"Zeevah!" Tony whined leaning over her desk, "Come on I need some help, Gibbs is gonna kill me if he finds out that I haven't got through half the work he gave me. Please Ziva." Tony begged for the fifth time in the last half an hour.

Ziva huffed, she had finished her paperwork or the evening and was ready for a hot bath and bed. She looked up from her computer screen finally. "If it will get you to shut up, yes, yes I will hep you."

Tony sighed in relief. "Ziva I owe you big time."

"Yes, you do Tony." she said standing up walking towards Tony who was stood against her desk. She stared into his eyes. "So?"

"Anything you want Zeevah, I owe you."

"Hmm, I'll have a think about that." she turned and strutted over to his desk picking up half of the pile of paperwork scattered over his desk. "DiNozzo!"


"Just cos I have my back turned doesn't mean I don't know your staring at my ass."

"I was not staring... I was merely appreciating the curves of the female species." he replied.

"Oh that's what you call it now." she said returning to her desk."Well if we are going to get out of here tonight I suggest you stop appreciating my curves and get over to your desk and start on that pile."

Gibbs walked in coffee in hand. He walked over to his desk to collect his belongings.

"Off home boss?" DiNozzo asked. Gibbs didn't answer his question, but leaned over Tony's desk, giving him a sharp blow to the back of the head.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

"Getting Ziva to do your work for you."

Ziva couldn't help but snigger at her boss' answer. He then moved over to her, placing a gentler slap to the back of the head.

"I suppose that's for helping Tony with his work, yes?" Ziva asked.

"You think?" Gibbs replied heading to the lift.

Tony was holding back laughter behind a folder he held to his face. Ziva noticed and threw a monitor remote towards him, which hit him straight in the eye. Ziva jumped to her feet and ran over to him."Oh my... Tony, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..."

She was cut off by Tony who held his hand out in front of her face. "Don't."

"But Tony..."

He ignored her and went back to reading the file in his hand. Ziva could see a bruise forming in the corner of his eye. She truly was sorry and wanted to tell him so. However he wouldn't let her finish her apology and turned his back to her. She stalked back over to her desk and slumped in her chair. the least she could do was help him with the paperwork.

An hour passed and the pair were getting restless, however the work was almost complete. Ziva put down her work and silently tapped away on her keyboard, once she was finished she started on the work once more.

A message flashed onto Tony's monitor, catching his attention.He opened the message to find it was from Ziva.


Forget about you owing me one. It doesn't matter. I'm glad to help you out whenever you need it, especially if it means spending more time with you. Please forgive me for my outburst earlier, I really did not mean to hit you so hard-well not at all in fact. I'm nearly finished on the paperwork, so I was wondering if you wanted to come over to mine after and have a drink. And before you even think about it, don't ask me what I know you will be thinking by the time you have read this-the answer is a no.

Ziva x

Tony looked up at Ziva, however she was occupied with a file that she was reading through. Instead of disturbing her he decided to send her a email back.


I do owe you still so I WILL make it up to you. I have forgiven you for your outburst earlier- I should know better than to annoy a trained assassin. So it's really my fault. But I am hurt ; ) that you would think that I would want more than a drink when I come to your flat- and yes I would loved to come over later. I've finished my work now so I'll wait for you in my car because I do not trust you driving.

Tony x

With that Tony packed his things before sending her the message so it would give him time to get out of the building before she received it. He stood up and pressed send before switching the monitor off. Ziva looked on after him as he made his way to the elevator.

'Damn, I knew he wouldn't want to come.'she said to herself.

Then she looked to her screen to see she had a new message from Tony. She read it, jumped up piling together the paperwork and dropping it on Gibbs' desk, before collecting her belongings.

It wasn't hard finding Tony's car in the NCIS car park as his was the only one left at this time of night. She opened the passenger door and hopped in. Tony turned to her and smiled, his eye was now bruised severely and he was barely able to look through it.

"Tony I really think we should get your eye seen to." Ziva announced.

"It's ok, really. I just need some ice to reduce the swelling."

"I've got plenty at mine. Are you sure you can drive, you can hardly see through that eye?"

"Ziva, stop worrying. I'm fine-trust me." Tony turned towards the windscreen and started his car , pulled out of the car park and headed in the direction of Ziva's apartment.

Fifteen minutes later, after driving in silence the pair reached Ziva's place. They both exited the car and walked towards the foyer of the vast building. The pair squinted when entering the building, trying to adjust to the bright light.

"Woah, Ziva! This place is pretty decent. How do you afford it?" Ziva shrugged in response and started to assend the stairs up to her apartment.

Inside, Tony was even more amazed. The place was decorated with girlie items. He certainly didn't expect it from her. He walked over to the couch and sat taking in his surroundings as she poured them a drink and got ice for Tony's eye. Ziva re-entered the room and placed the glasses on he coffee table. She knelt on the sofa over Tony and held his face in one hand whist she used the other to hold the cloth wrapped ice to his eye. He squirmed and fought against Ziva like a child. he knocked her hand holding the icecube which fell out of cloth and landed down her top. Ziva screeched in shock and the pair jumped up. She shook her top frantically trying to get it to fall out. without warning Tony pushed his hand up her top and pulled the ice from between her breasts.


"What? Now you know why I pushed you away, it was cold." He stared at her with puppy dog eyes. By now Ziva had turned a dark shade of red.

"I was capable of getting it out myself!" she snapped.

"What by screaming and shaking your top?"

She glared at him.

"You can't say you didn't enjoy it Zeevah?"

"Shut up Tony before I give you another black eye."

"Oh, so that's what I get for helping a friend in need." He huffed, lifting his glass from the coffee table and taking a sip. "Cheers."

Ziva slumped down on the couch, downing her drink. "Look, sorry Tony. I've really messed up with you today. I know you were only trying to help and I shouldn't have flipped out like I did. If it was anyone else I wouldn't have..." she stopped in mid-sentence.

"If it was anyone else you would have what?" he asked her.

"Nothing Tony, forget it."

"No come on Zee-vah what were you gonna say?"

"If it was anyone else I wouldn't have flipped out. But it was you so I thought you were trying to...to..."

"Cop a feel???"

"Yeah." she turned away from him.

"Oh." Tony looked hurt by what she had said, "You know just cos I brag about women, doesn't mean I don't respect them."

"Yeah I know tony that's why I stopped saying what I was going to say."

"Well thanks...I guess."

Ziva snorted. "You can show me how much of a gentleman you really are if you like?"

"Seriously?" Tony's good eye flew wide-open.

Ziva crawled onto his lap, Tony guessed that meant yes.