Kuroi Kage VS. Konoha Shinobi

Tiro here, not so long since you last saw me. Here is the sequel to "The Chibi accident and Kakashi's discovery". One of my readers, arkard, seemed to want a sequel and as I wanted to continue writing about their lives, who am I to complain? So here arkard, enjoy the sequel!

Pairings: KakIru, GaaNaru and SasukeKankuro.

Summary: The peace in Konoha is about to be destroyed. Who are the Kuroi Kage, and what is their purpose? Do they want the Jinchuurikis in Konoha, or do they want more than that? What will the shinobis in Konoha do to protect those they love?



"Talking in minds" (Naruto and Gaara whenever they talk to Kyuubi or Shukaku in private or in this case, when Hoshigaki Kisame speaks with someone telepathically)

"Demons talking"


Chapter One: Back to Konoha with the gang

A quiet morning in the middle of a forest is always a beauty to watch. The birds slowly woke up from the slumber and declared the new day with a thrilling song. The sun that made the sky burn in yellow, orange and red rose from the hills and cast small shadows amongst the trees. One or two animals crossing a clearing, unseen and no threat.

But this morning was different. The forest was quiet. No birds sang. No wind made the leaves dance. No movement was made. Entering a clearing, the morning before so peaceful, you will see why the forest was quiet.

Corpses of men and women. Dried blood had coloured the grass. Children splattered open. Lifeless eyes turned towards the sky, mouth open in a dying scream. This was not a new sight for the shinobi standing just a few feet away. This was something becoming more and more normal for him. Unfortunately.

The shinobi was around 170 centimetres tall, and he had beautiful blonde hair to his waist. Blue eyes tore away from the sight and one slim hand covered his mouth. The smell of coppery blood was not appealing either. One-handed he made some seals and the clearing burst into black flames, licking the corpses and turning them into ashes.

The shinobi turned away and walked back to his companion. The young man was quite unique looking, if you took a second look at him. He wore a white trench-coat that ended by his ankles. The arms widened from his elbows and stopped around his knees. Underneath was a fish-net shirt and black pants. Metal boots was secured on his feet. A katana was resting on his left hip, softly glowing red. A piece of clothing one his right hip, much like the one on Konoha Jounin Sarutobi Asuma only a bit longer, held a picture of a fox with nine tails. Small scrolls rested over that clothing, with sealed-away weapons.

Despite how he looked with his katana and the weapons sealed away in scrolls with blood seals, many said he looked like an angel when they took one look at him. At the second look, after he had finished his business with an enemy, they realized he was much like a demon. On his face was six birthmarks on his cheeks, making him look a bit fox-like. This shinobi's name was Uzumaki Naruto, currently 18 years old and a Jounin in Konoha. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His hitai-ate rested against his collarbone, and was glimmering in the sun. He came to his and his companion's camp, and said:

"We're done here. Let's go home; Tsunade-baasan didn't want us out from the village for too long."

Green endless eyes met his blue and Sabaku no Gaara nodded to his lover and got up. Despite being 18 now, Gaara had changed little. His hair was as short as ever, and his tattoo was still there. The black around his eyes was not so visible anymore, but still there. He had his gourd on his back as usual and was almost one head taller than the blonde. His clothing had changed quite a bit though. Gone was the red trench-coat he had worn when he was younger. Now he was dressed in all black. He had a T-shirt under an open jacket in black with some golden threads. He had black, baggy pants and black sandals. He had a clothing similar to Naruto around his left hip, and on it was a raccoon.

Gaara walked over, stroke one whiskered cheek and said:

"How many this time?"

"Fifteen", the kitsune answered. "Gaara, six of them were children."

The redhead hushed him and gave him a kiss to his temple.

"They are in a better place now", Gaara said. "Let's go now."

Naruto nodded, and the two Jinchuurikis leaped away.


Konoha, later that day:

Hatake Kakashi was sitting by the front gate with Genma and Ibiki. The three of them were waiting for the scouts to return. Kuroi Kage was a new group that had started to corner the shinobi village, and the Godaime had sent out people to find where they had been.

