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"This is Bumblebee's radio talking for him."

Transformers: Child's Play

Ch. 2 Saviors Of Steel

"Okay! Up we go!" Jeff said cheerfully as he threw Vanessa in the air. The young girl squealed and laughed happily as she rose a foot or two in the sky and then came back down into her loving father's arms. He loved hearing that laugh, that squeal, oh let's face it, he loved everything about his daughter. He couldn't stand being away from her after hearing his wife sound so…so…well, he couldn't describe it. He never heard his wife sound like that, ever. He couldn't get home fast enough to find out what was wrong and, boy, was he glad he did. He practically flipped out when he heard what almost happened to his daughter. He even tried to track down the creep that almost mowed down his daughter and wanted to do the same thing to him that that guy tried to do to his number one daughter, his princess.

"Higher, Daddy! Higher! I wanna go higher!" Vanessa squealed. Jeff smiled and held his daughter close to his chest.

"How high do you want to go up, princess?" he asked her.

"I wanna go as high as the moon!" she cheered. Jeff nodded and threw her up again, reveling in the sounds of her happy screams and laughter. "Mommy!" the shrill word shook him out of reverie. He caught his little girl and held her high. Carla shook her head.

"Do you really have to throw her that high up?" she asked walking up to them. "Hasn't she had enough excitement for one day?" Jeff almost winced at the pain in her voice. There was no denying it, both his ladies had a hell of a day, but that was why he was playing so much with Vanessa, to get their minds off of it, that and he now appreciated his daughter that much more.

"Honey, it's okay. Nothing happened to her and nothing's ever going to happen to her." He promised his wife.

If only he knew how wrong he was.

Far away, from the family, but not so far by his standards, an MH-53 Pave Low helicopter received quite a shock to his systems. A sudden burst of energy that was very reminiscent to the Allspark. It couldn't have been! The Allspark was destroyed. Or so he thought.

'I must report this to Lord Megatron.' Blackout thought. He activated his comm. Systems and waited for his master to respond.

"What do you want, Blackout?" the cruel snarl sent tremors down Blackout's circuits. He was one of the most ruthless Decepticons in the universe, but even he got jittery around Megatron whenever he heard that deep snarl.

"My lord, you're gonna want to see this." He said simply. He sent Megatron the signal he just tracked. He could practically hear Megatron's cerebral gears grinding in thought as he went over the data.

"Are you in perfect operational order?"

"Yes, my lord. I've checked the readings and double-checked. That is definite Allspark energy."


"In a small human dwelling gathering. I believe it's called a neighborhood."

"I don't care what it's called!" Megatron roared. "How close is it?"

"Very. By flight, a little more than a breem. For the others, I'd say, a little less than two breems." Blackout finished. Megatron was silent. "Your orders, sir?"

"Keep tracking it. We'll go investigate. Assemble the Decepticons." Megatron ordered.

"Yes, sir. All hail Megatron." Blackout then turned ninety degrees and flew towards an unsuspecting human dwelling, at the same time, reporting to his five other soldiers.

A few blocks away from a normal human suburban home, with a normal human family with a not-so-normal daughter, a silver Pontiac Solstice and a black GMC Topkick pickup truck were parked just taking in the calm. Well, the calm all up until they got a major energy hit.

"Didja feel that jus' now?" the Solstice asked the truck.

"Yeah, I felt it, but I don't believe it." The Topkick said in a fairly concerned voice.

"This just don't feel right, Ironhide. I mean, this energy signal feels like the Allspark, but it can't be. The Allspark was destroyed. Wasn't it?"

"Yes, Jazz, it was. I mean, it is. I can't explain it either. Track down where the signal's coming from." Ironhide suggested. The Solstice agreed and was silent for a few minutes. "Well?"

"Got it. Call it in, 'Hide. The signal's comin' in from a home a few blocks away from our current location." Jazz explained.

"Optimus. This is Ironhide. You're never going to believe what Jazz and I found." Ironhide said over his comm. link.

