Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust

Part 9: On Our Way

The five inmates were taking a break from their trek through the abys sal passageways of the Unknown Dungeon. Todd's leg had healed miraculously well, as had Tracey's self-inflicted stomach wound. Marril had been able to supply water since her body naturally generated it, but the group was beginning to feel the pain of hunger. There were no torches, the only dim light provided by Pikachu's Flash technique. The silence was intolerable down there, so the five struggled to keep conversation going in the hopes of offsetting madness.
"So, Tracey," Pikachu started. "Maybe you don't want to talk about it, but what kind of work did you do for Mewtwo"
"I was one of his scientists," Tracey replied, wistful but not heavily so. "Free-thinking scientists were very valuable to him, since our work requires a good deal of imaginative thought. I had a lot of side projects of my own, like that serum I have, but Mewtwo had us work most of the time on his own material. He had everyone doing different things, and it was all very different, but the other scientists and I eventually figured out it was all part of one project"
"Well, what was the project?" Todd asked.
"We never pieced it all together," Tracey replied. "All we know is that it involved a lot of advanced genetics. It was like we were building a genome from an incomplete model. At first, we all thought he wanted to make a clone of himself, but that made no sense when we realized he could have just taken his own DNA for that. There were a lot of crazy theories, and I wouldn't put any of them past Mewtwo, but we never knew for sure. And, since most of the other scientists had vanished before I wound up down here, maybe we'll ever know"
"The other scientists disappeared?" Gary asked, intrigued. "Whoa, maybe the rumors ARE true"
"Rumors? What rumors?" Marril asked.
"You mean you haven't heard any?" Gary asked. "Heh, not surprising. You scientist-types never did get around much. On the other hand, a sexy, desirable creature like myself meets a lot of people, and hears a lot of things"
"Get to the point," Pikachu said in irritation.
"Rumor has it that Mewty boy is getting rid of all his conscious help, making his whole empire into a one-man show," Gary said. "There are a lot still working for him, but after the raid on Cinnabar even his strongest guys, like Hellshriek and Charizard and Jigglypuff, are all going to be shoveling crap and loving it for Mewtwo"
"I haven't heard anything about that," Tracey said. "But it does make perfect sense. After Cinnabar falls, whatever Mewtwo gets from there is supposed to be all he needs to complete his plans by himself. He won't need any assistance after the raid, and Mewtwo doesn't keep unnecessary baggage for long." He sighed. "Which, of course, brings us here"
Todd scowled. "If I could just get one good, clean shot on Mewtwo"
"Then what would you do?" Tracey quickly pressed. "Even if you could get by his attacks, and his telekinesis, and his Psy shield, AND his enhanced perceptions, AND his telekinetically enhanced speed and teleportation, then he would still just Recover from any attack you could possibly deliver. Its one thing to rebel against Mewtwo; its quite another to challenge him directly"
"Well, just as I start looking on the bright side more, we find a new Mr. Crush-everyone's-hopes," Gary said sarcastically.
"I'm just being realistic, Gary," Tracey replied. "By any measure, Mewtwo is the strongest thing on this planet. We can't just walk up to him with a knife, or a gun...hell, you can't even walk up to him with a nuclear warhead and expect to hurt him"
"Then you're saying this whole resistance is hopeless?" Todd asked.
"In a way. I'm not saying its hopeless for the world though; Mewtwo may never be killed, but he's not immortal either. One day he'll die naturally, and this whole nightmare will be over," Tracey explained.
"Its nice to have something to look forward..." Gary began. In the middle of his sentence, he shut his mouth tight, his eyes focusing like a hawk's on the shadows outside of Pikachu's Flash range. As slowly and silently as sap running down a tree, he stood up.
"What's wrong?" Pikachu asked.
Gary gave no response, just focusing on the shadows in silence. Then, with the speed of a bullet, he pounced forward with his fist. As he left the circle of light created by Pikachu's Flash, there was a sound like a grunt, then a chorus of other grunts accompanied by slapping and hitting sounds. Before the others could get up to see what was happening, Gary's bruised and battered body was thrown back into the circle of light. He was conscious, luckily, but in a load of pain.
"Awwww, shit," Gary moaned.
The rest of the group was now on their feet, ready to face whatever unknown terrors lurked in the dark. There was a slithering sound, but they couldn't see anything moving in the darkness. Suddenly, in the time it takes to blink an eye, a ring of purple, scaly flesh contracted on them all from out of the shadows, wrapping around them all.
"Arrrbok," the giant snake pokemon hissed. It wrapped itself around them several more times, completely immobilizing them. Pikachu's Flash was completely consumed by the Arbok's purple coils, leaving the other four in complete darkness...

