Love Can Come From Sorrow-400

Harry looked around with sorrow, he had just lost Remus in the battle and he was lost. Everyone who had ever been like a parent to him, he lost: Sirius, Dumbledore, and now Remus. He decided to tell Arthur and Molly not to be like parents to him, he couldn't stand losing them too. Harry heard someone sit down next across him. Harry looked up to find a woman, with long black hair, and grey eyes.

"You look sad, Harry." She stated looking at him sadly.

"How do you know my name?" He asked.

"Wothcer Harry." She said quietly and full of sorrow.

"Hi Tonks, what's up with the look?"

Before Tonks answered, she shifted a bundle in her arms. Harry knowing what it is, looked up at Tonks with a small smile.

"Can I hold Teddy?" Tonks nodded and handed her son over to his godfather. Harry looked down at the baby, who had chosen to have his hair a sandy blonde color and golden eyes, after his father. Harry looked up at Tonks questionly.

"He has been mimicking Remus's appearance because he misses him." Tonks said with tears building up in the corner of her eyes.

Harry looked down at Teddy sadly, another child who would never know his father. And Harry remembered how close Teddy was to being an orphan. Harry himself had killed the Death Eater that had been torturing Tonks, Harry could tell that at the time Remus was already dead, by the time that Harry had gotten to Tonks.

Harry watched as Tonks moved closer to him, and looked at Harry sadly, Harry could tell that she missed Remus a lot.

Harry shifted Teddy a little and looked at Tonks, he didn't know why but he just wanted to kiss the girl. Harry found him self leaning closer on Tonks, he noticed she was surprised, but she also started leaning towards Harry. They met in a kiss, one that exploded for the both of them, the best kiss they had ever had in either of their lives. Harry pushed himself into his kiss a little more, and Tonks matched his force.

When Harry pulled away, Tonks appearance had changed. He now found her with bright purple hair and blue eyes that were twinkling.

Harry noticed that she was a lot happier than before, he stood up and took Tonk's hand and lead them home.