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-His Favorite Things- Chapter 5 – Mirror, Mirror -

-October 29th, CE 75- Location: Country of Orb , Carnival 10 Miles From The Athha Estate. Time: 3:00pm -

Cagalli tried to catch up with the elusive Athrun Zala after their embarrassing modeling experience, but he must've turned a corner she didn't know about because no sooner than she thought she had him, he had vanished once again. So there she stood back in her normal clothes in the middle of the amusement park trying to figure out where on earth the blue-haired knight could've gotten to. It was then that she spotted a streak of blue headed towards the fun house. As much as she hated looking at herself from 360 degrees of mirrors, she knew she had no other choice but to follow Athrun inside.

Just as the golden-haired goddess of victory was about to enter the fun house, the raven-haired woman who had been with her brother earlier; tapped her shoulder and whispered with a smile: " are things going?"

Cagalli chuckled at her friend's get up: "You've really got my brother riled know that...right "mystery woman?"... "...or should I say...Lacus?"

The songstress grinned and giggled: "Yes...I can see that from the way he acts whenever I try to take his nervous...I've never seen him so nervous. It's like he believes if he even holds hands with another girl that it's cheating on me."

Cagalli laughed: "Well...that's Kira. He's all big and brave in a mobile suit, but put him in a social situation and he's as nervous as the next guy." No sooner than she said that, did Cagalli notice her brother fast approaching them from the cotton candy stand and whispered to Lacus: "Good luck with whatever you plan on doing to him next..."mystery woman."

Lacus giggled and whispered in response: "And good luck to you trying to catch Athrun. Be careful in that fun house...we just came out of there and poor Kira squeezed my arm about ten times. It was a little just watch out for things popping out at you."

The golden-haired Lioness nodded, and with that; the disguised songstress was back on the nervous Kira's arm and directing him towards the ferris wheel. Cagalli then took a deep breath and entered the fun house.

As Lacus had stated, no sooner then she had walked in there, then scary things like fake spiders, rubber bats, and clowns with really big smiley faces popped out from all over the place. The brave goddess of victory nearly fell over when a jack-in-the-box clown popped down from the ceiling like a hidden ninja and laughed in her face.

Cagalli paused to compose herself as she thought: "Damn!"... "Spiders and clowns?!"... "The great Kira must've pissed his pants walking through here. I know how much he hates spiders...but he hates clowns even more." She sighed heavily and mumbled under her breath as she heard that clown still laughing at her: "For some reason, it feels like these things are all mocking me." She turned a corner and another laughing clown popped out from the ceiling once again, this time along with a rubber snake, which proceeded to drop right on her head. Cagalli felt a cold shiver run down her spine and she let out a loud scream, and like all of those wimpy girls in scary movies that she always made fun of; she grabbed the offending object from her hair, tossed it to the ground, stomped on it a few times, and then proceeded to take off down to the entrance of the hall of mirrors. She stopped long enough to catch her breath and curse under it: "Damn it!"... "I hate snakes!...real or fake!"

It was here that she collected herself and took a look around her. Orb's princess then heaved a sigh of relief as she noticed Athrun was nowhere around: "Thank god he wasn't around to hear me scream like that. The last thing I need is him to keep bothering me about that for the rest of the day." She then proceeded to walk down the corridor of mirrors. First, she stopped in front of the ones that made her look way too fat...she groaned in response: "Oh my I really that fat magnified?" She turned to look at her butt in the mirror and just as she was about to comment, she heard a familiar Coordinator's voice say with a slight chuckle: "Mirror, mirror on the wall...careful hime-sama...looks like you're getting a little fat."

Immediately recognizing that voice, a red faced Cagalli growled in response: "Athrun Zala!"... "Come out here right now!"

Athrun laughed lightly: "I don't think so. Not when you're that angry...but I'll say thins though...I like girls with some junk in the trunk."

Cagalli felt her face turn a slight red as she turned to face the mirrors once again, this time they were the ones that were the ones that made her look way too skinny and she heard Athrun respond: "Nah...too skinny." The amber-eyed goddess of victory was growing frustrated playing these games with him, but she decided to keep going as she heard his voice getting closer with each step she took. She was now in front of the mirrors that made her look way too busty in the chest area, which caused her to nod and smirk as she thought: "Let's see what the great Athrun Zala has to say about this."

It was then that Cagalli was taken completely aback as she now saw a bunch of Athrun's standing behind her and say with a small devilish smirk: "Way too big."... "I like your real ones better."... "You wanna know why?"

Cagalli felt her face burn red hot for what seemed like the millionth time that day and her pulse quickened as she spun around in circles desperately searching for the real Athrun: "Athrun?!"... "Where are you?!" She noticed the many Athrun's in the mirrors around her chuckle and respond: "Answer me first hime-sama."... "Why do I like your real breasts better?"

The still red-faced Cagalli shook her head and growled: "I...I don't know!"... "Because you're a perv?"

Athrun laughed and shook his head as he casually ran his fingers through his neck-length blue hair: "'s because they fit in the palm of my hands."

Her amber eyes then widened as she then felt the real him wrap his arms around her from behind, making sure his hands covered over her chest as he did so. As he did this, he silently prayed that she wouldn't beat him into the ground in the middle of this fun house, but to his surprise; she did nothing of the sort...instead, she just stood there for a minute as if contemplating something.

After a few moments to collect her nerves, the Lioness of Orb whirled around to face him, her face now as red as an apple as she hissed as she placed his "wandering hands" back at his sides: "Are you trying to tell me my tits are too small for you Athrun Zala?!"

The emerald-eyed Coordinator shook his head firmly as he nuzzled her neck: "No...I'm saying...they're just right." He placed his hands back on her chest to emphasize his point.

Cagalli, still slightly red-faced; playfully punched him in the arm: "Stop groping me Zala and tell me what you really want for your birthday?"

Athrun, instead of answering; placed a lingering kiss upon her honey-colored lips, then smirked as he shook his head: "Mmmm... no...not yet. I'll just have to torture you a little longer."

With that, the slippery Athrun Zala was gone again and left poor Cagalli speechless and blushing at the end of the hall of mirrors. The golden-haired goddess of victory immediately wiped the blush off her face and exclaimed angrily: "When I find you, you're in big trouble Athrun Zala!" She then heard Athrun's voice respond from far away: "Catch me if you can...hime-sama."

Cagalli, who now stood at the exit of the fun house; smirked wickedly to herself as she glanced quickly at the next item on Athrun's list: "Oh don't worry...I will."

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