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Hatsugaya Toushiro was exhausted, frustrated, irritated and had a terrible throbbing headache. Very bad combination. And one certain person was working hard to make everything even worse…

He shot the phone such a lethal glare, that it was a miracle it didn't explode. Then took a deep breath to calm himself down, closed his eyes and started massaging his throbbing temples in pathetic attempt to ease the pain. Stupid headache. He couldn't get rid of it for days… although, considering the circumstances, that fact was not even slightly surprising…

Hitsugaya picked up the brush and scowled at the gigantic pile of paperwork that he had to do... His throbbing head was objecting every time he tried to concentrate on something and the stupid reports somehow seemed to grow more and more, instead of lessen. And all he wanted was to lie down on his fukutaicho's favorite sofa and have a nice relaxing nap… But he couldn't and he wouldn't. He wasn't about to give up so easily, no matter how tempting the thought was. Hitsugaya was going to fight until the very end (though he kind of suspected he was not going to win against the pile of paperwork). Or at least he thought so…

…Until ten seconds later the phone rang.

Hitsugaya's grip on the poor brush tightened, threatening to break it in two and he let out a low growl. How could someone… possible… be soooooooooooo… annoying!

He took another deep breath, slowly put the brush back down and reached for the receiver. Ok, he was going to be fine. He just had to relax and calm down. Yeah, he had to relax and calm down…

'TAICHO!' Matsumoto Rangiku shouted enthusiastically from the other side of the line, her loud voice making Hitsugaya pull the receiver away from his ear and rub his now madly throbbing temples with his free hand. Why does she have to be so noisy?

'Matsumoto, please…' he begun, but was cut off immediately.

'Taicho, I was just wondering… You work sooo hard these days. Why don't you…'


'But you didn't even let me finish!' the fukutaicho objected. Hitsugaya sighed.

'Matsumoto, you called me twelve times during the last hour to ask me on and on the same stupid thing… So, once again – NO'"

'B-but taicho…'

'Goodbye, Matsumoto. Enjoy your holiday.' And he hung up.

I wonder how much time she needs to dial the number… Hmm… Three seconds



The phone rang. Hitsugaya absently picked the receiver up and let it fall back down on the rest.



And what do you know? It rang again!

Why wouldn't she just leave him alone with his angry pile of endless paperwork? Was it that fun to torture a very annoyed taicho with a terrible headache? What she asked him was definitely something he wasn't able to do. Especially now. He had too much working ahead of him…

Besides, she had taken a holiday and holidays were not for calling your boss. They were to spend time with friends, to rest, to have fun…

But NO! For her, when Matsumoto wants, Matsumoto gets. And she really wanted this. So no way she would leave him alone easily. Arrrrrgggghhhh! She had been calling him since the day she left for the living world. That made... hm... Three horrible days.

In the beginning she called once on every three or four hours, but as the time passed, the number of calles increased until they reached the insane amount of twelve calls for an hour. On and on she asked him the same idiotic thing, using different tactics. And she knew perfectly well she was driving him crazy. God... He hated her stupid stubbornness...

Right now she wasn't going to stop calling until he answered and his headache was definitely against the loud sound of the phone.

Why me?

Hitsugaya sighed…

…Here we go again…

'Stop. Calling. Me!' he hissed through gritted teeth as he picked up the phone.

'Come on, Taicho! Don't be so mean!'

Hitsugaya could almost see her in front of him at that same moment - standing somewhere in the living world, sulking slightly and with one hand on her hip.

'Matsumoto… Why the HELL do you want me in the real world!? Don't you enjoy Orihime's company?'


'Well?' he started tapping impatiently on his desk with his fingers.

'But, Taicho… It's... so HOT here…' Matsumoto whined.

Hitsugaya's eyes widened with realization, then he snarled, clenched his fist and punched his desk angrily. He felt like shooting her. Or freezing her. Or shaving her head.

'Taicho, please don't break the desk!' Rangiku pleaded, obviously understanding what was going on in the office by the sound of it.

'DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN' AIR CONDITIONER TO YOU??!' he yelled, his hands shaking from rage.

Because of Hitsugaya, during the summer, the temperature in his office and everywhere in radius of few meters of him was always pleasantly cool. That was the main reason why in hot days people just kept on searching for a way to arrange a meeting with him. The lucky Matsumoto, as his fukutaicho, was very favored, since they worked together. It was the answer of the mystery why she was never late during the summer, nor did she leave before him…

Now back to the conversation…

Matsumoto didn't say anything for a while, then murmured with a hint of embarrassment in her voice:


Hitsugaya opened his mouth to carry on with the yelling but she was faster and continued before he was able to:

'You're way too handsome and short-tempered to be an air-conditioner.' She explained, probably looking very proud of herself at that moment. A vein popped on Hitsugaya's forehead and he squeezed the edge of his desk to keep himself from breaking something. The temperature in the office dropped dangerously low and his breath started to form white clouds.

'I'm gonna keep that in mind.' He hissed, his eyebrow twitching. Matsumoto probably sensed his intention to hung up and throw the phone out of the window, because she begun shouting at him that she would do ANYTHING if he came to the living world.

'Please, taicho…' she begged. He once again imagined her, playing with her hair and nervously biting her lower lip while waiting for his reply.

'Anything?' he asked suspiciously, his annoyance beginning to fade.

'Of course! Anything for my favorite little taicho!' she cheered.

'Even a whole month of paperwork?' he asked again.

Pause. He heard a soft sigh. Somewhere in the living world she was looking at the hot shining sun, her hand above her eyes to cast a shadow on them. She was weighting her options. A month of paperwork, or getting drowned in her own sweat… That was a really hard decision.

'Alright, alright!' Matsumoto reluctantly agreed 'Just… Come, ok?'

Hitsugaya pulled the receiver away from his ear for a moment, musing. He did say it without thinking before, but… may be some time in the real world wouldn't be that bad. He hadn't seen Ichigo and the gang in ages and he didn't remember the last time he had taken a day off… A little holiday couldn't do any harm…

'…Swear?' he asked once again. He just had to make sure.


'Oookay, then. I'll come.'

'Really? YAY! TAICHO'S COMING!' Matsumoto cheered and he couldn't help it but smile a bit.

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