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The Village Hidden Within the Whirlpool

Rasenkage Tower

The Founding Family of The Whirlpool Village and Country had gathered to discuss the future. The tremendous cataclysm that faced their people was unavoidable and thus they could do nothing but prepare for it.

"It is decided then" The Rasenkage said. "We will scatter our people to corners of the World and await the Chosen One."

"He will not come in our lifetime but the hope of his arrival leaves me content with what must be done." One of the advisors said. He was an old man long past Ninja missions but his power was still there and that he would use it for his people was somberly appreciated.

"We have lived here for a long time and our Blood Line stretches far past the dim vales of time. The land that gave birth to us will be swallowed by the waves but our people will live on. When the Chose One comes he will raise our home from the depths of the Great Sea and he will help create a bright future for the world." The Lord of the Whirlpool Country Uzumaki Seishiro said. His son was the 36th Rasenkage and had circumstances remained the same he would be succeeding him.

Unfortunately for him things changed….

"We will hold the Sea at bay for as long as we can. With all of our power it should be enough."

Suddenly the door to the room burst open and a young girl of about thirteen years of age, with shocking red hair entered.

"You can't do this!" She shouted. "There has to be another way."

"Kushina, we have already been through this." Her father said gently. "We will do what we must to save our people".

"But what about our home, must we give up everything we have and run away?"

"Objects and things can be replaced unlike people. You will understand that someday when you hold the lives of your precious people in your hands young one" Seishiro said calmly to his granddaughter.

"Grandpa…" she said her voice breaking. "But…but" tears were coming to her eyes.

"Hush child" a soft voice said behind her and her grandmother came into the room. The mere presence of her caused Kushina to become emotional she could no longer hold back her tears. "Do not be sad, it is not the end but the seed for a new beginning now come we should be getting ready." She gently took the girl out of the room.

A violent tremor suddenly hit and to all it was a signal. Gathered in that room, the most powerful Clan in the Whirlpool Village began the ritual that must cost them their lives. It was a ritual to halt an entire Ocean….

They each joined hands and closed their eyes and when they opened them a few seconds later they glowed a supernatural blue………

Sometime Later…

The refugee train had started out heavy in the wake of the destruction of their home and the time that was bought with the blood of her family had saved them.

Kushina was now the last of the Uzumaki, her grandmother had passed on during the grueling trek from the fallen Whirlpool Village. Losing everyone that you held dear and the home you had always known was enough to crush anyone's Spirit let alone a thirteen year old girls but she had persevered for the memory of her family and the people that she must now lead.

Some of the refugees had taken different routes settling in places that could offer food and a sustainable existence some had joint Hidden Villages scattered across the different countries that they moved through. Due to the destruction of their home none were considered Missing Nin and they were allowed to depart with her blessing.

A lot had chosen to follow her and though at times she had wanted to settle somewhere, she had not lost her resolve and she had continued going, to where she did not know exactly but she was guided by something deep inside her and she trusted it.


The Village Hidden Within the Leaves

The refugees had been tracked ever since they had entered the Fire Country and reports had come through to the Village long since they even saw the border.

To him it was sad that such a great and powerful people could be reduced to wandering in the wilderness. It was sad but at the same time it showed how strong their Will was, to endure so much pain yet still keep going. That humbled him deeply.

He had heard about their leader, a red haired girl with a fiery personality to match and he had not hesitated to volunteer to meet them at the gates of Konoha.

He at first thought it was simple curiosity but as they got closer and closer he knew it was something else. There was a sense of fate in the impending meeting and Minato knew that he could not ignore it.

Something momentous was about to occur and he knew that he would be at the heart of it.

He saw them get closer and closer. They were no longer just specks in the distance but visible shapes.

They stopped a few meters from the open gate, a sign from the Hokage to them. He jumped down from the wall above the gates and landed lightly on his feet.

He approached the group of people and as he got closer one of them broke away. It was their red haired leader.

