Kuroi Kage VS. Konoha Shinobi

Epilogue. Naruto and Gaara are around 28 now.

Pairings: KakIru, GaaNaru and SasukeKankuro.

Summary: The peace in Konoha is about to be destroyed. Who are the Kuroi Kage, and what is their purpose? Do they want the Jinchuurikis in Konoha, or do they want more than that? What will the shinobis in Konoha do to protect those they love?



"Talking in minds" (Naruto and Gaara whenever they talk to Kyuubi or Shukaku in private or in this case, when Hoshigaki Kisame speaks with someone telepathically)

"Demons talking"

Flashback (In flashbacks, both 'Thinking' and "Talking in minds" can be used)



It was a beautiful sunrise in Konoha. The sky coloured the sky red, orange and purple. The villagers had yet to wake up, except for the new odds shinobis who took over the nightshift from their friends.

In a house there was still quiet. In the master bedroom lay two people intertwined with each other. One with brown hair and one with silver-grey. Umino Iruka moved a bit and yawned. He blinked his eyes open and looked at his lover, Hatake Kakashi. The Copy-nin was still in deep sleep. Iruka sat up after he had moved out from Kakashi's arms and stretched.

"Iruka", Kakashi whined and the brunette chuckled.

"It's morning", he said gently.

"But we have the day off", the man said.

"And we're preparing for a day outside", Iruka reminded his lover. "Now everyone is gathered here and we all got a day off. That means we are going to spend it with each other."

Kakashi muttered but sat up as well.


Down the hall were two more bedrooms and a guestroom. In one bedroom, that was painted a warm brown colour lay two people in deep sleep as well. One had pure white hair while the other black as the night. Their names were Uzumaki Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara.

Naruto, who was a morning-person (most of the time), began to stir. He sat up groggily and the blankets fell of him. He had a long and slender body with feminine hips and shoulders. He lifted one delicate hand and pushed the hair from his face with a yawn. He gathered a blanket around his middle and slowly rose up. His back hurt a lot. Damn Gaara to always make love so hard. He felt the semen slowly trickle down from his rear and bundled the blanket tighter around him.

Naruto took his clothes and got outside. He went into the bathroom for a long shower. After him Gaara looked on, a bit amused as well with hungry eyes. The urge to take Naruto was always stronger in the mornings. Gaara got up, took his clothes as well and snuck into the bathroom after his lover. The white-haired man would not protest, no matter what the shower turned out to be.


In the second bedroom, with the colours of deep blue, one of the occupants was already awake. He sat dressed in a loose kimono on the window sill and looked out. His raven hair was gathered up in a ponytail but was not that long. He had to ask Sakura to cut it again.

Uchiha Sasuke sighed and looked at the sunrise as he heard Sabaku no Kankuro, his long-time lover, woke up. He got down from the sill and crunched down next to Kankuro. He let a hand travel on the man's slim waist and Kankuro moaned.

"Morning", he said gently to the older man.

The puppeteer turned to look at him with a smile. Sasuke smiled and gave him a kiss. He let the blanket fall away from the other man's body and his eyes roamed over the naked skin while his hand settled on the puppeteer's stomach. He inhaled Kankuro's scent and said:

"Let's get up."

Kankuro sat up and gathered the blanket around him again with a blush.

"Still after almost fifteen years you still blush whenever I see you naked", the Uchiha said.

"I can't help it, you pervert!"

Sasuke's soft laughter echoed in the room.


The guestroom was quiet, and still dark. There was two beds, but only was occupied. Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's elder brother, was lying and currently watching his best friend, Hoshigaki Kisame, sleep. Sleeping in two beds had proved to be rather impossible for them, so Itachi and Kisame always shared one bed. He watched the taller man's chest rise up and down with a soft smile. He reached out and touched the man's cheek. Kisame immediately moved a bit; he was always so sensitive against touch. Itachi let one finger follows the gills he had and then down his throat, over the ugly scar that had been there for so many years. Kisame still did not like to talk too much.

Itachi sighed and brushed his lips on Kisame's forehead, a gesture he had developed over the years just like Sasuke still did on Naruto.

He got up from the bed and put on his pants. He already had a T-shirt on, so with that he left the guestroom and walked to the kitchen.


Iruka was cooking lunch for their little day out as Itachi stepped into the kitchen.

"Good morning Itachi", the brunette said.


He saw that breakfast was already on the table so he sat down. He was soon followed by a newly showered Naruto and Gaara. The white-haired man said to Iruka:

"I need to cut my nails again."

The Uchiha took a look at Naruto's frightening claws and said:

"I can do it."

"Would you mind doing it now?" Naruto said and held up his hands to look at the nails himself. "I can't really eat breakfast like this. Unless I want to massacre the food."

Itachi stood up and took a scissor. He dragged Naruto a bit from the table and began. The white-haired man was talking to Iruka in the meantime. Gaara sat down and began to eat breakfast and Sasuke came in. He was greeted by the four and sat down as well. He had changed from his kimono to a pair of black shorts and a deep-blue T-shirt.

Soon had Itachi finished and Naruto grinned. After the incident when Naruto had been 18, his nails continued to grow into claws every now and then. Naruto sat down by Sasuke, who did his usual ritual and gave the man a kiss on his forehead.

Soon they were all in the kitchen except for Kisame. Itachi got up and walked to check on his friend. He opened the door and found Kisame still asleep. The taller man was usually a morning-person so Itachi went inside and sat down.


