The Temple of Five was as beautiful to Galen Tyrol as its mystery was tantalizing. The high ceilings were covered in intricate carvings that rivaled the finest artwork of the Temple of Zeus on Gemenon or the unparalleled statues in the Temple of Aphrodite on Caprica. They were stunning and left the Deck Chief in awe. He knew above all else everything here would have been carved by hand, for using machines and laser-cutting would have not only been too precise but the height of sacrilege.

Then there was quintet of five-sided pillars encircling a circular spire prominently displayed in the center were covered in writings in Old Koboli as well as drawings that would have brought tears to his mother and father's eyes. Here it was; waiting out forty centuries in darkness for them to find in their time of greatest need, actual evidence of the scriptures and the Gods. It was beautiful.

It was all so beautiful that he began to believe.

The same boy who would scowl at a closed door while his parents spent hours ignoring him, the same teenager who would dance naked and look at Nymph Magazines in their chapel a few years later, the same man who a little over a year ago wondered if he was even human was flush with religious fervor at the sight of this temple and altar to a god worshiped by priests who were cast out and called heretics. He could laugh at the irony.

Especially considering that once he learned the secrets of this place that called out to his soul he was going to blow it up before the Cylons could try to do the same. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his wife and his people placing charges all around, his owns fingers held the scent of G-4 while a master detonator switch sat heavily in the pocket of his BDUs.

He wasn't fluent in Old-Koboli, especially the written but he could muddle through it thanks to his parents. He could piece together the religious struggle on Kobol; the years of bitter enmity between the Twelve Lords and the Jealous God. The One Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken.

Once the Five Priests rose to prominence, they began to call for open war began between the religious sects. Those who followed the Five Priests led a brutal crusade against their brothers and sisters until the Lords became so angered they cast the Jealous God and his priests out, exiling them from Kobol. They eventually healed the thirteen tribes but the damage had been done, their world was dying and the Exodus would soon begin.

Exiled, the priests came to this world and constructed this temple at the order of the God who'd seen his role in events to come including the prophecies of Pythia.

He couldn't understand all of it, but there allusions to the importance of the Eye of Jupiter and a sacrifice of "Faithful Warrior" or "Warrior of Faith" he just wasn't sure. He re-read the passage about the eye again, "'-The Eye shall lead them on…' Great. Now, where the frak is the eye?"

His eyes came to rest on the symbol he'd seen again and again within this temple; a swirling mandala of blue, orange and yellow. He'd seen it before, he was sure of it. It struck a familiar note, an almost-memory from somewhere in the back of his mind. Was it the physical description of the Eye? Or just a symbol for it?

If only it had been simple, like in adventure movies. Where he pressed his hand on the mandala in a certain way and it would recede into the spire, opening a secret passage-way into some hidden tomb beneath the altar blowing stale air into his face. Cally would come to stand next to him as he stared into the gloom before making a pithy remark or pun.

He'd enter the tomb and push aside cobwebs (even though there were no signs of animal life of any kind on this planet) and vines and perhaps outsmart intricate booby-traps to find the Eye on a light drenched pedestal. He'd throw Cally a wink then pluck it from the dais and somehow the Temple would start coming down on their heads. They'd charge out of the Temple as it collapsed and Tyrol would leap out of the cloud of dust just as it came down.

If only it were simple…

He'd even tried the press the symbol to no avail.

He pulled his hand from the mandala with a frown. He stared at it as though he could intimidate the stone into revealing the Eye to him with about as much success. As the minutes began to drift away unnoticed by him his eyes lost their focus and the colors seemed to swirl around, drawing him into depths previously unseen. He felt a strange falling sensation and at the edge of his awareness he heard something… it was almost like… a song-

Cally's hand on his forearm and her voice in his ear pulled him back. "Galen?" He stepped back with a start and shook himself from the grip of the mandala, the song gone before he could even fully realize it. He shook his head to clear away the haze he'd been in then mumbled a greeting, his wife frowned, "We've placed the last of the charges and Apollo wants us at the rally point. The Cylons have pushed us all the way back. If we can drive them off, we'll come back and find it but if we can't…" Her voice trailed off as sympathy shined at him from her gaze.

