Legend of Serenity

By: Shari Celestine



§ Chapter Five §

Gohan, Usagi, Krillin, Dende and Bulma reached their destination: Guru's.

"Here it is, come on Guru's waiting for us inside." Dende replied running into the building.

"He knows were here? But how is that possible?" Krillin mumbles as he and the others follow Dende inside.


"Your pathetic Vegeta! To think Freeza feared your kind." Zarboon said kicking Vegeta's unconscious form.

I can't kill him because he might know where the other Dragon Balls are. Lucky bastard!

Picking up his battered form Zarboon carried him back to Freeza's space pod and put him in a regeneration tank.


"So, your telling me we're not the only ones looking for the Dragon Balls?"

"Yes Lord Freeza." Zarboon says.

"No matter, they may cause a bit of trouble but it's nothing the Ginew Force can't handle. I'll send for them at once!"


"Yes I see it seems the fate of our planet rest in your hands. I trust you; you all have good hearts, especially you Son Usagi. Come to me, I have a gift to give you three." Usagi, Gohan, and Krillin walked up to Guru. Krillin and Gohan were first, Guru placed a hand on each of their foreheads, his hand began to glow a faint blue color. Soon both Gohan and Krillin were glowing that same blue color. When it stopped both Gohan and Krillin were a bit dazed.

"What did you do to them?" Bulma asked a bit frightened of the large Namek.

"I simply unleashed their own special hidden powers. Usagi please come forth, for you I have something special. You are the soul survivor of a magnificent race, not only will I unleash your hidden power but I shall reward you with your hidden memories." Usagi stepped forward and Guru placed a hand on Usagi forehead. This time a silver glow flowed from Guru's hand and around Usagi's form.

§ In Usagi's Mind §

You lived in a time called :The Silver Millennium when all the planets were at peace, there were parties every night, and the moon was the happiest place of all, your mother Queen Serenity raised you to follow in her foot steps and rule the moon but most of the time you spent staring at the Earth, for you had fallen in love with a young man from there. An evil queen by the name of Beryl came from nowhere and attacked the moon, her men wore strong. The whole universe was in danger even the moon, Beryl planed to take a the universe but to do that she must first take over the moon. Queen Serenity the price of earth wasn't a spy and asked him to stay and defend your kingdom, you, Usagi, couldn't believe this was happening, you and the prince were to be married the next night, he told you he was going to fight the Queen and that he might not come back, he told you how much he loved you and you said the same.

Later that night the queen attacked the moon your court also helped in the fight but, the queen's men were to strong and you were all killed. The queen tried to kill you Usagi but the prince saved you, the queen fell in love with him and she wanted him by her side but he refused her and that made her mad, she sent her most powerful men to kill you a powerful beam of energy hit the prince and seeing this you jumped off the balcony and held on to the prince, the men saw this and hit you both with another beam of energy and you both died.

"No!! Usagi! No I won't let it end this way, I won't let them take away your future." Queen Serenity used the Imperial Silver Crystal to trap you all. After that she had enough energy left to send you all to a new future on earth. When she sent you there you were all reborn with no memory of this time or place what so ever.


"Thank you Guru-San! You have no idea how important it was for me to learn the truth. Setsuna would only tell me certain parts but not the whole truth."

"It was a pleasure my dear, now take this and go. I leave the fate of this planet in you and your friends hands." Guru handed them the 1-Star Dragon Ball.

Giving their thanks once more the group, Dende included, headed off to find the rest of the Dragon Balls.


Meanwhile back at Freeza's base Vegeta recovers and destroys Freeza's ship and everyone in it. Seeing now that Freeza is set even more back in his plans Vegeta flies off in the direction of another Dragon Ball. On his way he meets up with Usagi and the others, they help him retrieve his Dragon Ball and they head off to find a safe place to stay.


On Earth…

Goku sat in his hospital bed board out of his mind. He had learned of the battle on Namek and that soon his son and daughter would need his help. That's when a tap on his window caught his attention. It was Yarijobe.

"Hey Yarijobe, how's it going?"

"Same old same old, the military is still trying to get a hold of me…you know the usual stuff. Any who I came by to drop this off." Yarijobe handed him a senzu bean. Goku thanks him and eats it and immediately recovers.

"This is great Yarijobe, now I can go to planet Namek and help the others."

"Good for you, I've done my good deed for the day, I'll se you around Goku!" And he was gone.



Goku found Dr. Briefs working in his lab.

"Oh Goku, I thought you were in the hospital? What happened?"

"Yarijobe stopped by and gave me a senzu bean. I feel much better now, I was wondering if you had a space ship I could use?"

"Well as a mater of fact I do. You came just in time too, by using the information I gathered from Nappa's ship I was able to design a space ship capable of traveling to Namek."

"Great! Is it ready, the sooner I can take off the better."

"Sure, follow me Goku."

After explaining a few things Goku was on his way to planet Namek. On this ship Goku was set on becoming stronger and trained himself under 100G's.

§ END §

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