The survivors from Mewtwo's army marched onward, less than five of them having any sort of conscious thought. Charizard was among them, the look on his face even angrier than usual. Several large, fireproof bandages were wrapped around his body in different places. One of the more severe wounds was where Misty had drove her knife into him. The wound itself was actually nothing much, as most of Charizard's current injuries were, but it still caused him a good deal of pain. She didn't know it, but she was currently very high on Charizard's rather lengthy Hate list.
And, equally unknowingly, so was Ash. Charizard's mind had been on Ash much since he discovered that the human was, in fact, still alive.
"Ash," Charizard thought with malice. "Yes, that was his name. Ash. That weak fuck who made me a slave. To think that I actually listened to that asshole when I was a Charmander, but I guess I did a lot of stupid things when I was a kid. Thank God I got some brains when I evolved, and realized how pathetic that kid was. But even then, he still wanted to could control me." Charizard scowled at the memory of being left in that pokeball, that prison that had held him for so long. Now, at last, he was free. But he still intended to exact revenge on Ash, and all his tormentors.
"I'll kill him, and the bitch that stabbed me. Just like Dameon." An evil grin grew on Charizard's face as he remembered that day during the Psy War when he met up with the trainer who had abused him and left him for dead. Charizard wondered where he was now; the wind had blown his ashes away when Charizard was done with him.
Ash would be lucky if that much was left of him after Charizard was through, if only he didn't need to baby-sit the comatose Sabrina. He looked at the unconscious Psychic with contempt; he knew what Mewtwo would do to him if Sabrina was hurt at all, or if she escaped. Still, Charizard knew how potent Mewtwo's genetically-enhanced Beedril venom was, and Sabrina would be out cold for at least another day, and impossibly weaker for at least a week. Long enough, he thought, for the remainder of Mewtwo's troops to escort her to Cerulean, where she could be kept indefinitely.
Finally, torn between the threat of physical pain and losing the opportunity for revenge, Charizard finally gave in to himself.
"You," he addressed to a free-thinking Machoke. "You're in charge until I get back"
"Where are you going?" the Machoke asked, already afraid it had asked too much of the Fire type, who's temper was notoriously as hot as his breath.
"South. I have some personal business to deal with," Charizard said. "Don't let anything happen to Sabrina. If anything you know what Mewtwo would do then"
The Machoke shook his head, his eyes wide.
"Imagine the worst pain you could possibly feel. Now multiply it by 20.
That's about halfway to what Mewtwo will do to us if something happens to that Psychic broad. Get the point"
Machoke nodded, fear on his face.
"Good," Charizard said, leaping into the air and taking flight on his huge wings.

Charizard hadn't flapped his wings once before Mewtwo was aware of his plans. Charizard hadn't really taken Mewtwo into mind, which would have been a fatal error in other cases. Luckily for him, Mewtwo didn't care that Charizard was leaving Sabrina for his own purposes. Indeed, he had been considering sending Charizard after Ash and the others anyway, once he had been made aware of the plot of a certain small group of rebels. A plot to reach Cinnabar before him. This was perhaps the first action of the Resistance that Mewtwo truly cared about and felt the need to intervene directly with, as it jeopardized all of his plans. But while Mewtwo cared more for this plot of the Resistance than for any other, he still cared little about it. It was a small group, trying for speed rather than stealth or strength. They would be dealt with easily.
The door to his chamber on the Neptune opened suddenly, revealing the four soldiers he had sent for. They each walked in, letting the door close behind them, and kneeled.
"You sent for us, sir?" One, a human woman, asked.
"Yes. As you may have heard, our attack on Saffron has failed, due mainly to the treachery of the Ghosts. We shall deal with them upon our return from Cinnabar, but right now there is a more urgent matter to be dealt with on the mainland. Several hours ago, one of my Dittos, in the form of a Resistance soldier, became aware of a small band of rebels, including the traitor, Jigglypuff, and one of the Ghosts to whom we owe our failure. Their intent is to reach Pallet Harbor, acquire a swift ship, and reach Cinnabar Island before us and ruin our plans. I do not know of anything they could possibly do to thwart me even if they reached Cinnabar before me, but I will not afford risks at this stage. You are to return to the mainland and hunt down the rebels. Take them alive, if you can. Otherwise, kill them"
The four stood up, saluting. "Yes, sir!" The three of them capable of speech recited.