The Copy-nin was waiting for his son and Gaara. The four others out was Akimichi Chouji with Nara Shikamaru and Anko together with Tsume and Kuromaru. Kakashi knew that both Naruto and Gaara was Jounins, that they could take care of themselves (better than he could take care of himself but that was unnecessary information), but he was a parent and therefore, very paranoid and protective. (A/N For anyone who wonders, Gaara is still a Suna shinobi. He just lives in Konoha) Genma was chewing on his senbon as usual and Ibiki twirled a kunai around his finger. Kakashi himself was reading a book Naruto had recommended.

Suddenly a flash of shadows came and the three of them jumped. Then Genma got up and said:

"Jeez, don't do that Shikamaru!"

The shadows disappeared and Shikamaru let go of Chouji's arm. The Akimichi grinned at the startled elders and said:

"Shika insisted on taking the fastest way."

"Lazy shinobi", Ibiki muttered. "Just like his father."

Shikamaru just grinned at the scarred man when Anko with Tsume and Kuromaru jumped down. Only a few moments after that a whirl of sand appeared and then fell to the ground to reveal Gaara. The moment after black flames rose from the ground, and with them, Naruto. Ibiki said:


"Not in east or south", Anko and Tsume said:

"Nothing to west", Chouji said.

"Fifteen corpses in the north", Naruto said. "40 miles from here."

"They are coming", Tsume said.

"I'll tell Hokage-sama", Ibiki said and rose up. "Thanks and good work."

Kakashi smiled at Gaara and Naruto as they made their way to him. Naruto sat down on the ground next to him with a tired sigh.

"Iruka had some light lunch for you guys since he had a free day from the academy today", the Copy-nin said.

"Dunno if my stomach can take that", the blonde said. "I can still smell blood."

"We'll figure something out", Kakashi said.

Gaara bent down and whispered something to Naruto as the older shinobi got up on his feet. When he stole a glance at them, he only smiled. Gaara was currently devouring Naruto's mouth, not that the blonde complained, and there was a string of saliva when they parted gasping for breath. Naruto's eyes flared red for a moment as Kyuubi wanted more.

"No molesting in front of me!" Kakashi said with a fake commanding voice, making Gaara and Naruto laugh. "C'mon, Sasuke and Kankuro are at our place right now. Don't wanna miss them now, want we?"

"They're back from Suna?" Naruto said as he was hauled to his feet. "Finally!"

He raced off, leaving the two others alone. Gaara broke the silence:

"They've only been gone for one week…"

"Well… you know Naruto."

"… Forgot that."

"Don't we all…"

With that, they hurried their pace to catch up with Naruto.


Itachi was sitting on the porch to the house he had begun calling second home, lost in thoughts, when Naruto suddenly jumped down in front of him. To say the Uchiha was surprised was an understatement.

"What the hell?! Are you trying to give me a heart-attack?!"

Naruto looked at the Uchiha. He had a long-sleeved shirt in black with grey baggy pants. The Uchiha crest was on the back of his shirt, currently hidden under his black cloak. His black hair was longer than before and reached almost to his waist, and he had stopped having the Sharingan activate at all time. Now it was rare to see him with the Sharingan on.

"Hello to you too Itachi", the blonde said with a wink. "When did you and Kisame get back?"

"Late last night", Itachi said and sat down on the porch again as he had gotten up by reflex. "Kisame is still asleep."

"Here, or at Uchiha manor?" Naruto said.

"I don't want him to sleep alone in Uchiha manor, so he's here", Itachi mumbled and looked at the door.

Naruto softly smiled and with a pat on the Uchiha's head, which earned him a half-hearted glare, he went inside. Only to be attacked by one Uchiha Sasuke.


"Why the hell did Tsunade-sama send you and Gaara out when she knew that Kuroi Kage was interested in demons, huh?!"

"Sasuke, cut it out!" Naruto heard Kankuro say. "You've been ranting about it for hours!"

"Well, I'm just voicing my opinions", Sasuke mumbled so only Naruto could hear while making sure that the blonde kitsune was alright.

"Thanks Sasuke", Naruto said. "We're fine though."

"Crazy old hag", the younger Uchiha muttered and patted Naruto's hair absently.

