Tony wiped the tears from Ziva's face, before pulling her to her feet.

"Come on, we better go tell Gibbs, better sooner rather than later."

When the pair returned to the bullpen Gibbs had also returned from where ever he had been all day.

"Boss, can me and Ziva have a word with you, in private please?"

"DiNozzo, can't this wait till the morning?"

"Well, yes it could but I think that it would be better for us all if we told you now."

"Interrogation room 2, I'll be there in 5."

Tony and Ziva looked at one another before walking to the interrogation room. Inside Tony paced up and down the length of the room, waiting for Gibbs to come, Ziva on the other hand was sat patiently, showing no signs of nervousness.

"Tony! Will you just sit down!"

This made Tony jump, he looked over to Ziva and then slipped onto the nearest chair to him before putting his head in his hands.

"Tony, look at me." Ziva pleaded, whilst prising Tony's hands away from his face. "We are in this together, yes? Which means we will face up to the consequences and Gibbs' punishment together, whatever it may be."

Gibbs walked into the room." This better be important you two, I have places to be."

The room was silent, neither Tony nor Ziva had any idea as to how they could tell Gibbs.

"Well, are you going to tell me?" He demanded.

"The thing is Gibbs," Ziva started, "Tony and I have been seeing each other and..." Tony held a finger to Ziva's mouth to stop her speaking, then removed it and turned to his boss.

"And the reason for not telling you sooner is because, we weren't sure how we really felt about each other and needed to work things out before telling you."

Gibbs was still silent and did not look at either of his agents. Tony continued.

"And we are both prepared for whatever punishment you have in store for us, to be honest, neither of us give a damn, cos no one can separate us, not even you Gibbs. If you can't accept that we love each other then we will both leave this room right now and never come back."

Gibbs continued not speaking and staring at the fixed position on the wall behind his two agents. He stood up, Tony and Ziva doing the same.

"Boss?" Ziva asked, now starting to worry.

Gibbs walked around the table to where Ziva and Tony were stood, their arms behind one anothers backs, fingers entwined. Tony stepped back a bit as his boss entered his personal space. A grin suddenly appeared on Gibbs' face. He patted Tony on the back before turning a headed to the door.

"Did you two think I was stupid enough not to realise what was going on between you two?" he swung the door open and left. Ziva and Tony turned to each other in shock. Tony grabbed Ziva and held her tight, kissing the nape of her neck.

"But none of that funny business in the squad room, got it?" The couple were unaware that Gibbs had put his head back round the door. They jumped apart.

"Yes boss!" They answered in unison.

"Good. Go home, we're finished for the day."