The sun was beginning to set behind the tall, tropical trees of the Safari Zone as the group of rebels against Mewtwo marched on.
"Night's coming," Rich said as he looked up at the orange sky. "We had better find shelter"
"We are in as much danger during the day as we are at night. We are making good time; we should not stop," Gengar insisted as he hovered along.
"We still need to find some place to set up camp for the night. We have to sleep sometime," Misty said.
"Speak for yourself," Gengar grumbled.
"Excuse us for having real bodies," Ash spat. "Its been a long day. We should probably set up camp somewhere soon"
"I don't know. The Safari Zone isn't the safest place in the world, these days. Mewtwo took most of the pokemon, but the ones that are still here are especially hostile to defend themselves," Jigglypuff warned.
"We'll have to take our chances with them. We can't afford the time to backtrack and camp out of the jungle, and there's still a long way to go," Rich said. "We're going to have to spend at least one night in the Safari Zone"
Ash yawned. "I don't know about the rest of you, but between getting up in the middle of the night and a battle, I'm bushed"
"You said it," Misty agreed. "I say we find the first place we can and"
"Wait! Stop!" Rich suddenly interrupted, pulling Misty and Ash back by their shoulders to stop them.
"What is it?" Misty asked.
"Look up ahead in the trail," Rich told him. "Do you see anything unusual"
Everyone looked carefully, but no one saw anything.
"What should we be seeing?" Ash asked.
"Stand back for a second," Rich said. They listened, watching intently as Rich picked up a large rock from the side of the trail. Putting forth a little effort, he hurled the stone up ahead into the path. Rather than hit the ground with a thud, the rock instead seemed to break through the ground entirely with a sound like sticks snapping, leaving a small, gaping hole in the ground. From that hole, the rest of the ground in a five foot radius collapsed, leaving a pit. The group cautiously walked up and looked in. The bottom was lined in sharpened wooden poles, some of which had unmistakable red stains.
"How did you know?" Jigglypuff asked.
"Pits like this are pretty common these days. You have to know how to spot them if you want to live very long wandering abroad in this day and age," Rich explained. "I'm surprised you didn't spot it, Ash. You're getting sloppy"
"No, I'm getting tired, and its getting dark," Ash countered. "There's a clearing right over there. We better set up camp somewhere while we still have a little light to go by." He heard his stomach grumble suddenly. "And I think it would do us all some good to eat something"
"I thought no one would ever mention it," Jigglypuff said, relieved.

The group made it up to the clearing, luckily, without having to deal with any more traps. They surveyed the clearing as they entered it, and were relieved to see that it once been used as a campground. There was a very incomplete, almost indistinguishable fire ring, with some rotten logs for seating around it. At one time, they would have thought it was a shame to do this to the wilderness in a place where camping wasn't even supposed to be allowed. But now, nature had bigger things to worry about, and so did the travelers as they entered.
"Alright, I'll see what we can do about food. We should probably let our pokemon out now to give them some time to stretch their legs," Rich suggested, taking three pokeballs off his belt and sending out his Abra, Rhydon, and Butterfree.
"Good idea," Misty consented, taking two pokeballs off her belt and throwing them out. One opened up and released Togepi; the other seemed to turn around midair and fly back at Misty. She caught it, sighed, and put it back on her belt. "Alright, Psyduck. Be that way"
"Since when do you keep Togepi in a pokeball?" Ash asked as he watched the egg waddle around.
"Since she decided she didn't want to have to walk from place to place," Misty answered. "What about you? Don't you have any pokemon"
"Only two left," Ash answered, a little sadly, as he pulled his only occupied pokeballs off his belt and threw them out. An Ivysaur and Abra popped out.
"They're all that's left?" Misty asked. Ash nodded solemnly.
"I had most of them in storage with Professor Oak when Pallet Town was attacked by Mewtwo. I was only carrying Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Charizard with me then, and Charizard flew away before long. I had to catch Abra myself after the Psy War"
"I'm sorry," Misty said. "The same thing happened with me. My sisters were borrowing all my pokemon, except Togepi and Psyduck, for their gym when Mewtwo decided to make Cerulean his home base"
"I just pray to God that Pikachu's alright..."

