daughter and pulled her close, practically squeezing the life out of her daughter, thanking God that she was safe and sound and in her arms. "It's okay, baby, mommy's got you. Mama's got you." Carla wept into her daughter's pigtails as the girl cried and buried her head into her shoulder as she sobbed her little eyes out. The man that was driving the Mazda got out looking like he was going to be sick, but otherwise was alright.

"Is she okay?" the guy asked. Carla stood up with her daughter and strode up to him. She looked absolutely livid.

"You're lucky she is!" she screamed. "What are you doing just flying down the street? Don't you know kids play here?! Be more careful next time! You're also lucky I don't call the cops on you!" she shrieked gathering the attention of neighbors who had come out looking at the "crash site" just outside their homes. "Come on, baby. It's okay, Nessa." Carla whispered to her daughter as she carried her girl back to her house, slamming the door behind them, sliding down it, and burst into tears. She held her daughter close as she tried to get her heart, which she was sure leaped out of her throat, to calm down.

"Carla? Carla?! What happened? Are you okay? Where are you?"She heard her husband's voice calling for her over the phone that was lying next to her. Carla picked it up with a shaky hand and held it up to her ear, quietly uttering three words.

"Come home, now." She then hung up the phone, dropped it, and went back to holding her crying daughter.

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