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The New Guy

By ChoppingBoard

Chapter 1

"I would like to introduce you to your new classmate. Everyone, this is…"

The next words just drowned in Rin's thoughts. She felt more like looking at the window than listening to the new student. She couldn't care less about him, as she wasn't exactly the friendly type.

The new student now was approaching his seat. It was a good 3 seats to the right of Rin. The girls paid extra attention him as he went closer.

Silver hair and tanned skin. Not the usual combination of hair color and skin tone, Rin thought.

He then looked back at the girl who was looking at him from the corner of the classroom and gave her a wink.

Rin immediately shifted her gaze to the paper on her desk. She didn't expect him to notice her.

Classes went on and it was very likely that Rin wasn't listening. She just drew circles and random doodles on her notebook. She was just looking blankly at the teacher and didn't concentrate. She was very well caught off-guard by the last person she wanted to interact with and she wasn't even able to catch his name. Rin just sighed and looked to her left, to the window again.

She sat still and finally, it was lunch break. She immediately stood up and was about to exit the classroom when someone blocked her way.

"It's Archer." The new student reached out his right hand for a handshake while his left elbow kept him sturdy on the wall.

"I'm perfectly sure you already said that a while ago." But thanks, I now know your name. "Excuse me." She lowered her body to get through the space below his left arm.

"Not so fast." Archer grabbed her shoulder to face him. "One, you weren't listening a while ago that's why I introduced myself AGAIN. Two, I think it's your turn to tell me your name. Otherwise it would be rude." He grinned at the aggravated girl in front of him.

What now? She frowned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. She cleared her throat and said, "One, I am entitled to listen to whatever I want to. Two, I don't think I am obliged to tell you what my name is and three, this is a waste of time, I want to grab my lunch right now. This is lunch time after all." She then removed his grip on her arm and made her way to the cafeteria.

Attitude too strong for her, eh? Archer just ran a hand on his hair before inserting them in his pockets and headed to the same direction Rin went.

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