"Just be a little more careful with her, huh?" Carla asked carefully.

"Hey, hon, take it easy. She's not a porcelain figurine. I understand what happened could've ended horrifyingly bad, but it didn't and that's why I'm playing with her so. You understand." Jeff explained gently. Carla sighed. She understood and he was right. She was just so scared. She was this close to losing her entire world and Vanessa was her first and only child, you can't exactly blame her for being nervous. Maybe Jeff was right. Maybe she just needed to relax a bit.

"Mommy play with us?" Vanessa asked, bringing Carla out of her thoughts. Carla looked at those big green eyes and the innocence shining through her face. Her daughter almost died today and the sweet little thing already forgot all about it! Oh, the joys of being young.

"Sure, baby, Mommy's gonna play with you and Daddy." Carla smiled as she watched her daughter clap her hands.

"Down, Daddy!" the little girl "ordered" and as soon as her father placed her on the green grass, Vanessa started moving towards her ball. Carla tensed as she saw her daughter head towards the toy. It was that blasted ball that started this mess in the first place.

"Uh, Nessa, why don't we play something that doesn't need the ball?" Carla asked nervously. Vanessa turned towards her mom with her head cocked to the side, the ball immediately forgotten. "Why don't we play tag?" she asked and smiled and sighed in relief as her daughter clapped her hands and smiled and giggled. "You're dad's it." She said tapping her husband on the shoulder. Jeff looked at her in disbelief. Carla shrugged and started running. Vanessa ran in the other direction laughing and screaming happily.

"That was a cheap trick." He said to his wife, who was already on the other side of the lawn. She gave her husband her most coy smile. "Well, I can be sneaky, too. Watch this." And he ran towards his daughter who had turned and was running straight for her mother. Carla picked up Vanessa just as Jeff swung and barely missed. The woman turned and ran about ten steps when…"Gotcha!" Jeff yelled brushing his hand against his daughter's left leg. "Vanessa's it." Jeff said triumphantly. Carla looked at her daughter who was grinning ear to ear.

"No," the child said shaking her head. "Mommy's it." She said and tapped her mom on the shoulder. Jeff ran in, grabbed the girl and made off with her, while Carla stood there in total disbelief. She then quickly got over it and ran after her family and practically tackled them to the ground and mercilessly tickled them both, reveling in the happy sounds. "Mommy! Ha ha...Mama stop! Aah! That tickles!" Vanessa yelled between laughing and screaming.

"Never." Carla replied with a huge smile on her face. She reached for every ticklish spot she could get her fingers on, well, as much as she could with her husband in the way, protecting the girl. "Hand over the girl." She demanded. Jeff denied Carla her daughter between laughing and gasping for breath.

"You can't have her! She's mine!" he laughed. "Don't worry, Nessa. I'll protect you." Vanessa curled into a tight little ball and nestled herself into her father's chest while still laughing and fighting against her mother's tickling fingers. The three of them were having such a good time they all jumped when they heard Jeff's watch alarm go off. Jeff unhooked one of his arms from around his daughter and looked at his watch. "Ooh! I was having so much fun; I almost forgot that I was making dinner. I gotta go check it. I'll be back in a minute or so." He said untangling himself from his family and going back into the house. He stuck his head out the doorway. "Don't have too much fun without me." And stuck his head back inside. Carla laughed and shook her head and turned to her daughter.

"Your father is one very funny man. Did you know that?" she asked the child. Vanessa laughed and Carla smiled. "You getting hungry, sugarplum?" she asked.

"Yeah. Hung-y!"

"Okay, well, we'll just wait for your father to call us in and then we'll go eat. Can you wait a few more minutes?"

"Yeah!" she cheered. Carla picked up her daughter and picked herself up off the ground. She held the girl close as they gazed at the darkening sky. The pinks and oranges blended beautifully in the canvas that was the dusk sky. "Pretty!" the girl said. Her mother turned to her and nodded her head.