"Hey that's my line", the kitsune said and pouted.

"Welcome back", Iruka said and gave him a small hug. "Hungry?"

"Not really", the smaller man answered. "Thirsty though."

Iruka smiled at him once more before moving into the kitchen again. Sasuke had finally released him and they walked into the kitchen.

The Uchiha still have a navy-blue shirt with wide arms, but this time the Uchiha crest was on his back. He had black baggy pants that ended right below his knees with bandages wrapped around his legs. His battle sandals were back in the hall, so he was currently barefoot.

Naruto came in and with a fast movement was up on the table in front of Kankuro. The puppeteer glanced up at him from his book and then said:

"Missed us?"

"Yeah!" Naruto chirped. "What'cha reading?"

"A book Chiyo-baasama lent me about puppet-making", Kankuro replied.

The puppeteer had a white shirt on and black baggy pants. Naruto took off his hitai-ate and slipped out to put it in his room. He then took off his trench-coat, leaving him only in the fish-net shirt and moved out as he heard the door open and the Copy-nin's voice together with Gaara's and Itachi's. Naruto stopped outside the guestroom and slowly opened it. Kisame laid on his side facing the door. The man did not speak much, as the wound Hidan had given him never fully healed. He could speak for around 15 minutes before his throat started to hurt, and preferred to speak with people in their mind. But the blonde had a small hunch that Kisame and Itachi did not need speech, aloud or in the mind, to understand each other anymore.

Kisame moved and Naruto tiptoed away. Itachi came walking and the kitsune said:

"I think he's waking up."

Itachi nodded, and Naruto grinned. The Uchiha probably knew that already.


Tsunade leaned back on her chair as Ibiki finished.

"North huh", she said. "I want to prepare everyone for this. We need to get tighter security and make sure Naruto and Gaara is safe. As for safety, is the rumours true of what they want more?"

Ibiki nodded and said:

"It's confirmed now."

"They are greedier than Akatsuki", the Godaime said and rubbed her eyes. "Not only they want the Jinchuurikis, they also want the eyes of Uchiha and Hyuuga."

"Should we alert the Hyuugas, the Uchiha brothers and Kakashi?"

"Of course", Tsunade said. "I'll go to Itachi, Sasuke and Kakashi, you seek out Hiashi. Make then sure that all Hyuugas are safe. I think Neji should return from a mission soon; get him to stay with his team or go directly to Hiashi."



Shikamaru sat on a roof, silently staring up at the clouds. He had shred off his Jounin vest and was now sitting in a black T-shirt and normal ANBU pants. He sighed and fell back onto the vest and curled up with his head resting on his arms.

"Didn't I tell you not to fall asleep outside?"

He looked up at Chouji and said:

"I'm not asleep… yet."

"I was waiting for that 'yet' you know", the bigger teen said and sat down. "You always fall asleep, even when not intended."

"Can't help it", the lazy teen mumbled and sat up with a yawn.

Chouji offered some chips to the brunette, and Shikamaru took some and munched on them. He laid back on the vest and studied the clouds for a few moments before curling up again and closing his eyes. After a few minutes he slurred:

"Chouji, I'm falling asleep…"

The Akimichi looked at his friend, and chuckled. The Nara was really cute sometimes.

"It's okay", Chouji said. "You can fall asleep while I'm here."

Shikamaru nodded and let the sun warm his skin. He squirmed around on the spot but calmed down as a hand landed on his hip, stilling him. Chouji rubbed the hip with his thumb and heard Shikamaru sigh in contentment.

"Sometimes I wonder if you really are a Jounin", Chouji said.

"Shut up", Shikamaru said feebly. "I got a Jounin vest don't I?"

"Doesn't mean you are one", the Akimichi said with a smirk.


Chouji laughed and Shikamaru squirmed a bit more before settling down and taking a nap.


Shino was sitting on the academy roof, looking at the children that were playing. He heard a soft 'thump' behind him as someone jumped down but made no indication to move.

"There you are", a voice rumbled and he knew who is was in an instant.

Kiba flopped down and grinned.

"Been looking for me?" the Aburame said.

"Not so long, but yeah", the Inuzuka answered.

