Phoenix squinted.

He blinked through the bright beam of sunlight that shone through the hospital windows directly onto his eyes. Mumbling something about breakfast, the ex-defence attorney rolled over onto his other side, eyelids heavy.


His head smacked against a pearly white side-cabinet, causing him to recoil and cry out, hand rising to meet the sore area. Much to his surprise, Phoenix's hand met bandage, rather than bare skin. He sat up too fast in shock, vision swimming with purple and yellow spots, a dull ache radiating through his head.

'Man...forgot I would up here.' He pressed his hand to his head, flinching slightly at a sharp pain from his ankle. Looking round quickly, Phoenix spotted a clock, telling him it was 8AM, so around an hour before Trucy would have to be at school.

Swinging his legs round so they were dangling off the side of the stiff matress, the man yawned, absent-mindedly rubbing the back of his bandaged head.

'I shouldn't even be awake at this hour...'

Taking a deep breath, Phoenix used the side cabinet that had attacked him to lever himself to his feet. He tentatively tested his injured ankle on the floor, sucking in air quickly as a shooting pain shot up his shins. Cursing, he dragged himself across the room, limping and hopping to avoid a similar pain.

The 'pianist' smiled to himself as he slipped his favourite beanie over his head, the familiar warmth embracing his ears. A dozen minutes and thousands of painful twitches later, Phoenix had managed to find himself back into his new trademark outfit, his blurry vision failing to notice the white, rectangular note that was attached to a small booklet.

He scanned the room for his bag, shuffling himself round the edge of the bed, stopping only at the echo of 'Hmmm...yes' coming from behind the door. God forbid that lunatic heard he was awake and came in for a 'morning check-up'. Spotting it at the other end of the room, Phoenix inched towards the tatty brown suede satchel until-


Hopping on his good foot, Phoenix clutched the toes of his bad foot. The same toes that had collided with something plastic and not in his line of vision. His eyes watered as he noticed a tower of DVDs overbalance and fall into a messy pile on the floor.

'What the-' The ex-defence attorney sat himself on the bed and gingerly rubbed his tender ankle. Blinking a number of times, he managed to focus on the pile of DVDs and picked one up with his free hand. His brow furrowed.

'Steel...Samurai: Warrior...of...Neo Old...Tokyo...' he read slowly, mind whirring, 'Series...17...Episode 48. Wait, what?'

Phoenix examined the case again in his hand as if he had never seen anything like it in his life. Glancing over at the rest of the pile, he noticed similar boxes lining the floor, all of which he recognised.

'Steel Samurai? But I haven't owned any of these since...' A small lump rose in his throat as he placed the DVD back on the white sheets. Memories locked away in the far reaches of Phoenix's mind resurfaced as he rubbed his foot.

You messages.

BEEEEEEP! Nick? Nick, what's going on? Why haven't I heard from you? Hmmm...I'm sure everything's alright, i'll just ring back later.

BEEEEEEP! Not in again, huh? Someone found a social life? Haha. Try again later.

BEEEEEEP! Ok this is getting irritating now, Nick. Pick up the damn phone!

BEEEEEEP! ...Nick...Nick it's been 24 hours. I won't be back for the rest of the week. It's not like you to not reply to messages...

BEEEEEEP! Have I done something wrong, Nick? Ring me back, please.

BEEEEEEP! ...I'll ring Mr. Edgeworth, then.

BEEEEEEP! Mr. Nick! How could you do that to your special someone! Mystic Maya is crying! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Phoenix dotted the last full stop at the end of the address, watching the ink seep into a small circle at the end of the line.

It was finished.

He licked the envelope, slammed the stamp into the top corner, grabbed his coat with one hand, the hand of the small pink-clad girl in the other and headed out of the Offices.

You message.

BEEEEEEP! Nick...I've seen the news. I'm so sorry. So sorry. Please ring me, we can get through this. Bikini said she will look after Pearl, you can come up to the village becasue I, well, can't really leave. Please Nick, I beg you.

Phoenix fumbled with the letters that had landed on his doorstep. He licked his lips nervously as he threw 7 identical envelopes into the recycling bin. Closing his eyes and breathing out deeply, Phoenix Wright, ace pianist, went to wake his daughter.


'First class, please,' he held out the large packages.

'Where too, sir?' The middle aged woman scowled at Phoenix's overgrown stubble and tatty jacket.

'K-Kurain village, please.'

'Hmmm...' the woman stickered the packages, 'do these contain anything important?'

'More than you know...' the man murmured.


'No-nothing,' Phoenix laughed nervously, 'yeah, they need insuring, thanks...'

'She really came...' Phoenix mumbled to himself and threw the old DVD back onto the pile, 'I don't believe it.'

He shook his head and tried to wipe out those memories.

That was long ago, that Phoenix is gone. My life is different now...

But was it? Phoenix could still remember what happened in every single one of those Samurai episodes. He remembered falling asleep during the wacked out love story that spanned all of series 10, the same love story that had Maya's eyes shining. He remembered having to put his arm round Pearls during a particularly scary episode in series 11. He remembered laughing at Maya as she jumped and dropped her popcorn during the same scene in the Christmas special.

Part of him still felt the same. Sometimes he would wake up and forget things had changed. He'd hunt for his red tie in the drawer, only to be awoken from his trance by a distant call of 'Daddy...are you awake?' from the kitchen. He was the same person, really. Bitterly, Phoenix accepted that. He just felt the need to disguise his true self beneath a turquoise beanie.

He didn't notice that he was strolling, or rather, limping around his hospital room. Phoenix's eyes were drawn to a white booklet lying on his dirty black trainers.

'What now..?' the 'pianist' mumbled.

Tiny, curly handwriting greeted Phoenix as he turned the booklet around. Handwriting he recognised.

This booklet might be of interest.

'You have got to be kidding me.'

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