"Yes, very pretty." She cooed to the child. "But not as pretty as my little girl." She said quietly, kissing her daughter's cheek. At that moment, they heard a sonic boom and looked up.

"Pane! Pane!" Vanessa said, pointing at the sky. Carla grabbed her daughter's hand and pointed with her at the jet that flew overhead.

"Plane, dear. Plane. There's an 'L' in it. And technically, it's a jet. Can you say jet?" Carla explained.

"Jet! Jet! P-p-plane!" Vanessa stuttered. At the sight of Carla's wide smile, Vanessa started clapping her hands.

"Good girl, Vanessa! You are so smart!" she cheered. A loud whirring sound was heard and both mother and child looked up and saw a black helicopter flying over them.

"Heli-copper!" Vanessa identified.

"No, dear, helicopter. There's a 'T' in there." Carla explained. She looked up at the chopper again. "It sure is flying awfully low." She said more to herself than to anyone in particular. She watched as the F-22 fighter jet flew in circles around the helicopter and also, seemingly, around her house. 'My woman's intuition is acting up.' She thought to herself.

She lifted Vanessa up a little and tightened her hold on the girl. She then looked down one side of the street when she heard a CRASH and a CRACK. A giant tank was rolling down the street! On the other side, she turned and saw a mine sweeper being led by a Saleen Mustang cop car. She backed up slowly as the vehicles came to a stop.

It was bad enough until she watched in horror as the vehicles shifted and changed shape and size and then she looked up and saw a strange shaped jet fly high up into the sky and then transform and land elegantly between the giant monsters that had once been the fighter jet and helicopter.

"This is where you traced the signal, Blackout? All I see are two very pathetic looking human females." Megatron growled. The eldest of the two stared up at him in a mixture of shock, fear, and awe. He wasn't surprised by the first two emotions; it was the last one that threw him, slightly. The child, however, seemed unaffected. The girl just kept staring at them calmly and quietly and her mother looked like she was gonna keel over in a dead faint.

"Affirmative, my lord. I tracked the signal to this exact spot." Blackout affirmed. "According to my calculations, the signal is coming directly from…"

Carla didn't understand what the giant mechs were saying, but the one that transformed from the helicopter pointed directly at her. Or more precisely…at her daughter.

"The child?" the jet robot asked. "Are you sure, Blackout? I think you've got a glitch." The robot laughed.

"Shut up, Starscream. I know what I scanned." The helicopter gave the jet an evil glare. "I can't explain it either, but my results are NEVER wrong. It's the girl."

"I don't care about that, just bring me the girl and let's see what we can find out." Megatron ordered. "Barricade, release Frenzy and have him bring me the child. Now!"

"Yes, Lord Megatron." The police cruiser stepped forward and had to keep from laughing out loud as the human mother stepped back. "Frenzy. Go get the little girl. Bring her to Megatron."

A small, six foot robot with four eyes and four arms busted out of the chest of the police cruiser like 'Alien' and made towards the females. Again, Carla couldn't understand what it was saying, but the little one was babbling incoherently and reaching out for Vanessa.

"Girly! Girly! Girly!" the little 'bot babbled. Carla jumped back as the little creep kept reaching out, trying to grab the little girl.

"Stay away from my baby!" Carla shrieked.

"Carla? What's wrong?" Jeff yelled as he ran out the door. He stopped short as he saw six giant robots standing in the street staring down at him and a six foot tall robot chasing his wife and trying to grab his daughter. He ran at the little 'bot and punched it in the eye stalk. "Stay away from my wife and daughter!" The next thing the couple knew was that they were looking straight into various blades and gun barrels from the other robots.

"Don't make me laugh, humans." The one that had transformed from the strange jet said. "It would be in your best interest to hand over the child." It growled. The monster unformed the cannon from his arms and leaned down to grab the girl when a plasma blast hit it in the arm.