"What for?"

"Hinata suggested a lunch while I visited her on the hospital and we wanted to be a whole team for once."

Shino tilted his head up and stared at the sky. Then he said with a slight smile:

"Not a problem to me."

Kiba lit up and stood up before offering a hand to his friend. Hinata worked as a medic-nin on the hospital while both Kiba and Shino were Jounins. Thanks to that it was hard to meet each other all three at the same time, but now they were lucky as the Inuzuka and the Aburame had a free day and Hinata a long lunch hour.

Shino grabbed the hand and got up.

"Where's Akamaru?"

"Waiting with Hinata", the Inuzuka said.

Shino nodded and they leaped off, unaware about the children looking at the two Jounins in awe as they watched them jump away.


Team Gai had for the first time in a long time joined together on a mission. It had been simple and there had been no problems. The problems started once they got home.

They were met by Ibiki, who took Neji aside and whispered urgently to him. The Hyuuga had become white and stared at the scarred man. Gai finally spoke up:

"What's wrong Ibiki?"

"Kuroi Kage has left their sign 40 miles to the north", Ibiki said and they froze. "And we have confirmed that they want, beside the Jinchuurikis, the eyes of the Uchihas and the Hyuugas. We have to make sure nothing happens to any of them. Can I trust you keep Neji safe?"

"Of course!" Lee said and Ibiki smiled, relieved.

Neji was not aware he lost his balance until he was caught by both Lee and Tenten. Ibiki looked at Gai and said:

"There will be tighter security and preparations for a battle. But for today, keep Neji close to you. Tsunade-sama gave me an order to make sure Neji was going to be alright."

"We'll stay with him", Gai said. "Don't worry."

"I know", Ibiki said. "Take care; I must warn the others as well. I'll tell Hiashi-san where you are, okay Neji?"

The Hyuuga nodded and Ibiki leaped off. Lee looked at the pale-eyed man and said:

"Don't worry Neji, it's gonna be okay."

The Hyuuga nodded once more, not trusting his voice. Gai came and said:

"Let's go. I'll report to the Tower while you guys go to Lee's and Neji's apartment."

The three younger nodded and they leaped off.


Ino and Sakura were having lunch at Ichiraku for a change. Sakura worked as a medic-nin while Ino was a Chuunin, currently working in the Academy. The pink-haired was lost in dreams including her and her boyfriend Lee. Ino snickered at her friend and shook her head. It was really fun being friend with Sakura, now that both had grown up much more. The fact Sasuke hooked up with Kankuro had helped to restore their friendship, and Ino had not been late thanking the raven for that.

"Sakura", Ino said with a sing-song tone.

"What?" the medic-nin said.

"You're far away", the blonde said. "Having naughty dreams?"


The blush on Sakura's face, however, said that she was indeed having naughty dreams.

"You're almost as Jiraiya-sama!" Ino said.

"I am most certainly not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

Teuchi listened to the bickering with a shake on his head; here they go, yet again…


It was quiet in the living room after Tsunade left. The two Jinchuurikis had retreated to the armchair by the window, Naruto in Gaara's lap. The redhead was toying with Naruto's hair, eyes staring blank into the wall opposite him.

Sasuke sat with Kankuro's side pressed into his chest on the sofa. The puppeteer wisely said nothing as he felt Sasuke's hands, that were doing the same thing as Gaara, shake a bit.

Itachi had stared blankly at Tsunade, and then retreated back to the guestroom and Kisame.

Iruka and Kakashi stood by the doorframe that led into the kitchen, Kakashi's arms tightly around the brunette.

Finally Naruto spoke:

"Here we go again…"


See, sequel! Yay! I think it's gonna be fun writing this one. Dunno how long it'll be, probably just a few chapters and then finishing with a last chapter when they're even older.

Next chapter will be most about the preparations of the village and a lot of talking. We'll get to know what the other Hidden Villages liked when Konoha could claim all the money of the Akatsuki and then the decision when Gaara moved into Konoha. What were the reactions that Konoha had during a few weeks become filthy rich and suddenly inhabited not just one, but two Jinchuurikis? Look forward to it!

Until then,