Rich and Jigglypuff, meanwhile, were busily trying to build a fire. Jigglypuff was scouring around for kindling as Rich piled it up. He finally took out his flint stones and was about to start the fire when Gengar floated up in front of him.
"Stop, you fool!" Gengar ordered. "What in damnation are you doing"
"What does it look like? I'm starting a fire. We need a fire to cook food, you know"
"You can't start a fire! Fires make smoke and light, as if we hadn't already spelled out our location to everything in this damned jungle, between the opened pit trap, our footprints, and all the noise we have been making," Gengar warned.
"You're getting too paranoid," Jigglypuff said. "What makes you think there's anything but pokemon here"
"I do not think there is anything except pokemon here. But something was intelligent enough to make that pit trap, and I would wager that whatever it is, it is still here," Gengar explained. "And if they made that trap, I doubt they will give us a very warm welcome when they find us"
"IF they find us," Rich corrected.
"There will be no 'if' about it if you start a fire. Once we get out of the Safari Zone, then perhaps you will be able to make a small cooking fire, but until then it is out of the question," Gengar ordered.
Rich sighed. "If you insist." He kicked over the pile of kindling and walked back to Ash and Misty, Jigglypuff following close behind.
"Well, what's for dinner?" Misty asked.
Rich reached into his backpack and pulled out a bundle with cloth. "Cold, dried Tauros meat. Bon apetite. "Oh no, not again," Ash sighed.
"Trust me, I'm every bit as thrilled about it as you are," Rich said as he sat down and unrolled the cloth, revealing dried strips of Tauros meat. "But Casper over there says we can't start a fire, so we're stuck with this again." He took two strips, handing one to Jigglypuff, and began to chew his own monotonously. He handed the cloth to Ash and Misty, both of whom took a strip.
Misty bit into it. "Hey, this is pretty good," she complimented.
"Thanks, but you'll get sick of it REAL fast," Ash said as he started to chew slowly.
"Ash and I have been living off this stuff for a while now. A few weeks ago, we hunted down a nice, big Tauros and were able to preserve most of the meat. It was a godsend"
"Yeah, but unfortunately God didn't send anything else to eat for the last few weeks," Ash said. "But it's a lot better than nothing, I guess"
They distributed some of the meat to their pokemon as well, who accepted it more than graciously. Gengar had been the only one to refuse the food, insisting that he physically couldn't eat it, not that he needed to. Misty looked at Ash's Ivysaur again as he fed him a strip of the Tauros meat.
"Ash, if you had an Ivysaur, why didn't you use him in the fight before?" she asked.
"Look closer at him," Ash said. Misty got up and walked around the small plant pokemon, examining it. As she got to its other side, however, she immediately saw what was the problem.
"He lost that leg a few years ago, in a fight with a Raticate, one of Mewtwo's captains. The damn rat was so pumped fool of Poison Powder that it dropped dead a few seconds later, but Ivysaur's never been the same. He's lost his will to fight, and sometimes I think he's lost his will to live, too," Ash said as he patted Ivysaur's head. Ivysaur looked up at Misty, and she could almost feel tears coming on when she saw the pain in his eyes.
"Can he talk?" Jigglypuff asked.
"I don't know. He might be able to, but he hasn't said so much as 'Ivysaur' since that fight," Ash answered, stroking Ivysaur's head. There was silence for a few moments.
"That's so sad," Misty said quietly, barely above a whisper.
Rich looked around at the despondent faces, and quickly changed the subject.
"I think some sleep would do us all some good," he offered as he got up from his seat on one of the rotten logs.
"I think so too, but I suddenly don't feel very safe here anymore," Jigglypuff answered, looking around the clearing. It was getting hard to see as the sun went down further and further, and the jungle was becoming a very eerie place.
"You should have had your guard up this whole time. As I said, we are in as much danger during the day as we are at night," Gengar reminded them. "I will stand guard while you rest. Those of my kind never sleep"
"Never?" Rich asked, curious.
"Never, unless some outside force drives us to. As with food, slumber is only a method of regenerating the body's energy. Those of my kind have learned to tap into far deeper, more reliable sources of energy," Gengar answered cryptically. "There is no possible way you could understand, so do not even bother to ask." That being said, the Ghost flew off to begin his patrol.
"What an odd pokemon," Rich commented.
"Yeah, but odd or not, he's the strongest thing we have going for us right now," Jigglypuff said. "And I for one am going to want him on our side if Charizard comes around again"