"Megatron! Leave the humans alone!" a 28 foot tall blue robot with red flames yelled. The robot that was called 'Megatron' turned and gave the other robot an evil smirk.

"Optimus Prime. We meet again. Don't you have something more important to do? This is Decepticon business."

"Any business of the Decepticons is very important to me and my men. What do you want with the girl?" the one called 'Optimus Prime' responded sternly.

"If you're here, then I'm sure you know why we're here. The girl gives off Allspark energy and we claim it and her in the name of the Decepticons!" Megatron roared.

"NO!" a shrill cry rang out, causing all the mechs to turn to the previously forgotten humans. The adult female was clutching the child tightly and forcing the girl to bury her head in her mother's shoulder. "I won't let you take my baby! Any of you!" she screamed. She turned and started running towards the house, unaware that the robot that transformed from a tank, pulled out his weapon and fired, completely demolishing the house. The blast caused the two humans to fall back.

"Carla! Vanessa!" the male human yelled and ran to the fallen humans. Megatron turned to Brawl.

"You idiot! You could've damaged the girl! What in the Pit were you thinking?!" Megatron demanded in their native language.

"Apologies, Lord Megatron. I merely just wanted to stop the humans from escaping." Brawl explained somewhat sheepishly.

"Vanessa, are you okay?" the male's voice rang out and the mechanical tyrant turned to the humans again. The man had picked up the small child. "Sweetheart, answer Daddy. Are you hurt?" he brushed some hair out of his daughter's face and smiled as she opened her eyes. What he saw surprised all the beings there. Vanessa opened her eyes and they were glowing a bright sky blue and then, dimmed to normal. Jeff looked over his child and saw she had not a scratch on her. He looked at his wife and saw that was another story. "Carla!" he yelled. He put his daughter on the grass and went to his wife. She was all scratched up, bloody, and dirty. "Carla." Jeff said more quietly.

"Jeff, don't let…them take…our baby." She said in short gasps. Jeff took her hand, squeezed it, and promised nothing would happen to the girl. Carla smiled and turned to the five brightly colored robots looking kindly and worriedly at the couple. "Please…protect my daughter. She's all…I have." The woman pleaded. The tallest robot, this 'Optimus Prime', nodded in silent reverence. Like a knife, a shriek cut through the air.

"MOMMY!" Vanessa screamed. Everyone turned and saw Frenzy running away with the small girl. Just as the Autobots were about to move, Brawl fired off his weapon again, this time, hitting Jeff and Carla. "Mommy! Daddy!" the girl screamed. This sent the Autobots in a rage and they charged at the Decepticons. Bumblebee made a dive at Frenzy and the girl. He plucked the girl out of the hacker's metal hands and then shifted his right hand into his cannon and blasted at the little 'bot.

The other Autobots made short work of the Decepticons and Megatron soon gave the order to retreat. As the Autobots watched their enemies leave, they did not feel as victorious as they normally did. They turned back to their youngest member who was still holding the girl until she wiggled her way out of the four-fingered gray and yellow hand. Bumblebee made to reach her, but he felt a hand on his shoulder softly stop him. He turned and looked into the kind blue optics of his commander and nodded at the silent order given. Vanessa walked over to where her parents were.

"Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?" she called out. She looked around and saw her mother's hand sticking out from under a bush. Vanessa smiled and figured her mom and dad were either hiding from the monsters that left or they were playing hide-and-seek. "Peek-a-boo! I see you! Come out Mama. The bad ones all went away." She said to the hand and walked to it. She bent down and picked it up. It was her mother's hand, but her mother wasn't attached to it. The next thing she knew, a large silver hand picked her up, causing her to drop the limb. She thought she was being captured again and started to scream and cry.

"Ah, my audio receptors!" the silver mech yelled. "She's a worse screamer than you are, Bee." He joked. The yellow 'bot put his hands on his hips and glared at the smaller mech.