It was to be a defining moment in his life and he would always look back to that first meeting with a deep fondness.

"The Fire Country and Konohagakure Welcome you" he said the practiced lines with great formality.

"The People of the Whirlpool Country and Village accept your welcome" she said just as formally.

They both bowed to each other and when they looked up.

Onyx eyes locked with Deep Ocean blue eyes.

And like a lock clicking in place the path of fate was set.

They both blushed crimson and Kushina was the first to speak.

" name's Uzumaki Kushina" she said with a stutter.

" name is Namikaze Minato" he replied with an even bigger stutter.

Years Later…

"Congratulations Hokage-Sama, it is a boy" the doctor said.

"My wife" the frantic Hokage said "What about my wife?"

"I'm sorry Hokage-Sama, she was too weak and she had lost too much blood. She did not make it." The doctor said with true sorrow in his voice and as he looked on his leader he saw the light in his eyes dim.

The Yondaime Hokage brushed past him and made his was into the delivery room to see his wife in a calm repose with her red hair framed about her and a peaceful look on her face. He saw the nurse holding a bundle wrapped in blankets and he knew that it was his son. The child he and Kushina had made, their Legacy to the world.

With tears in his eyes he took the child from the nurse and he kissed his wife on the lips one final time and made his way out of the hospital to face the threat to the Village.

The nurse had heard the Hokage whisper "We will be together soon my love" before he left.

A Short Time Later….

The child lay crying in the center of the seal. The Sandaime had thought his career over and he was looking forward to retirement but the tragedy that had befallen Konoha had changed all of that.

The Yondaime was dead….so too his right hand….

The final wish of the Yondaime was for his child to be seen as hero because no one else could contain the power of the Kyubi. His father had named him Uzumaki Naruto and he would inherit all of the Yondaime's and his wife's possessions. It would be hard but Sarutobi would do his best to help the son of his successor, it was the least he could.

Gently he picked up the child and exited the temple.


There were three mysteries born that day one was the fate of the Kyubi, and the other two were linked in an unfathomable way.

The body of the Yondaime had not been found on the battlefield and the Toad Boss Gamabunta had disappeared as soon as the Kyubi was defeated and in the hospital where Uzumaki Kushina had given birth to Konoha's Savior, in the bed where her lifeless body was supposed to lay there was no one. The doctor had not seen anyone enter or leave and other than an unnatural wind in a sealed building there was nothing to answer for the missing body. The mystery though was not the missing body instead it was the fact that the machines that had still been connected to her body recorded vital signs for her body right before they were disconnected….

Twelve Years Later

Uzumaki Naruto exited his large home and made his way to the Academy. Today was the beginning of his Ninja career and this time he would definitely do it.

He opened the diamond encrusted locket around his neck to look at the picture of the beautiful red haired woman and the handsome blonde haired man who looked so deeply in love. He raised it to his mouth and gave it a soft kiss.

"Watch me… I'll definitely do it this time because I have you…" He then set off at an unbelievable speed.

He had been standing out in the street not paying particular attention to his surroundings and therefore he did not see the onyx haired girl, with pale lavender eyes looking at him.

"Good luck Naruto-kun" Hinata Hyuga said and even though no one was around she still could not help the blush that came to her cheeks.

End of Prologue

The Yondaime is dead!

So too his right hand – now cold, now severed!

But mark this living sacrifice

Twinned and flowing bloody and beaten,

Up and towards all mortals sight….

From sword's rule dismissed,

From gild candelabra the Light now fled,

From a mountain ringed in hard jewels

12 years this warmth has bled….

The Yondaime is dead.

So too his beloved companion, the cord cut clean.

But mark this burgeoning return –

Faltering dark the tattered shroud –

Embracing Children in Village's Dying Light.

Hear now the faint dirge reprised,

Before the suns fall, this spills red

On buckled earth, and in crimson eyes

Vengeance Chimes twelve times…