Hello. This is a small fiction posted 2 years ago. Who would have known a person can change itself so fast? I wouldn't if I saw the first chapter and the third one.
Basically, the first chapter is kind of.. bad. I'm not the kind of person, who rewrites stuff, so bear with me a little bit!

I hope you enjoy this piece!

Oh, yes, almost forgot-
- This is an AU fiction.
- Shonen ai/ guy x guy love/ although it will come later.
- English is not my first language, don't hit me with the broom, pwease!

About Deidara - I know he's is a boy. He doesn't really look like girl to me, but the first time I saw Deidara was on fan art, where he looked kinda girly, so after a long thinking of idea of this fic, I got one like this. I hope you're okay with it

-And, I don't own anime/manga Naruto or any of its characters! They all belong to that cool guy, whose name is Masashi Kishimoto :3
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So here the fanfic goes!

„Okay, Itachi. You have to... You have to, you have to... put on Konan's green PJ, get out with it on and ask the first person you meet 'Hey, wanna fuck?' or something like that, yeah!" person, holding a bottle in his hands, said cheerfully, while Itachi was giving him a glare.

„Why should I do something stupid like that?"

The person with the bottle shook his head in disappointment and pointed at the bottle.

„You span this thing, right? So it means you already acknowledged the risk you took. So, get your ass off the floor and get dressed, or to be more exact, undressed, yeah!"

After a couple of minutes of fighting, yelling, searching for ropes and chains, and other normal teenage activities, Itachi was standing in front of all people, who were in the room, wearing a PJ, which was in a green colour, having rainbows and small animals all around it.

„I don't understand how I got into this game and these clothes..." Itachi sighed and tried to give everyone in the room a death glare, it didn't work, since everyone was too busy laughing about Itachi's appearance.

„But I don't understand how Deidara-kun found out, that I have that kind of PJ in my drawer..." the owner of clothes, that Uchiha was currently wearing, sighed as Itachi did.

Deidara didn't seem to notice Konan's comment and continued giggling.

It was Friday, everyone in Akatsuki, except Kisame, who was late, and Zetsu, who was off to some dinner (...) was in Konan's room playing „Spin the bottle" game until it span to Itachi. It was when the all fun started.

„So, Itachi, the first part of the dare is completed. Where's the other one?" Deidara asked with a huge grin on his face.

„I'm not doing the second part. First one is enough." Itachi said coldly. 'No one is going to make me, anyway,' the Uchiha boy smiled to himself. Yeah, no one would not make him.

Akatsuki Leader, Pein, shook his head, just as Deidara did a while ago and said

„Itachi, I am disappointed at you! If you have some mission you have to do, you will do it without giving out a single wimp. You, a member of Akatsuki, can't even do such an easy thing?"

Itachi twitched his eyebrow and tried to defend himself

„But this isn't a mission!"

„Well, it is now. Do it!" Pein uttered.

The raven-haired boy let his head fall in his palms and sighed. 'That Pein...'

- - - -

Itachi recollected suddenly outside Konan's flat. Deidara will pay for this... Yeah, someday, or maybe today, he will pay for this twice!' Uchiha thought, but the only choice he had, was to offer the nearest person to Itachi some sex. Easy, isn't it? Hell no, it sure wasn't for Itachi. 'Just do it, just do it, just...' he murmured and bumped into random person, who probably was a man. 'Oh great, God loves me,' Itachi thought sarcastically, but then he started conversation.

„Oh, hi, sorry for bumping into you. Can I redeem my fault with my body and hot yaoi smex?"

„Urm, I... I don't really..."

„Oh, you want to be the uke? Okay, fine, I will be the seme, if that's what you want. Don't worry; I usually do a good job."

„I mean... This isn't what I meant, it's just that..."

„Oh, you want to have bondage? Okay, I think I got some handcuffs in my bag..."

„No, it's just that... Itachi, did you take some cannabis from Zetsu?"

Itachi looked up and saw Kisame standing in front of him. Uchiha got blank. This wasn't the thing he expected to happen. Of all people, why Kisame?

