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Chapter 1

What to Do with Boys

Sunshine poured through the open curtains, bathing the room in it's golden glow. A soft, gentle breeze blew in through the window. From where she lay, tangled in the mass of bed sheets, the catgirl stirred. Her eyelids fluttered as she woke. However, she took one look at the clock and fell right back to sleep.

He entered slowly and cautiously, careful not to disturb the red-head. She looked so peaceful, sleeping serenely, lost in her dreamworld. Such a shame he had to destroy that calmness.

"Koneko-chan," he called softly. He did it a couple more times at that volume, but soon found he had to shout to be noticed. "KONEKO-CHAN!"

Jumping at least a foot in the air, Ichigo let out a shriek, clutching the covers closely to her chest. Her head turned sharply from side to side, trying to see this mystery person. Well, it wasn't really that much of a mystery…

"KISH!" she yelled.

Appearing behind her, the intruding alien wrapped one arm around her waist and planted the other firmly over her mouth. He glanced around nervously, hoping her parents hadn't heard her shout.

"Hush, Koneko-chan!" he whispered. "I don't think your mother and father will take too kindly to me sneaking into your room."

The Iriomote nodded and Kish released her from his grasp.

"One question," she began as soon as she was free to speak. "Since when do you say 'take too kindly'?"

He grinned at her mischievously. "Since I started insulting your ex-boyfriend."

"Kish," Ichigo sighed. Suddenly, she realised something. Something quite important.

"What are you doing in my room?!" she shrieked.

"Shirogane asked me to come get you," he replied.

The catgirl nodded her head. Must be sick of me being late, she thought.

Still though, she questioned, "Why?"

"Did you forget what today is already Koneko-chan?"

Ichigo grinned sheepishly as she nodded her head. He rolled his eyes.

"Wait until Shirogane hears that you forgot about going to his summer house," Kish cried.

"NYA!" she shrieked. "That was today! I haven't even packed yet!" Leaping out of her bed she scrambled around her room, searching for all the stuff she would need. Snatching her suitcase from underneath her bed, she began grabbing handfuls of clothes and stuffing them inside. In less than five minutes she had managed to pack almost all of her clothes. The only things left were her underwear…

"Ooh, I like this Koneko-chan!" Kish grinned slyly.

Ichigo's eyes started to twitch, fearing the worst. Slowly she twisted around to face the alien. The sight that met her was worse than a nightmare…Kish holding one of her bras…

5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

"KISH!!" Ichigo exploded. "HOW DARE YOU! PUT THAT BACK NOW!!!"

Her face was scarlet, steam could literally be seen rising from her head and her teeth were gritted together.

"Ichigo?" came a call from the other side of the door. "Are you ok, honey?"

"I'm fine," Ichigo replied whilst gesturing for Kish to keep his mouth shut.

"Alright sweetie," said her mother. The sound of footsteps could be heard as the woman made her way down the stairs.

Taking this as an opportunity, Ichigo threw herself onto Kish. Not having seen this coming, the alien had no time to get out of the way. He was pinned to the floor as Ichigo began clawing for her bra. After a minute or so, Kish realised she couldn't get it and smirked slyly. He started to fight back and it wasn't long before they were having a wrestling match. For a while it seemed as though Kish was winning, however, from out of nowhere, a small grey kitten jumped in the way and snatched the item from his hands.

Looking straight at the kitten, Ichigo's eyes widened in horror. Kish was highly confused, even more so when a muttering emitted from the red-head that he could make out as a, "Oh no…"

Stretching her arm out, she ordered firmly, "Give it back."

The alien was quite surprised when the cat smirked before being surrounded by a glowing blue light. The animal grew bigger and bigger, slowly but surely taking on human form.

Finally the transformation was complete and the blue light faded to reveal


Ichigo turned to her friend, saying, "Did you not know Shirogane can also turn into a kitten?"

He shook his head keeping his eyes locked on the blonde boy.

Removing the bra from his teeth, Ryou chuckled. "Should be careful with things like this," he teased, reaching out to hand it to her.

Scrunching her face up in disgust, Ichigo said, "I don't want it now."

"So I can keep it?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

Her mouth became agape as she stared at him, disbelief filling her gaze. Her reaction, though, was unexpected. Instead of blowing up at him as per usual, she flopped onto her stomach, grabbed her pillow and screamed into it. Both boys were rather puzzled by this, however they didn't say anything.

"Ahh! Why are boys so…so - arrgh!"

Rolling his eyes, Ryou said, "Come on baka Strawberry. Better get a move on with your packing or else we'll leave without you. You've got five minutes."

"But I haven't even got dressed yet! Not to mention the fact that I need a shower!"

An idea suddenly popped into Kish's head. "We'll finish your packing, Koneko-chan. You go get ready," he offered. She thanked him and dashed off and into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind her.

Folding his arms once she was gone, Ryou said, "I'm not packing for her."

"You do know all she's got left is her underwear. And if you get to keep something, I want one aswell."

"Sick pervert," muttered Ryou.

"Nah, not all the time now. Just occasionally," Kish laughed.

Ryou smirked.


Ten minutes later, Ichigo entered her bedroom. She had finished her shower and was now wrapped in only a towel. Poor Ichigo. She just had to forget there were two boys in her room till didn't she?

"EYAH!! Shirogane! Kish! Get out of my room!" she screamed, beginning to throw inanimate objects at them.

"Hey! Ow! Ok! Ok! We're going! OW!" Kish cried, raising his arms to shield his face. Ryou copied his example, though without the screeching. He transformed into a cat and hopped out the bedroom window. Kish teleported outside and met up with him. They waited around the corner of the street for fifteen minutes as the cat-girl dressed herself and said her goodbyes to her family. Making a run for it, she rounded the corner but came to an abrupt halt when she did.

"What are you doing here still?" she asked the boys.

"Waiting for you. Here, give it," Ryou said, grasping Ichigo's suitcase with on hand and her hand with his other. He dragged her along the path and in the direction of Café Mew Mew.

Her ears sprung out as did her tail at the sudden contact. A slight blush stained her cheeks. It had been several weeks since their little prank fight and Ichigo had come to the conclusion she couldn't have a crush on her boss. Ryou had always been a jerk to her. He'd always picked on her and teased her. What she thought she had felt during the prank war was probably a misunderstanding. Either that or she was on the rebound after Masaya, which she really hoped it wasn't. However, the other Mews had been countering every argument she put up about her feelings for the blonde. If she said she didn't, they would say she did. If she said she couldn't, they said she could, and so on until it got to the point where Ichigo just gave up.

They were almost at the café now. The big pink building was looming ahead of them. Ichigo's blush deepened, thoughts of what her friends would say if they saw Ryou holding her hand flooding through her head.

Thankfully, he dropped his hold on her when they came into clear view of Café Mew Mew.

After loading all the bags into both cars, it was only a matter of who would be in who's car for the drive down that needed to be decided. But really, it was more of an argument. No-one wanted to get anywhere near Keiichiro when he was driving (poor thing). Ryou was laughing, sarcastically boasting that he had suddenly become popular.

In the end, Pai was called upon to choose who would go with Ryou and who would suffer the nauseating journey with the brunette. The eldest alien picked Ichigo, Kish, Minto and Tart with Ryou and everyone else were left with Keiichiro.

This was going to be one interesting trip…


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