Author's Note: I was just sitting around one day and I thought about Twilight and what human experiences I would want if I were going to be changed. Then I thought, what human experiences (besides the obvious growing old/having children) would the Cullens want Bella to have, or wish they had? On that note, this is my first fanfic. I hope you guys like it. Review please!

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Chapter 1: The Reception

Isabella Cullen, Bella thought as she observed her wedding reception, it has a nice ring to it. She had opted out of dancing, except for the obligatory father-daughter and husband-wife dances. Now she just watched as her family and friends tore up the dance floor. Some, like Renee and Phil, were tipsy. Some, like Mike and Jessica, were utterly smashed. And of course others were completely sober and devastatingly graceful, like her new family the Cullens.

Soon, I'll be as graceful as them. No more tripping over everything, no more insane blushing...nope soon I'll be a beautiful, graceful vampire. She thought as Edward squeezed her hand lovingly.

"Are you sure you don't want to dance some more? You're only gonna be married as a human once." he noted, dazzling her with the intense gaze of his topaz eyes.

Edward didn't want her to miss out on any human experiences before she was changed. There was only one human experience Bella thought she would regret not having: sex; and Edward had promised that they would try after they were married. Dancing, however, was an experience she had had many times and could live without.

"Edward, you know as well as I do that eventually I will fall on my face, and fatal embarrassment on my wedding day is not an experience worth having." she giggled.

"And you, Mrs. Cullen, know as well as I do that I will catch you before anyone notices. Trust me." he replied and brought his lips closer to hers, sealing his promise with a light kiss. Dazzled once again she conceded.

As Edward guided her to the dance floor she glanced at the clock. Midnight, already? she thought and looked around. She noticed how the crowd had grown smaller since the last time she had checked the time, anxiously awaiting her wedding night.

Edward spun her delicately, brought her close to his cool marble chest and hummed her lullaby in her ear. She smiled and closed her eyes, wishing that moment could last forever. Wait a minute, it will last forever. Once I'm changed, Edward and I will have moments like these for the rest of eternity. she realized and smiled.

"Bella, love?" Edward's cool breath caressed her ear as she replied. "hmm?" he chuckled, "You are practically falling asleep. We should get you home."

"I'm not asleep. I can't fall asleep, tonight we have to..." she protested quietly not opening her eyes. "That human experience can wait a day or two, it won't be much fun if you fall asleep. It has been a long day, you've been up since god knows when..." "Five AM." she replied slowly, her breathing becoming more even. "Five AM? Alice, why did you wake her up so early? The wedding didn't even start until four in the afternoon!" Bella heard Edward scold his sister quietly. Any human around, wouldn't have heard him but thanks to vampire super-hearing, Alice heard him loud and clear.

Oh, Edward. My darling brother. Beauty is a long process. Bella had to go through a rigorous...Alice thought to him. "Ok, ok. Never mind...Bella?" he asked looking down at his wife. Bella had fallen asleep. He picked her up gently and walked over to his family. "I think it's time we headed home." he whispered so as not to wake her up. His family nodded and they all left together in the stretch hummer limo Emmett had rented for the night.

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