'Fuck, it was obvious for me to bump in Kisame, since he was in his way to Konan's home and I got out exactly in this second. Why this is happening to me? Okay, I'll just give out a silly laugh and make this like a joke.'

Itachi scratched the back of his head. 'But how do you laugh? I haven't done it in years! Gah, this is just hopeless!'

„Urm... Hi... Kisame... The thing is just... about the sex and seme, and bondage thing... Haha... You wouldn't imagine me saying this, would you? Therefore, I just wanted to see your reaction, if I would act like this. Yeah, that's it!" Itachi replied nervously and laughed dryly.

„Oh, and as addition, you wanted to see what was my reaction like, if you wore random girly pj?"

Kisame asked directly not even bothering to believe in Itachi's explanation.

„Ha... Haha, yeah, you're so right... So let's go, shall we?" Sharingan user tried to changes the subject, while he was pushing Kisame to Konan's place.

„Whatever..." Kisame murmured, still confused.

Well, it was something priceless, to see Itachi in a pajama, who is offering sex and bondage to you, but still... It was confusing. 'Well, too bad I didn't take my camera along...' Kisame thought and stepped inside Konan's room.

- - - -

When he entered the room, Hoshigaki went chibi-blank. Well, everyone was playing 'Spin the bottle' game, but why the hell Tobi was wearing girls dress with laces, ribbons, all that girly stuff and why he had over-knee socks on? And who the hell got these things anyway?

„Urm, Blue-chan, are these yours?" Kisame asked shyly.

„No, you, star brat! These are not mine. It belongs to one of –them." Konan replied to Kisame giving a look to other Akatsuki members, who still were too busy with painting Tobi's mask a little bit red, where his cheeks should be.

„Well Tobi likes it!" Tobi said happily. Kisame, Itachi and Konan sighed. These things were getting too weird.

„Okay, 'Tachi-san! You have to spin the bottle!" the blonde grinned ear-to-ear, while he was finishing with adding hair clip somewhere on Tobi's short hair.

Itachi took the bottle and span it. It span round, round (ironically enough, everyone heard the song 'you spin me right round' in background) and stopped. Everyone looked up. 'He, it's my time to get some revenge...'

„Okay, Deidara, truth or dare?" Itachi asked with a slight smile on his face. He already knew the answer, for it was Deidara we were talking about.

„Dare, yeah." Deidara said simply.

„Okay then. I just thought of a perfect plan. This school year you're going to go to our school, right?"

The blond nodded. Well, since all of his friends were going in Konoha's Shinobi school and people made fun out of him, Deidara thought, that his life would be simpler, if he moved to Konoha. After all, it was well-known village; there were many things that Iwa didn't have. Including his friends. Since Deidara had a smart head and he was a good fighter, he managed to get in that school, before he moved to Konoha.

„So, since you will be new there, no one will know anything about you, except us," Itachi motioned to all persons beside him, except Tobi (who sobbed „Tobi's not one of 'us' here?") and continued, „So, I dare you to pretend to be a girl for a month."

„WHAT?" Deidara let his jaw drop on the floor, somewhere under Konan's bed.

Itachi stated calmly „Well, you're going to pretend, that your girl. Don't worry; I will talk with teachers, so they won't tell anybody, what your real gender is."

While Itachi was talking, Deidara took an unnoticeable look at his wallet and frowned. Itachi took a notice of that and comforted his blond friend „Don't worry, I can provide you with the clothes and all stuff girl need."

Itachi was half grinning. Yeah, he was ready to outlay all his money, just to get his revenge and see Deidara suffering all this month. Hidan, who didn't take a part of 'Spin the bottle' activities, grinned. 'This could get friggin' interesting.'

The blond, girly-looking man thought a little bit giving a look to Kakuzu's foot. 'I don't really need to accept this, for this is way too weird, but this could get really interesting. And I could get into girls changing room freely!'

„Kay, kay, I'll accept it, 'Tachi-san!" Deidara said lightly, not even imagining, that it was start to his hell.

