Whispered Confession

By Perfect Soldier 01

Chapter 1

THUD THUD. The sound of Heero's heavy footsteps was all he could hear. One step after another. His head drooped towards the ground thinking about what had just happened.

A few miles away from where he was, his Wing Zero Custom had been totally destroyed. It was useless now. Heero had done this himself as had the other gundam pilots, but in the process, Heero had severely injured himself. As he turned to the leave the destruction site, a large stray piece of gundanium alloy had flown towards him and had dug into his shoulder, leaving a deep wound.

Heero clutched his arm. The pain had increased since then and it was killing him.

'How could I have been so careless?' Heero thought. He turned his head towards his bleeding shoulder. Every action that was made, increased the pain. Suddenly, Heero felt a small wet drop slide down the back of his neck. His walking ceased, and the former gundam pilot turned his head skywards. It was as black as night, and there wasn't much light that came through the clouds. Rain began to pour out of the heavens and fell towards the ground. Heero then felt a cold breeze rustle his unruly bangs. Heero kept walking, each step a little slower.

The rain suddenly came down in sheets and hit Heero like bullets with full force. The wind picked up speed and was pushing against Heero. The rain stung Heero's wound, and forced out a small moan from him. The boy's legs stopped and buckled. As the open wound bled, energy was being sapped out of him, and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer if he stayed out here. The wind was getting stronger, and making Heero cold. He shivered.

'The weather is getting the better of me.' thought Heero. The wind and rain ganged up against him forcing the boy to surrender. But Heero was stronger than that. He wouldn't give in so easily. As he lay on the wet ground waiting for his legs to regain their strength, memories flashed through Heero's mind. Then without him knowing why, Heero rose to his feet.

He continued on the path he was originally set on, with a new burst of energy. The only reason Heero kept going was because of her. The new reason he lived was because of her. The battles, bloodshed and pointless brutality were all behind him, and forgotten. That was the old reason for his existence. Now he had found a new one. A reason worth living for. To be with and protect the one he loved.

A new piercing sheet of rain drove Heero from his thoughts, and made him fall. The wind tossed him around like a ragdoll as he fell. Heero gritted his teeth and struggled to keep standing up, but the pain was all too much. He fell again, and couldn't find enough strength to even move. Heero was in agony. His shoulder was bleeding like there was no tomorrow and the rain bullets were making it worse. His eyelids closed over his eyes. The fallen boy whispered to no one.

"Relena...." Silent tears fell down his cheeks as he became unconscious.