"Now that you bring that up," Ash said as he thought back to that volcano with legs. "Misty, did you think that Charizard was at know...familiar"
Misty thought for a second. "Now that you mention it, I do think I've seen him before. I can't even begin to think of where it might have been, though; if only I had a soldier for each time I've seen a Charizard during my life, I'd have an army to beat Mewtwo's"
"Try not to think about it. One time, before the Psy War, I forgot what the third form of an Oddish was, and I couldn't sleep for three whole days trying to remember it was," Rich said, apparently unaware of the bewildered looks he had attracted, looks that seemed to ask the appropriate question, 'Why did you bring that up.
"Um...he's right, we should try not to think about it. Even if we could remember where we saw that Charizard before, what difference would it make?" Misty said.
"Yeah, I guess so," Ash said. "We should get some sleep. Its going to be a long day tomorrow"
"Need any help, Gengar?" Rich called over to the Ghost. He didn't seem to hear him, and if Rich didn't know any better, he'd say he was having a conversation with someone else. But, being as tired as he was, Rich didn't care to look into the matter any further, instead unrolling his sleeping bag onto the dry dirt. The other two humans did the same, with all the pokemon recalled to their respective pokeballs except Togepi and, of course, Jigglypuff and Gengar. Togepi had her own miniature sleeping bag which she crawled into and . Jigglypuff was trying to build up a makeshift bed of leaves to sleep on, but was finding the task to be rather difficult since few trees in the Safari Zone were deciduous. Rich turned his head to the singing pokemon as he climbed into his own sleeping bag, sympathy weighing down his heart as he watched Jigglypuff sigh and lay down on his leaves.
"Don't you have anywhere to sleep?" he asked.
"I've slept on the ground enough times to get used to it," Jigglypuff answered half-heartedly.
"Hey, my sleeping bag's big enough for two. If you wanted, you could hop in, too," Rich offered.
Jigglypuff looked at Rich with a curious shock. Rich was offering to share something of his with him, willing to divide something so that while he got less, Jigglypuff would benefit. He didn't say it out loud, but that was probably the kindest thing anyone had ever done for him.
"I...I'm fine. Thanks," Jigglypuff answered, unsure how to handle this unexpected kindness. Rich gave a frustrated sigh.
"Alright, as the only living thing to ever hear your whole song, I ORDER you to share my sleeping bag," Rich said in a more authoritative voice. Jigglypuff couldn't think of anything more to say, and he had thought the sleeping bag did look comfortable. Finally, the pink puff gave in to himself and joined Rich in his sleeping bag. Jigglypuff fell asleep in a matter of seconds, glad to be sleeping in something better than the ground for once. Rich turned toward the others to see if they were alright, but more importantly to see if Ash and Misty had done anything...interesting yet. Nothing seemed to be going on between them, unfortunately. Rich fidgeted in his sleeping bag, trying not to notice the pudgy pink pokemon sleeping next to him. This thing really isn't designed for two, he thought, but if we can't share what's ours with our own friends, then we're no better than Mewtwo. With that thought, he fell asleep.
Meanwhile, Misty lying on her back in her sleeping bag, staring up at the stars. In the world those days, the stars shone perfectly, unobstructed by now-
nonexistent city lights. That was probably the only good thing that Mewtwo's rule had brought about, and while it was nothing compared to all the suffering and destruction that had come as its price, the celestial display was still undeniably beautiful.
She heard fidgeting next to her, and saw Ash lying on his back in his sleeping bag as well. He was awake, looking up at the stars just like she had been.
"Hey," Misty whispered to get his attention. He looked over at her. "Can't sleep"
"Nope," he answered. "I have too much going through my head. Mewtwo, Sabrina, Hellshriek, Cinnabar, you." Oops, had he said that last part out loud?
Misty giggled. "Maybe if you had some company, you'd be able to sleep better"
Ash cocked an eyebrow at her, then smiled devilishly. "Maybe"
With that, the conversation was over. Misty crawled out of her sleeping bag and slid into Ash's with him. They kissed deeply, their arms around each other. Rather than explore the further areas of their relationship, the two fell asleep in each other's arms in a matter of moments. Ash's sleeping bag wasn't designed for two, either, but when the two occupants slept as close together as they did, it made no difference.

