the taste of friendship

Disclaimer: If I owned Kingdom Hearts, why would I be writing fanfiction about it?

Sea-salt ice cream sounded disgusting, decided Roxas one cloudy afternoon, but it tasted delicious. He, Olette, Hayner, and Pence were all sitting on the edge of the station tower, dangling their feet off, licking their ice cream, and watching the sunset.

It was salty, of course, as you'd expect, but down in that salty was the sweet. He licked his lips and gazed thoughtfully at the buildings of Twilight Town. Life was good.

Next to him, Pence had tilted his head to look at the sunset, and Roxas could just tell he was mentally framing it for a picture. Hayner was staring down, and Roxas could tell that he was wondering if someone could survive if they jumped off and landed on that building down there. Olette was tracing patterns on the edge, and Roxas knew she was planning out where they'd go the next day. And when one of them looked at Roxas he knew that they would know what he was thinking. Because they had known each other forever.

And just like the sea-salt ice cream, he reflected, there were different flavors to their friendship, and even though it might seem strange to outsiders, they loved every little quirk about each of them and every little inside joke they had.

Olette and Hayner and Pence accepted that Roxas spaced out sometimes, and that he would burst out with random thoughts, and that if you damaged his ego, he'd deflate like a balloon and then go right back up. Because that was just how he was.

And Hayner and Roxas and Pence didn't mind how Olette would go into one of her bossy moods, or that she would sometimes drag them to places, or even that sometimes she ignored them completely and became, temporarily, as Hayner put it, "a real girl", with makeovers and shopping. That was just how she was.

Of course Roxas and Pence and Olette understood that Hayner procrastinated and was often blunt, and they accepted how everything with him was a race or a battle. Because that was just how he was, and the same went for Pence, who wandered off and was skeptical and everything else that made him undeniably Pence, and that made Roxas Roxas, and Olette, and not to forget Hayner.

Because they were friends, best friends, and even if they got annoyed sometimes, it was only temporary.

As Roxas licked his steadily melting ice cream in front of the setting sun, he smiled. Sea-salt ice cream, at least to the four of them, was the taste of friendship.

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