Zan sat silently, staring at the papers in his hands, his parents were aliens. Of all the insane wild theories that he'd come up with to explain his parents getting rid of him, this was not one that crossed his mind. He was not even sure what he was feeling, but the odd thing was that he never for a moment doubted it was true, he knew it was. There were too many strange things in his life, to which this gave a perfect answer. He was almost surprised that he hadn't known already. Even small things like his love of Tabasco sauce, which had gotten a lot of weird looks over his life, apparently was due to this. He had always noticed and questioned if he might be a bit psychic, since he occasionally did some strange unexplainable things. But still, an alien, that was not the answer he had ever thought of or anticipated.

Zan looked into the box and pulled out a necklace, a flat stone with a strange swirly symbol on it. There was small scrap of paper tied to the cord, it read:

This is the first things we ever found from our home planet. I carried it for years, as did my girlfriend and my sister. Now it is yours, a small piece of the place you were born.

Zan stared at the necklace in shock, from the place he was born? This was so out of this world, literally.

The next thing he took out of the box shocked him, what appeared to be a prom photo. Which was the last thing he had expected. He studied the picture carefully, looking at the faces, trying to figure out who might be his parents; finally he turned it over and saw writing on the back.

This I the last photo of my whole family group together. Pictured are me, your father, and my girlfriend Liz. Our friend Kyle, and your mother, Tess. Michael and his girlfriend Maria. My sister Isabelle and her boyfriend Alex.

Zan stared closely at the picture, shocked to see the people who were his parents at his own age. This thought instantly sobered up the excited elated feeling he had begun to feel, as he realized that this meant his mother hadn't lived past his age.

Zan carefully picked up the next photo in the box. It was a picture of his father and aunt, with two people he assumed were their parents. He turned over the photo to read the note on the back.

Isabelle and I with our adopted parents.

Zan set this photo down too, surprised. His father had been adopted too, he was taken aback at the feelings this evoked in him. The sudden connection he felt. He reached in the box and pulled out the next photo, a wedding photo. He stared at the picture of his aunt dressed in white, with the same people from the prom photo standing around her smiling. But there was one difference; the man at her side in this wedding photo was not the one from the prom photo. He wondered where the boy called Alex had gone and turned over the photo to read the back.

Your aunt Isabelle and her husband Jesse.

He reached for the last photo, the sight of which knocked out all other thoughts from his mind. The last photo showed his father, his arms around the dark haired girl he had said was his girlfriend Liz, and in her arms was a baby, him. Zan stared, unable to tear his eyes from the photo, the photo of him, with his father, and the girl who probably was his stepmother. He held the photo almost with awe, and slowly turned it over, dying to know what has written on this photo.

Our first, and only picture of you. Me, Liz and you, my family.

Zn was surprised to feel wetness in his eyes. He lay the photo aside, not wanting his tears to get on the photo. He put it gently back in the box with the other photos. He grabbed the necklace and made as though to put it into the box too, but hesitated and then swiftly put it around his neck, and tucked it beneath his shirt. Then he sat, quietly, trying to untangle his thoughts.

Now that he had answers, he did not know what to do with them. His parents were aliens, just trying to wrap his mind around that was hard, but knowing what to do next was ever harder and left him bewildered and lost.

He suddenly realized that he wanted to meet him, his father. He reopened the wooden box and pulled out one of the photos, of his father with his parents. He ignored the people in the photo and focused on the background, more specifically on the sign that read Roswell, it was some poster for a crashdown festival tacked up on the wall. Roswell… a place to start.