With a mournful sigh he completed her words, "We blow the place up."


Rounds screamed overhead and Lee Adama knew one undeniable fact at that moment.

They were being pushed back.

They'd engaged the Cylons five times since they set up their initial perimeter and all five times they'd been pushed back. They'd lost three marines and four civvies over the course of those engagements to buy time for the Temple to be either secured or demolished and now their backs were against the wall, figuratively and damn near literally.

Lee noticed a group of clankers trying to move into a flanking position. He looked to his left and saw Mathias reloading her RPG launcher. "Mathias!" The marine looked up and he called out, "On our three!"

Without hesitation, the former Pegasus marine took aim and fired at the Centurions, the round struck one and the group was blown to pieces.

He noticed another group approaching near Anders' position. He plucked a grenade from his bandoleer and pulled the pin as he yelled, "Sam!" When the other man turned to him, he lobbed the grenade to him as he said. "It's live."

Sam caught the grenade and with startling accuracy threw it into the midst of the Cylons. When the cloud of dirt and metal kicked up from the explosion Lee and Sam fired several rounds into it, and moved on to another target. The pyramid player then shouted, "We're in some serious trouble Apollo!"

Lee must have channeled Kara because he smirked and bit out sarcastically, "No shit." He risked a glance over his shoulder towards the cave entrance and breathed a sigh of relief; finally the demolition team was coming out. They had options again, admittedly they were tactically horrible; "Don't blow up the Temple and get overrun before Galactica nuked them" or "Blow up the Temple and risk being nuked by the Cylons" but at least there was an option.

He'd learned that in War College, as long as there was an option there was a chance at victory. Admiral Nagala had said it best, "If you have to either burn to death or jump out the window, jump out the window then you can worry about learning to fly."

Cally and the Chief made their way to Lee's position and took cover. He pulled out the detonator then primed it, "Charges are set, Major."

The CAG fired off several shots at a toaster that had been firing at Mathias' position then said, "Great, blow the frakker!"

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the Chief's eyes widened and his face grow pale. He nearly dropped the detonator and mumbled to himself. Lee's eyes narrowed and he spoke harshly, "Chief, blow the charges! Right now! They're coming; we're frakked so blow the frakking charges!"

Cally gripped his arm and yelled, "Galen!"

Shots whizzed by their heads and the group ducked down. Apollo then hissed out through clenched teeth, "Now!"

He looked from the Temple to the detonator in his hand and back again. His thumb twitched over the button several times before Mathias yelled out to Lee, "Major!"

He looked towards the marine and she pointed towards the entrance to the cavern. His head whipped back around just in time to see a Cavil and a D'Anna slip inside. "Chief!" The NCO looked at him with desperate eyes, "What the frak is the matter with you?"

Several of Sam's people started yelling as well and Anders himself said, "What's the frak is going on? Hit the frakking switch!"

He stammered wordlessly and finally managed to say, "I… c-can't do it."

Anger flared in the viper pilot and he violently shoved Tyrol to the ground then shouted, "Give me the frakking switch!"

He reached for the detonator and for just a moment Tyrol fought him over it. Lee was stunned for just a second before he pulled his sidearm and pointed it at him. "Let it go. Right. Now."

Galen seemed to come to his senses at that moment, because he dropped the detonator like it burned him. Lee picked it up and immediately hammered the button. Everyone looked towards the cavern, Lee's teeth ground as nothing happened. He felt his face twist into a scowl and he surged forward. He grabbed Galen by his tanks and yanked him up, "What the frak have you done!"

The deck chief's eyes looked towards the mountain, "My Gods…"

Lee followed his eyes and saw the sky lighting up in bright colors like he'd never seen before, he heard Cally mutter. "What the Hell is that?"

Lee quickly dropped the Chief and ran for the Temple. He may not have been a religious man but even he could recognize a sign. Mathias and Anders were right behind him.

