Hacking, now that had been fun. The brunette sitting at Doctor Daniel Jackson's computer smiled as she typed in something that really wasn't suitable for the SGC's high-level technology. She smiled sweetly as MSN Messenger sent back a dozen replies.


"Daniel," the thief and, now, full-time member of SG-1 purred.

"What are you doing on my computer?"

The bespectacled scientist walked over to the computer and typed a few commands, causing the screen she'd been looking at to reappear. She smiled, realizing Daniel was computer savvy. The scientist stopped, ran a hand through his short brown hair and shook his head.


"I can't believe you…" Vala grinned at the site that she had created. The Daniel Jackson Appreciation Society had over ten thousand hits, with double that in the Naked Gallery section and half that in members, with more arriving each day.

Daniel blushed, opened his mouth to say something, shook his head with a sigh and walked out. As he closed the door behind him, he couldn't help but notice one of the female officers staring at his…

Daniel sighed. It was going to be a looong week.