Summary: Harry is alone at Privet Drive, doing practically nothing until Voldemort pops up in his head. Being lonely, and Voldemort insisting in not leaving, they talk. Harry finds out a few facts he didn't know, leaving him both confused and crying, and excited. What will the Gryffindor Golden Boy do when he's coming to stay at Riddle Manor for the summer, and learn exactly how far Dumbledore's manipulations go? Some SPOILERS for HBP and DH, but happens directly after OOTP! short-HP/DM and HP/LV-HP/TR (main)


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She arrived with a soft 'pop' outside where the headquarters stood invisible at the moment. It was almost three in the morning but she knew he'd be awake, waiting for her after her mission. Concentrating on the 'magic' words she had memorised a year previously the house of number 12 Grimmald Place appeared in the dead of the night. She slipped in to a cold mask and sneaked inside, not wanting to awake the whole house thanks to the screams of Mrs Black.

She went to search for Albus Dumbledore and found him in the drawing room with a cup of tea, waiting for her to give her rapport. She knew he wouldn't invite her to drink, their relationship had become rather tense in the last few months, and if he asked she would decline anyway. She walked in a bit in the room, but didn't sit down, just sealed his gaze with her brown eyes. His blue ones were twinkling like mad back her. She snorted in disgust.

"Ah, Miss Granger. I trust everything went according to plan?" He greeted her in his normal cheery tone. The way the words left his mouth showed no traces of remorse of what he made an, nearly, innocent sixteen year old girl do just hours previous.

"It did." Hermione replied coldly.

"And Miss Raymond?"

"Dead." She still looked him straight in the eyes, she didn't show remorse either, mostly because she didn't feel any. Her eyes showed hatred towards the man in front of her instead, but he didn't seem to mind though, quite the opposite in fact.

"Good, good. And Mr.."

"Will confess everything once they discover the body in the morning." She turned to walk away when he spoke again.

"Was there something else on your mind?" She hesitated at first, then she saw a glimpse of red hair and another pair of blue eyes lurking in the corner of the room, almost hidden amongst the shadows. Ron, she thought, he needed to hear this as much as she needed to say it. So she turned back and locked brown eyes against blue once again. She gave him a smirk worthy Draco Malfoy and when she spoke, her eyes narrowed and it was clear that this was NOT good news.

"Yes, there was actually. Don't get me wrong, Dumbledore," She spat the name out as something unwelcome the cat dragged in. "I do appreciate what you have done for me, I really do. But I'd rather side with Voldemort than you, not only at this very moment, but forever. You are not that far from him in fact, what you asked me to do tonight was something he does daily."

At that very moment the damned twinkling stopped to be replaced with total and cold fury and she knew she had hit the perfect spot. She smiled inwards but did not show anything out except what she had before. Ron had gasped loudly from his corner but Dumbledore had not been surprised so she assumed the old man knew he was there.

"You are loyal to Potter first and foremost; I know this, so be glad I take that as an empty threat and insult." There was a slight hesitation from his normally strong and sure way of speaking. Her smirk grew even wider at that, easily competing with Severus Snape.

"When Harry learns exactly what you have done to secure his submission to you and your social status, he will be flying to Voldemort at first chance, pledging his allegiance. And believe me, he willfind out. And when he does, I will be first one to follow him." And at that she turned again, only to be stopped at the door by Ron and his whispering.

"Merlin Hermione, what did you do?"

"Tell me Ron, would you kill, as in aiming your wand at a living person, saying two simple little words and leave behind you a corpse? All that for the Greater Good?"


"Just answer the question, would you kill if your precious Dumbledore asked you to?" She knew said man had heard her, but right now she didn't really care.

After a lot of the debating with himself Ron stuttered, "I-I don't know.."

She sighed and said, mostly to herself, "Neither did I, now I do.." Then she left for her bed upstairs, leaving a stunned Ron Weasley and a furious Albus Dumbledore behind her. Finally her defection had begun.


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