Deidara's POV

Damnit! My head hurts, yeah. What happ-, Deidara thought. He glanced around dumbfounded. Where the hell was he and why was he here… Most importantly, where was Sakura?

Stupid girl could have escaped by now. Well, might as well look for her. She has pink hair, not that hard to miss, yeah.

Deidara stood up and noticed the unfamiliar looked forest area. Did he really plant that strong of a bomb? His face and body was covered in hideous black ash from the explosion. The sky was dense with thick, grey clouds with an errie green tint. It was most definitely going to storm. The grass was a surprising luscious green and the trees were thick and almost threatening.

Stop looking around and look for her, yeah! Are you an idiot? It's going to storm soon and you need to get her, kill her and hurry back to the base before anyone realizes that you probably killed yourself. Or before Kisame says that I died. Stupid fish, yeah.

With that last thought Deidara started towards the frightening trees that surrounded the slight clearing. Pink hair… Pink hair… Green eyes… Red headband…Stupid girl… Stupid girl… Pink girl, wait, yeah. No, red girl? Gah, yeah! Stupid girl with pink hair and pretty green eyes. Wait, what yeah? Did I just call her pretty. Shit, yeah. He had to scan the area for pink hair he was waiting, hoping, to find. It didn't take him long before he found her and drew out a kunai, for she was still unconscious. Now would be the best time to kill her.

The rain started to fall. All of the nasty black ash washed away. Deidara inched closer and closer. Sakura was fortunate enough to land in a tree, breaking the fall and having her fall only a few feet to the ground. How she passed out, Deidara didn't know. But she was laying, helpless.

Just do it!

Deidara walked faster, a cool breeze blew and he kneeled on top of her, his kunai against her throat, ready.

Sakura's POV

The last thing she saw was his blue eyes, awkwardly concerned as she struggled being in his arms. She felt, safe. But, just as he grabbed her, the bombs went off. She got hurled in the air with him, but, still feeling safe. Then, his arms slipped from her and she fell. Sakura fell hitting the tree hard, but breaking her fall. It caused her to get knocked out.

Sakura started to wake, feeling icy water hit her face. Freezing, and shocked, Sakura decided to open her eyes.

She opened them to see Deidara, on top of her with his hand really close to her neck, holding, of course, his kunai.

"What! Hey! What do you think you're doing? Hey- Get off of me!" Sakura yelped. Trying to squirm away, Deidara accidentally cut her neck.

"OUCH! What did you do? Are you trying to kill me? Wait… Yeah you were! You were actually going to kill me. You, you… Sick person! Get away from me, NOW." Sakura screamed at Deidara's sympathetic face.

"Sorry, yeah. Your stupid squirming made me actually cut you. I was going to draw away but then you just had to wake up." Deidara spoke clearly and a tad bit irate. "Here, let's go and find a stream so we can wash you new self-inflicted wound, yeah."

"My self-inflicted wound? You were the one who had a fucking kunai up to my throat. You were the one who set all of those bombs. Youwere the one who set them to be a time bomb. You were the one who…" Sakura had to think for a moment. He saved her life.

An S-rank criminal, a life saver? What foolishness. Get it together Sakura. He may have saved you, but he also just tried to kill you. What an ass. You're the smarter one. Damn, my neck hurts.

"Do you want to die? That is completely possible if you want it, yeah." Deidara smirked. It sent chills down Sakura's spine. Not bad chills, but good chills. Why was he affecting her like this? "Hurry up, here, grab my hand. We need to get that treated." Deidara offered his hand. Sakura at first just stared at it…

Should I let him help me? No. Not at all.

Despite, what she thought, she reached up and grabbed his hand. In one swift move Deidara pulled her up.

"So, where are we supposed to clean this at? I don't see a river anywhere." Sakura asked.

"Can't you hear it, yeah? It's right around here…" Deidara pushed away some shrub and there it was a small stream.

"Oh…" Sakura felt pretty stupid. It was right there the whole time.

Deidara helped her up to the ledge and sat her down. He already had some health supply in his little bag so Sakura didn't have to use any of hers. Deidara walked down and dipped a cleansing cloth into the stream and added antibiotics to it and strolled back up.

"Here, chances are this is going to sting like hell, yeah. So be prepared…" Deidara then pushed the cloth against Sakura's wound. It stung, actually, worse than hell. It was more of a burning that made her feel like she was in hell and back. She couldn't help but start to tear up.

"That hurts," Sakura started trying not to sob, "I think I have other cuts, too."

"Try not to talk… or cry. It may hurt worse." Deidara blankly said as he added gauze and some medical tape to make it stay in place. "This is my fault, yeah. I'm sorry."

"Oh, um, it's okay…?" Sakura couldn't believe he was apologizing. "If you don't mind me asking… Why did you save me? I could have just died and your trouble would have been gone."

"I guess I thought you needed to live, yeah. I never felt like that either. Normally I would have let you died, but there was something about you… I can't quite name it, either. But, it was a pretty brave thing for you to go on a mission to the Akatsuki yourself, yeah." Deidara said switching the subject, it was obvious to Sakura that he was avoiding her question. "I can't believe that Hokage would have let someone like you go on one. Especially alone, yeah."

Sakura laughed, "She was drunk, and it sounded fun. She said it was a D-rank, it was actually quite funny-", Sakura paused, "Hey wait. What do you mean, 'someone like me.'?"

Deidara noticed the defensive look in her eyes. "Well, first off you're a girl, yeah. Secondly, you don't exactly seem to be that… bright. Thirdly, you aren't the sneakiest person, yeah."

"What?! You think that I wasn't right for the job? You ass hole! How dare you say something like that to me! Who do you think you are?" Sakura was now, officially pissed. She looked into his visible blue eye.

His eyes are amazing. Prettier than Naruto's, that's for sure… Wait… What am I thinking? He's an inconsiderate ass hole who doesn't know how to treat women!

Deidara's POV

Man that got her pissed. Now did I only have to clean her wound, but I get a stupid lecture, yeah.

Sakura was flamed, "You don't know me at all! I could have saved myself!"

"You would be in millions of pieces right now if I didn't save you, yeah. Be happy." Deidara tried to stay calm, but it was extremely difficult.

"No, I would rather be in a million or a thousand of pieces than be here with you!" Sakura snapped. That remark hit a bad nerve in Deidara.

"You know what? You can just leave. You clearly don't need me. Go on, find your way back to your happy-little village." With that, Deidara walked away.

He looked back once, to see Sakura start crying.

Stupid girl, yeah. She is scared isn't she? Look at her cry. She'll find her way… Was it wrong of me? No, she seems confident enough. She'll be fine.

Deidara swiftly and quietly disappeared into the trees.

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