Meanwhile, at the edge of camp, Gengar was beginning his guard shift. If Rich had investigated any further, he would have found that Gengar was, in fact, having a conversation with someone.
"So, how are the plans going up by you?" he asked through a small tear in space, through which he saw a Haunter at the edge of Saffron City. It was like a supernatural TV phone.
"As well as they might. I can scarcely believe how lazy these physical creatures are, though; only one day of marching and they already have to stop and rest. It is truly unbelievable," the Haunter complained.
"Yes, I have the same problem with my group. I suppose we should feel lucky that we became Ghosts and no longer have to deal with that," Gengar answered. "Any other news I should know"
"Nothing of interest. Four of the Ghosts that were defeated in the battle have re-spawned at the Tower, so far, but that does not affect you right now," Haunter said.
"Very well. I am afraid I must go now; I have guard duty over our camp. Goodbye, for now," Gengar said as their communication link ended and the tear vanished. Gengar immediately set out patrolling the camp, probing the surrounding area for any unusual presence.

Unknown to the Ghost, however, he was already being carefully watched by two such presences. Gengar's telepathic probing passed over the two several times, but thanks to the Psychic shield covering both of them, the Ghost didn't sense a thing out of the ordinary.
"What do you sense?" one of them asked.
"We are having difficulty sensing anything other than the Gengar. We assume that the others of their party have Psychic Inhibitors," the other answered, referring to itself in the plural.
"I saw tracks before, leading near the trap. They had three humans among them, and at least one pokemon other than the Ghost," the first one explained. "Either they all have Inhibitors, or they're all close enough to each other to share the effect"
"Whatever the case, we think it is safe to assume that the rest of their party is asleep. Ghosts need not sleep, so he may be merely guarding their camp," the other said.
"Great, let's go then. Go for the Gengar first; you're the only one who can," the first one instructed as he climbed the tree next to him and gave signal to his other troops throughout the Safari Zone.

Gengar turned his head as he heard a loud, piercing cry emanate through the woods. He was about to go investigate when he recognized the sound as the cry of a Fearow. Then it suddenly occurred to him that there were no Fearows in the Safari Zone.
He had no more time to think the situation over when he was presented with an even more urgent one. This situation came in the form of a white and green blast of Psychic energy that shot out of the bushes and straight for Gengar. The Ghost quickly leapt into the air, leaving the blast to pass harmlessly underneath him, fizzling rather than detonating as it hit a tree. Gengar noticed this, and realized that whatever was attacking him knew that Ash and the others were asleep, and wanted to keep them that way. That would leave them open for ambush.
"We are under attack!" Gengar shouted to the others.

Rich and Jigglypuff were up like a flash, Rich with his machete and Jigglypuff with his knife.
"What's going on, I don't see any--ah!" Rich yelled as a large wooden boomerang struck him on the head. "Rich!" Jigglypuff shouted in alarm as his friend fell to the ground. By this time, Ash, Misty, Psyduck, and Togepi were out as well, standing in a circle with their backs to each other. Jigglypuff stayed with Rich, shaking him to wake up, when a small dart flew out of the bushes and into Jigglypuff. The chemicals inside weren't toxic, but caused Jigglypuff to fall asleep instantly.
"Who's out there?! Show yourself!" Ash ordered. Whoever was out there seemed to listen to him, as the four of them suddenly saw that they were completely surrounded by a number of large, shadowy shapes. They rushed in, and the last thing Ash felt was something like an anvil slam into his stomach. Misty didn't last much longer, struck by the same thing Ash was, and Togepi was hit with one of the same darts that Jigglypuff had been hit with. Psyduck tried to retreat and regroup, but as he lifted over the crowd of figures, he was struck unconscious with a wooden boomerang...

Gengar had seen all of this unfold, and was about to rush out to help his allies when a barrage of Psychic blasts reminded him that he had his own problems to deal with first. The blasts stopped for a moment, and as Gengar followed the path of the attacks to their origin, his attacker revealed itself.
It was unlike anything Gengar had ever seen before, and that was saying a good deal given the Ghost's long life. It had a thin, spindly white body, with equally thin white arms and legs. Its head was the shape of an egg, and had absolutely no features: no hair, no eyes, no mouth, nothing. It was surrounded by a host of creatures that looked exactly like Eggsecutes, only their shells were not cracked, which floated in the space around the central creature like motionless electrons around an atom.
The thing suddenly spoke, its voice sounding strange and echoed since it did not come from the body of the thing at all, but from each of the surrounding eggs.
"We are the Eggsecutioner"