None of them had even noticed the Cylons had stopped shooting at them.


As the cavern opened into the Temple, Lee took notice of a Cavil standing near one of the charges. The detonator was in his hand; he turned towards them and started to pull a pistol. Lee had already got a line on him and fired, spraying the wall behind him with Cavil's brain.

He immediately swung his pistol towards the altar and found D'Anna standing on the dais under the spire with Baltar nearby. The former President raised his hands in surrender, "Commander Adama-"

Anders, who'd had been only a few steps behind, took aim on him, "Don't you frakking move, traitor!" Mathias arrived then and followed suit.

Lee had his gun trained on D'Anna as he approached, "Step away or I fire."

The blonde turned from the spire to him, "I can't."

He cocked the hammer, "I said, step away."

Tears sprang to her eyes, "I can't. You have to understand. This is my destiny, Major."

As Lee was about to fire he heard Galen shout from the entrance, "Major! The star's going nova, it's the Eye!"

He'd taken his eye off her enough to throw off his aim, so as light started to cascade down on her and Lee fired he only struck her shoulder. Galen's panicked plea surged him forward and he tried to tackle her out of the light only to be swallowed by it himself…


He was piloting his viper.

It must have been a flight with an atmosphere as there were nearly black storm clouds outside of his canopy. He looked around and noticed a Mark II in front of him, then he heard Kara's voice in his ear piece, she sounded strangely serene as she said, "It's okay… Just let me go. Tell Kacey I love her. They're waiting for me."

He realized it was Kara in front of him only a split second before flames licked the nose of her plane and the metal began to twist and compress.

The fuel must have ignited because before he even realized it her viper turned into a fireball in front of him. He was screaming at the top of his lungs before he even realized it, "NO! NO!"

His father's voice was in his ear telling him to pull up before he blew up as well…


He was lying in his rack, he was still in his flight suit and his eyes were burning while tear tracks wet his cheeks.

He looked down to see Kacey trembling against his side. "I'm so sorry, baby… I'm so sorry."

Kacey shook with another sob and called out for her mother.


He was sitting again, though now he was in a chair at his father's desk.

The Old Man looked like he was gearing towards fury, but he could see a weary defeat deep in the blue depths. He knew deep down that if he saw his face in a mirror that same look would be in his eyes. Finally he spoke in an icy voice, "Forget it. I need you as CAG."

Lee felt his head shake and a sense of frustration wash over him. "Why did you give me those law books? You gave me your father's law books."

The Admiral shook his head, "I made a mistake."

He leaned forward angrily, "Why? Why is it a mistake?"

"You're a pilot-"

Lee cut him off incredulously, "And with Zak gone and Kara dead, you need me to carry your flag. Is that it?"

The weariness gave way completely to frustrated anger, "You're a pilot! You're a pilot and you're my son and I will not sit there and look across that court room to see you sitting on the other side!"

A cold fury took Lee's breath away, completely different from the one that had gripped him after Leoben told him about Kacey. It was an older and far more familiar anger that drove out the words that followed. "See me? Or see someone else?"

He could practically hear his father and his CO warring as he said, "Report for duty."

"Is that an order?"

Bill stood up, "You're in way over your head. Report for duty."

"Is. That. An order?"

He removed his glasses and stepped around his desk as he bit out. "I'm through giving you orders!"


He was flying again.

This time the clouds were much brighter, bright golds and blues. It was a nebula.

He noticed a viper pull up beside him, a pristine Mark II. He looked towards the cockpit and got the shock of his life. Kara smiled at him, "Hi Lee."

He was amazed he managed to say anything because his heart was pounding so hard. "Kara?"

She nodded then spoke seriously, "I've been to Earth. I know where it is, and I'm gonna take us there."


He stood in a brig cell now; he could feel Kacey's hand in his.

Kara sat like a petulant teenager on the deck with her back against the bars. She looked up just in time for Kacey to sprint into her arms, "I know, crouton. I know. Momma missed you too." As she soothed her daughter's crying she looked up at Lee with a wistful smile, "Thank you."

