Time Can't Stand Still

Sakura, the 15 year old konoichi we all know and love, gets sent on a D-rank "mission" and gets the offer of a lifetime. Then she meets Deidara who happens to make her change her mind. Rated T just to be safe. : This is also my first one so sorry if it sucks

Sakura's POV

"NARUTO!!" Sakura shrieked as her bathroom door busted open. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! DON'T YOU EVER KNOCK?!" Sakura yelled as she covered up her top half and turned around.

Naruto, her knuckle-headed team mate. Another interesting soul on Team 7, isn't he? He stood there, shielding his eyes from his half-naked team mate.

Naruto started, "Gah! Sorry Sakura! Your mom said that I could come up and…"

"That doesn't mean you don't knock Naruto. Now what do you want?!" Sakura tried to calm down and not yell at him. This isn't his first offense bursting into her house like that.

Naruto calmly said while looking away, "All I came here was to tell you that Granny Tsunade wants to speak to you. Sorry, next time I'll knock first…"

"It's alright, Naruto. Tell her I'll be there as soon as I get dressed." Sakura ended up stating. She was surprised as how calm she was towards him. Normally she would have smacked him down to Sunagakure. She had been starting to feel a few feelings for him. But she just convinced herself it was just nonsense.

Naruto stomped away. He despised being a message boy. Once he left, Sakura finished getting dressed and headed out towards Tsunade. Her mind began to wonder…

There's no way I like Naruto. I still and will always like Sasuke. No doubt about it. Naruto is such a, he is such a loser! But, why do I think about him all the time? Why do I worry so much? Well, I better hurry up. Maybe Tsunade has something important for me!

Sakura approached Tsunade's office and tapped nicely on the door.

Naruto's POV

"Why do I always have to deliver damn messages? I haven't been on any missions recently and I always get stuck with stupid delivery boy duty! This sucks!!!" Naruto complained to a half-listening Kiba.

"Wow, you complain a lot. Just shut up and do what the lady tells you. Jeez." Kiba retorted. "Besides, who knows? Maybe she's preparing you for something big. Maybe something like delivering Sakura some towels." Kiba laughed at his own pathetic joke.

"HEY! Shut up! How was I supposed to know Sakura was half-naked?! I didn't hear any water running. And on top of that, her mom beat me with a broom, again! I hate this so much." Naruto tried defending himself.

Kiba chuckled, "You still like her, don't you?" Kiba gave Naruto one of those grins.

"Whoever said I liked her?! I didn't. Who said that?! Was it Shikamaru?! Dammit! I swear I will track him down, knock him out, dress him in a chicken suit with a tiara and take pictures!" Naruto retorted.

"Haha, woah, chill. Leave Shikamaru alone. I didn't hear it from anyone. It's pretty obvious, idiot. Ever since you got back from your two-year doing nothing whatever the fuck it is, you've been all like, 'GIMME GIMME SOME SAKURA!' It's not my fault your oblivious to how you act." Kiba snapped.

"Kiba," Naruto began, "I fucking hate you."

"Love you, too, Naruto."

Deidara's POV

"No, yeah!" Deidara yelled.

"What? Yes? No?" Tobi asked.

"GWAH! Just to the left you idiot! THE LEFT, YEAH!"

"Tobi doesn't know which way that is." Tobi pleaded, talking in third person.

It was Deidara's turn to help redecorate (and clean) the Akatsuki's main room. Living together sucked. Especially with Sasori being so bitchy lately. Ever since they did that one justu, whatever the heck it was called, to bring him back to life. --me; Sorry, I had to bring Sasori into here smiles--

Deidara sighed, "its okay Tobi. Go do whatever you do on Sundays, yeah..."

The idiot then scampered off, looking for someone else to piss off. Deidara never understood why the Akatsuki chose Tobi anyway. He did nothing but annoy everyone. Even though Saosori was back, the leader kept him. Great…

Konan seems to think that Tobi is annoying and that Deidara is her personal shrink, by saying things that its so stressful to be Pein's (leader) partner and that if she gets wet she can't fight. -- me; long story, look it up haha -- Deidara is nice to her though, of course. He doesn't want his ass kicked.

Deidara tried to not remember his life back home, but his mother always taught him to be nice to girls. That he should always listen. Sometimes, he doubted his mother's sanity. Then again, she doubted his.

Sakura's POV

"Ah! Sakura, come in!" Tsunade chimed. She was unreasonably happy today… Maybe she had had won some money…, Sakura thought.

"Hello, Naruto came and told me that you needed to speak to me. Is that correct?" Sakura asked doubtfully. Maybe Naruto was joking again, like he had last time.

"Of course it is! I have a very easy mission for you, and you only Sakura!" Tsunade said in complete glory.

"Oh, okay. What is it?" Sakura's curiosity had peaked. She was wondering what was going on because she never got to go on a mission by herself.

"It's a simple mission, really. That's I ranked it as a D-rank. All you have to do is get close to the Akatsuki headquarters and take a few pictures. Simple, huh?" Tsunade explained, still cheerful.

"Excuse me, Tsunade," Sakura tried to sound polite, "but I thought that anything that had to do with the Akatsuki had to be a, A-rank? It sounds a little dangerous…"

"Nonsense! It's rather easy. Get close; turn off the flash and snap! You got yourself some pictures!" Tsunade said, trying to stand up but almost falling over.

"Lady Tsunade, If you don't mind me asking, but…" Sakura began, "have you been drinking?"

"WHAT? ME?! The hokage?! Drinking? Who do you think I am?!"

"Oh! Well, I'm sorr-"

"Get your ass out of here before I change my mind! Here's your camera!" Tsunade exclaimed as she tossed a camera. "GO!"

Sakura caught that camera and basically flew out the door. She pissed off the Hokage.Yeah, she's been drinking. But oh well. I haven't had a mission in so long! Especially involving the Akatsuki! Let's see what we can make of this! Sakura thought. Her "Inner Sakura" has been taking her over lately. Sakura almost didn't have common sense. Especially since the Akatsuki are S-Class criminals.

This has to be fun. I'll get to prove myself. To Naruto, to Sai, to Kakashi, and maybe, even to Sasuke! I'm so ready for this.

EDIT: This is my first story! Sorry for misspellings and grammar errors that I didn't catch! Leave reviews please! I want to improve!