"Very funny, Jazz." He said sarcastically. "Let me see her." He walked over and took the shrieking child out of the lieutenant's hands. "Shh. It's alright. We won't hurt you. He just didn't want you to touch that." He whispered in a kind and gentle tone. The girl settled down and looked up at the robot holding her, then to the one that had been, finally, to the taller robots behind them. "There that's better." Vanessa turned back to the yellow robot and could see the smile in his optics and hear it in his voice. The robot turned and handed her to the red and blue mech.

"Hello, little one." He said in a deep yet kind voice. "What's your name?"

"Vanessa. You can call me, Nessa." She said.

"Vanessa?" the girl nodded. "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Vanessa giggled and hid her face. Four of the robots smiled and laughed quietly, one of them (guess which one) looked like he was gonna be sick. "I am so sorry for your loss. Is there anyone you can stay with?" The girl shook her head.

"Only me and my Mommy and my Daddy."

"Even if she did have family, we can't just leave her! The Decepticons will come for her the second we leave her side!" the yellow mech protested.

"You have a point. As much as I hate to admit it. It appears we have no other choice. Autobots, we'll just have to take the girl with us."

"You can't be serious!" the black mech said loudly. Vanessa shivered and curled into a ball.

"Calm down, Ironhide! Do you have a better idea? If so, please, let's hear it." The black robot was silent and fuming. "Bumblebee's right. As soon as we leave her, Megatron will come and take her for his evil purposes. Whatever they may be." The tall robot smiled as he saw his friend give up and sigh in frustration. "Are we all in agreement?" the other robots nodded. "Good. Vanessa, I'd like to introduce you to your new family. We promise to take care of you and we'll let no one hurt you, ever.

"My first lieutenant, designation: Jazz." He gestured to the silver mech that picked her up earlier.

"What's crackin' little- OW!" He held his head and glared at the greenish-yellow mech that had hit him upside the head. "What was that for?!" he yelled.

"No swearing of any language in front of the youngling!" he ordered.

"Oh, right. Forgot about that." Jazz shrugged and grinned sheepishly. Optimus shook his head and lowered his head. Bumblebee smiled at the silver Solstice.

"Our Chief Medical Officer: Ratchet." Optimus pointed out the greenish-yellow medic to the young girl. Ratchet simply nodded his head in greeting, but he did it with a big smile gracing his faceplates. "Our weapons specialist: Ironhide." He turned so Vanessa could get a better look at the black robot. Ironhide growled at the girl and flexed his cannons.

"And trigger-happy slagtard who needs new personality circuits." Bumblebee snickered. Bumblebee stopped when a plasma shot totally disintegrated the ground in front of his feet.

"Keep laughing, you slaggin' Pit spawn!" Ironhide roared. He stomped in front of Bumblebee and grabbed the small mech by the neck. They both stopped when two laser blasts hit them. They both turned to Ratchet who looked absolutely livid.

"What did I just say about swearing?" he asked loudly. Bumblebee hung his head. "You are still a youngling. I can forgive that, but you!" he said pointedly at Ironhide. "You've raised younglings! You know the no swearing rules!" Ironhide grumbled under his breath, but didn't say anymore. Ratchet was right and when he was, you didn't argue with him. Unless you wanted to come out of the medbay more damaged than when you went in.

"Are we calm now?" Optimus asked in good humor. Bumblebee nodded and Ironhide went back to standing next to the 28' mech. "This little one is my spy: Bumblebee." Optimus introduced the youngling especially quietly to the girl. Bumblebee started dancing around, punching the air and moving like a boxer.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like an," Bumblebee stopped and posed with his hands held out softly. "Autobot named Bumblebee." He finished. He looked at the girl and wiggled his optic ridges, causing the little girl to laugh at the 'performance'. He looked up at Optimus and winked at the giant mech. He chuckled at the youngest Autobot. He looked down and noticed Vanessa looking at him expectantly.

"And I am the leader and commander of the Autobots. My name is Optimus Prime."

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