Ryo shielded his eyes as a bright light filled the room. As it dissipated the two thieves were where it began. "Kura! Kefa!" Ryo embraced Bakura tightly. He turned his head slightly to the side to see a bundle in Akefia's arms.Ryo looked up to Akefia and nodded, knowing what the other was thinking.

Ryo left the other and looked at the baby. "You want to hold her" Akefia asked as he noticed the other staring. Ryo nodded and took the girl into his arms. "The name is Afya Ry" Bakura said as he watched his light interact with his daughter.

Afya looked up to Ry with bright blue orbs. She reached out and began to play with Ryo's long white hair.

Ryo smiled "you are such a cutie!" Ryo brought up his hands and began to gently tickle her. Afya seeing the new object took a finger into her mouth and began to suck. "I think she's hungry"

Bakura went over and took his daughter from the hikari "yeah you're probably right".

"Wait Bakura we should perform the spell needed to send part of my soul back to the past" Akefia said.

"That can be done now if you'd like" Ishizu entered the room along with Marik and Malik.

Akefia nodded "yes".

Ishizu smiled slightly "good. Marik! Malik! Begin the spell now!"

Marik and Malik who were busily playing with Afya groaned and gave the baby back to her father. They stood up and faced Akefia before reciting a chant. Akefia whimpered slightly as a little orb of light left him. He let out a sigh of relief as it was over.

"You okay Akefia" Bakura asked.

Akefia nodded "yeah just tired"

Bakura grinned "alright I think we should be getting home"

Ryo noticed the way Akefia was acting thought it was a good idea "yes thanks Ishizu!"

Ishizu smiled slightly "no problem. Oh and tell the pharaoh when you get the chance that Seto and Mana survived. He might not remember that just yet".

"Will do" Bakura said as he left for the door with Akefia.

"Bye Malik, Marik" Ryo waved as he left.

"Yeah, yeah. Have fun with the new baby. I can guarantee you the first few months will be hell" Marik snickered.

"How do you know" Malik asked.

Marik blushed slightly "Bakura made me watch baby shit with him".

Malik and Ryo laughed. It soon subsided as Ryo heard his name called.

"Well I better go. See ya guys" Ryo waved as he headed out the door knowing from what the Ishtar told him life was going to be tough from here on out.

A/N: Well that is the end. Sorry if it kind of sucked. I was in a hurry to finish this fic. I have many stories you can select from below. Please tell me in a review which one you would like me to start when I return from my break.

Yin/Yang: a prophecy says Bakura and Yami have to have a child. How the hell can that happen? Especially since they hate each other.

Devils Child: The story of thief kings life my style.

Birthday Surprise: Bakura senses Ryo's sadness because he can't have children with the yami's he cast a spell on himself that will allow him to conceive.

Blessing? Bakura is pregnant with Ryo's child. What are the hikari and yami to do? How can they juggle school, jobs and a child? And what are they to tell their friends?

Light of Heaven: Ryo's life with Amane.

Dark Angel: Bakura finds himself allured to the darkness that is Amane.

Rebirth: Ryo really wants a child with Yami (Bakura in this story will be called yami. he is Ryo's dark essence not in any way thief king". He calls to the gods for help. The dark one hears his cry. With a plan he will use Ryo as a host to bring back thief king Bakura. What will this lead to?

Chibi Troubles: Bakura and Yami's past selves appear in modern times. It's not the thief king and pharaoh though, just two small children.