It was Saturday, the next day after Friday. Nothing really happened after Itachi dared Deidara. Kakuzu had to spend his all money for every Hidan's request [and it ended with Hidan having all Jashin-sama bling-blings you could ever imagine, Kakuzu dared Pein to dance Suzumiya Haruhi dance, Tobi had to take off his mask, and that's when all party ended, because everyone fainted.

- - - -

This Saturday a certain blonde was still sleeping peacefully covered with blanket, many kinds of pillows and plushies. If this blonde's cat wouldn't wake him up with a loud 'Meow!', then Deidara would sleep much longer, but since it was done, the blonde's only choice was to wake up.

„Milk-chan, you woke me up... Again, yeah..." Deidara murmured as he stretched and yawned.

The kitty meowed again and looked up to his master. Deidara smiled, patted his cat's head and made his way to the fridge, to take out something eatable for his pet. Unfortunately, there was nothing in the fridge beside a pack of milk, which was half-empty, some old cheese and bowl with cherries.

'I wonder if my cat eats cherries, for I don't want to give her some old cheese,' Deidara thought as he took the berries and milk out of the fridge, which door was shut right after it. Still, Deidara didn't test whenever cat eats old cheese or cherries, because boy's cell phone rang.

„Yeah?" Deidara picked up the phone and answered in same manner, he always did.

„Urm, Deidara?" a voice asked. Probably Kisame's.

„No, it's Britney Spears wannabe," the boy answered sarcastically.

„Yo, Britney! Just wanted to be sure, that you didn't forget, that you, me, and Itachi are meeting in park within next fifteen minutes." Hoshigaki reminded.

„Oh, shit, yeah, almost forgot! I'll be a little bit late!" Deidara answered quickly before he hung up the phone.

Right. He needed to meet with his friends today. The blonde quickly poured the white liquid into plastics bowl and placed it on the floor. Milk-chan gave out an affronted 'meow' as she looked up to the bowl.

„Sorry, sorry, I have nothing to give you to eat now," Deidara said to his cat, while he was taking off his shirt and making his way to the bathroom to get a quick shower, put on his clothes, which would be good enough to wear outside home, brush his teeth and tie his usual ponytail.



„Sorry, yeah!" the blonde said when he met his friends.

„Finally," Kisame murmured when he saw Deidara.

Itachi didn't say anything, he just looked at the cheerful boy and drank water from the bottle, he was holding.

„Well, how are you two feeling after yesterday?" Dei asked in happy-go-lucky tone as he and his friends started walking in random direction.

Itachi sighed, „Bleh, I have the morning-after headache..."

Kisame sighed as well „I didn't have to drink so much..."

Deidara grinned in triumph and said „So that's why kids, don't ever drink with Pein. He's veteran at partying and drinking. You could drink a bottle of something and be drunk, while he wouldn't be even fuddled, so he wouldn't do any stupid thing while you would do them."

Itachi, who was listening to Deidara's chatting suddenly remembered previous day and said in 'by-the-way' tone , „Oh, Deidara, you didn't forget the dare, did you?"

Deidara froze. Many flashbacks appeared in his mind, so as the dare Itachi mentioned. 'Konan's flat. Akatsuki. Alcohol. 'Spin the bottle' game. Itachi. Itachi in Konan's PJ. Itachi holding grudge. Itachi daring me. Me drunk. Me accepting the dare. Me without brains. Me in bad situation.'

„Oh, Itachi, you didn't mean that seriously, right?" Deidara tried not to bring up the dare.

„Of course I did. I'm always serious," Itachi smiled evilishly. „That's why we're here." Uchiha pointed at the store, which was on their way, and then dragged Deidara in

Deidara found himself standing in changing room with bunch of clothes in his hands. The laden boy raised his eyebrow and asked weakly „Urm, Itachi-san? What's with these clothes, yeah?"

Uchiha answered, as if it was self-evident „Well, if you're going to be little, pretty girl, you need clothes like girl. So here they are."

Deidara nodded [although Itachi didn't see it and tried the clothes on. Kisame grinned and wondered how Deidara would look in clothes he and Itachi choose for blondie.


„Yes, Deidara?"

..."Why beside girl clothes you gave me women underwear, yeah?"

„Oh. Right. Sorry about that."

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