He grinned and leaned against the wall, "I figured that Kacey should get used to seeing Momma in hack, so I've killed two birds with one stone."

She laughed as Kacey settled into her lap, "I see you're back in uniform."

He shrugged, "The Admiral promoted Marcia to Major and I'll never be CAG again. There was a job that Zerek offered me but… I couldn't leave Kacey. Or you."

She chuckled, "Don't trust us?"

He crossed the cell and took a seat next to her and wrapped an arm around her, "I just got my family back. I'm not losing you again, even to the Quorum."

Kara burrowed into his side. She started shaking and then whispered, "No one believes me."

He shook his head and squeezed her shoulder, "I believe you."


He was on a planet. At first he thought it might be New Caprica but the ruins quickly ruled that out. He held Kara's hand tightly as they watched his father and President Roslin a few feet ahead. The Old Man kneeled down and picked up a handful of dirt before throwing it down in disgust.

He could hear the clicking of a rad-counter. The place was hot.

Earth was nothing like he'd hoped…


He opened his eyes to see Skulls' face leaning over him. "Major? Are you all right?"

He shook his head and sat up gingerly, "What happened?"

Sam spoke from one of the jump seats, "The Temple did something to you and that skinjob. She died almost the second the light went away but you were out cold. She kept muttering about something, the Final Five something."

He shook his head again and scrubbed his hand across his face, "'Final Five' what?"

The ECO placed his fingers against Lee's throat to check his pulse, "No clue, we had to get you out of there pretty fast, we almost didn't make it off-world before the planet was destroyed. You seem okay, but once we're done being taxied onto the deck we'll get Doc Cottle to check you out."

He nodded, and then heard the Chief, "I think the Cylon had a vision, do you remember anything sir?"

He tried to recall what he'd seen so vividly moments before but like a nightmare, it was fading a little more with every second that passed. Finally, he shook his head dejectedly. "No. It's all jumbled. I just… I know it's important but I don't know why."

The raptor lurched as it came to a stop on the deck and a moment later the hatch popped. Lee surprised even himself when he jumped to his feet and darted out of the hatch.

The instant his feet hit the deck; he began scanning the area for two faces. He found Kara almost instantly; she was trailing behind Kacey as the toddler was practically yanking her arm out of socket to get to him. Kacey finally broke free as he ran towards his daughter.

She was screaming as she barreled on towards him too, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

He dropped to his knees in front of the little girl and wrapped her into a tight hug. "Oh Gods, Kacey."

She nestled into him with a happy sigh and kept repeating, "Daddy."

Lee looked up to find Kara standing in front of him with a watery smile. When her eyes met his, the anguish and guilt started to cloud her features and she started to turn away. Something in him shifted then and his hand shot out like lightning to grip her wrist. Wide eyes stared down at him only to become even more incredulous when he yanked her towards them and down to the deck with him and Kacey.

He pulled her into the hug and held her there. He heard a sob and Kara mumble into his shoulder and he was struck by a strange sense of déjà vu. "I'm so sorry, Lee."

He shook his head and pressed his lips to her temple, "Shh Kara… It's okay. I forgive you." He looked over her shoulder to see his father nearby. He locked eyes with the Old Man and said for Kara and his father, "I forgive you."

Kara only shook harder against him and squeezed him in a vice like hug. Kacey practically cooed as she burrowed into both of her parents and the three of them stayed that way until Cottle finally ordered him to sickbay.

Lee finally felt like he had a family.


Author's Note: Now before you curse me for ending things there. I felt that was a good place to end things, especially considering I didn't want to put Kacey through killing Kara. I gave Lee those visions not so he would forgive Kara as I felt he already had after his talk with Sam but I felt he'd need them to act as Kara's champion once she returns from the dead.

This one was a surprise for me because I don't usually like stories where a character has a sudden family and I don't really like stuff that just buries you in angst. But I think I got to stretch my legs some and that's rarely a bad thing. The only question I have right now is what to write next. Anyway, I thank you for reading this and I'll seeya around the internet.