Bakura grinned as he had just sliced up a few zombies with his chainsaw. Blood and body parts lay in crimson pools on the screen. It was some game Marik had got him. He said it was called 'Dead Rising'. Man the game had so many weapons to kill zombies with plus the amount of blood and gore. The white haired yami thought his heart would stop from the excitement.

"Hey Ryo come play with me" Bakura yelled.

"What are you playing" Ryo asked as he came into the room.

"Dead Rising" Bakura said with a grin.

Ryo groaned "you know I don't like those types of games. If you have any other that isn't as violent then I'll be happy to play with you".

Bakura stopped the game. He looked through his video game collection. "No Ry. All my shit is violent as hell".

Ryo grinned "don't worry I'll get one of my games".

Ryo had run off to his room.

"I hope he doesn't come back with something for shitlets" Bakura sighed.

Just then a bright light filled the room.

As it dissipated the yami could see one person he never thought he'd see.

Himself. The Thief King Bakura.

The thief was looking around in confusion.

"Where am I? Who are you!" he asked as he spotted the Bakura. Grey blue eyes narrowed as he pulled out two daggers. Obviously ready to attack if needed.

"Yami what's all the noise" Ryo asked as he came into the room.

the thief king threw the knifes. Aiming for Ryo's head.

The hikari held his arms in front of himself as a shield from the dagger.

Bakura held out his hand and the daggers stopped a couple inches away from his arms.

Ryo put his arms down and gasped as he saw the knife a few inches from him.

Bakura released his power and the knives dropped to the floor.

"what the fuck was that for" Bakura snarled turning to the thief.

"you're demons aren't you? only demons have that type of power. Why did you bring me here? Where is here?" he growled.

"first of all. I am not a demon. I am you. three thousand years into the future. I have these powers because when I was sealed into the ring, I became a spirit and gained the powers of the ring and more. I am a yami, more commonly known as darkness. You're in Domino, Japan. I don't know why your hear. And lastly this boy here is out hikari or light Ryo" he said as he pointed to the white haired boy.

Thief king growled "you lie! You look nothing like me! I want proof you are me!"

Bakura growled back "fine! You want proof? I will tell you what know one else knows. Our village, Kul Elna, was destroyed when we were six years old. The bodies were thrown into the pot and made into the millennium items. Now is that proof enough for you!"

Thief kings eyes widened "you really are me".

"Yes dumbass we know that".

"Ahem" Ryo interrupted.

"What is it Ryo" Bakura snapped.

"I just got a call from Yugi and he said that Atem appeared in his time. He asked the same of me. I told of what occurred and he said to meet him and the two pharaohs at his place. Are you going to come or not?" Ryo said.

Bakura sighed "fine. I better get this asshole back to his time before he kills you".

Thief king glared " I am Akefia you ass-fuck!"

Ryo looked at Akefia for a moment before turning to Bakura "I thought your name was Bakura."

Bakura growled "Akefia Bakura Itemri. That is my name".

"Okay. So how do we get him to Yugi's" Ryo asked.

"Not a problem" Bakura smirked.

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