The man moved a bit and the Uchiha shook his friend's shoulder. Black eyes opened sleepily and Itachi continued:


Kisame nodded briefly while he sat up.

"How long were you up last night?" the shorter man asked.

"Don't know", Kisame replied. "Late."

"Come on, breakfast is already served and everyone is up", Itachi said. "You can take a nap later."


As they walked outside later on, the sun was shining upon the village. They were going to the waterfall they had been to fifteen years ago. Not Itachi and Kisame though, but they would soon see it.

On their way there, they bumped into some people they knew and chatted for a while. Then they finally met some more familiar faces. Shikamaru and Chouji came walking down the street, Shikamaru staring up at the sky as usual and Chouji making sure the Nara would not trip. They were both Jounins and Shikamaru was usually one of the people who held in the Jounin Exams. Chouji helped out in the Chuunin Exams. The two of them always made missions with each other.

"Shika?" Naruto said. "Who the hell woke you up?"

"Haha, funny", the Nara said and hit Naruto on the shoulder. "I do rise up early in the mornings, whitey."

"Yeah I believe that whenever I want to", the white-haired man said with a huff. "And don't call me whitey, you pineapple head!"

"Well, we're running a bit late", Chouji said with a laugh as Shikamaru and Naruto began a glaring contest, "so we have to go."

"Where to?" Iruka asked.

"Breakfast with Ino", the man said. "And if we're late, she'll give us hell."

"She's just a Chuunin and she still kicks you asses? Sad", Sasuke said with a shake of his head.

Shikamaru and Chouji only laughed at that and they parted.


The next was a whole group of people. Old team 8 and team Gai with Sakura apparently had a breakfast gathering at a restaurant. Shino raised his hand in greeting as he saw them. Kiba turned around when his friend had raised his hand and said:

"Well, good morning on you!"

He and Shino were both Special Jounins and usually handled the scouting around the village.

Now the others turned around as well and they all greeted on them. Hinata and Sakura were both professional medic-nins and the Hyuuga girl could even heal better than Tsunade herself. Lee was a Jounin as was Tenten and they usually handled some of the toughest missions together. Lee and Sakura had been married for five years now.

Neji was a Special Jounin and on some occasions he joined Kiba and Shino in scouting.

"Morning", Naruto replied to the Inuzuka.

"Where're you heading?" Neji asked.

"Se-cr-et", the white-haired man replied and bounced away as Neji playfully lashed out at him.

"Meanie", Kiba called out and some joined in.

"Just spending a little time together", Iruka said. "Just as you're doing."

"And we need to go", Naruto declared and dragged on Gaara's arm.

They parted as well.


Ibiki, Genma and Anko just waved at them from their place at a restaurant. They continued to walk and finally they reached the clearing. The waterfall was still as beautiful as ever, and Naruto was tempted to go and swim in the lake.

They spread out the blankets and fell on them. Kisame only needed a few minutes to fall asleep and Itachi followed his friend's example after a few moments. Naruto was sitting in the high grass a bit away and ran his hand over the swaying grass. Gaara sat down behind him and said:

"You're fascinated with grass now?"

"I guess", the white-haired man replied dreamily.

"You're tired", Gaara deadpanned. "There is no other answer."

"It's YOUR fault I'm tired."

"Well, sorry."

"Help me fall asleep?"

The black-haired man smiled and wriggled to get more comfortable. He then pulled Naruto back against his chest and the white-haired man relaxed. Gaara let his eyes roam over his 'family'.

Sasuke and Kankuro were by the water, playing around despite being adults. Sometimes you needed to relax and drop the responsibilities for a while, and just fool around.

Iruka and Kakashi was drinking tea and were talking softly. The Copy-nin slid his arm around Iruka's neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

Even though Kisame was bigger than the oldest Uchiha, it was always the taller man who was being embraced by Itachi. The man had moved to let Kisame's head rest under his chin and the Uchiha had his arms around the fishlike man's shoulders.

Gaara looked down at Naruto and said:

"Can you still feel Kyuubi?"

The white-haired man smiled and opened his purple eyes. They flashed red for a moment.

"At a nice day like this", Naruto said, "he is here. He's lying here, basking in the sun. He and Shukaku."

"Are you sure about that?"

"I can feel him", the slightly smaller man continued and looked at Gaara. "I can feel him right here."

He put a hand on his stomach where the destroyed seal was. Gaara smiled down at Naruto.

"Can't you see them?" Naruto said and pointed. "They're just over there."

The black-haired man looked where his lover was pointing. For a moment, he swore he saw an orange-haired and a black-haired man stand hand in hand. Red eyes meeting golden. Chakras clashing with each other. Two demons basking in the sunlight, enjoying their freedom.

Purple met green-gold. Eyes flashing blue and green. Naruto smiled at Gaara and said:

"To think we almost lost all of this. It would have been a shame, right?"

"Yeah", Gaara whispered. "It would."

The white-haired grinned and Gaara grinned back.

'Even if we would have lost all of this, your smile would have been enough. But you're right; missing this bliss would have been a shame.'

Kyuubi tilted his head as he watched the two. Shukaku squeezed his Kitsune's hand and said:

"Happy now?"


"Let's go home then."

Kyuubi took a last look and then replied:

"Yeah… Let's go home."

With a swirl of power, two of the greatest demons disappeared without even disturbing the resting people.

The sun shone that day, and will shine forever.


The Final End

Thanks to those who've read this story.