Chapter 5

Heero climbed into his own bed, and fell asleep instantly. He was sleeping soundly, until his razor sharp hearing heard a soft creak outside of his room. His gun he kept by his bedside table came to his hand like a magnet. Heero grasped it tightly. Silently he crept over to his door. Sure enough, someone or something was outside.

'It can't be Relena...' Heero put his ear to the door to see if he could hear a voice. He did. It was muffled, but someone was talking none the less.

"She'll finally get what she deserves." was all Heero heard. But that was more than enough information.

'If he lays a finger on Relena, someone won't be living very much longer.' Heero thought. He heard the footsteps go past his door. Relena's room was slightly further down the hallway, so Heero had some time, to wait until who ever it was had gone past. He opened his door slightly so he could see who it was. He aimed his gun, and slowly brought the trigger in line with the figure's head. Unfortunately, Heero hadn't put a silencer on his gun.

A loud bang ran through the hallway and the figure dropped dead on the carpet.


Relena's eyes shot open as the sudden noise had brought her back into consciousness.

'What was that? Was that a gun? Heero?' Relena listened hard for anyone in her room. She couldn't hear anything. The girl slowly sat up, and looked around her room. Empty. 'This hasn't happened for a long time.' Relena thought. Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps from outside. 'Who's that walking down the hall? Heero help me!'

"Heero!" Relena screamed. Heero heard her cry, and rushed to her room. Relena heard the footsteps quicken and she was getting more frightened. "Heero!" she shouted again, sounding more distressed.

"Don't worry Relena. You're safe now." Heero muttered. He stopped outside Relena's bedroom, and put his ear to the door, checking that there no one inside her room.

Relena heard the footsteps stop. She was whimpering in fear, and she could feel her heart pound against her chest. She had never been so scared in her life. The door creaked open, and Relena hid her eyes with her hands.

"Its ok Relena. You're safe." Relena recognised that monotone voice.

"Heero!" Relena looked up and saw a young boy in the doorframe. Without second thought she jumped out of her bed and hugged Heero tightly.

"Its ok Relena." Heero said again soothingly. Tears were now streaming down Relena's face. She buried her face in Heero's chest, glad that he had saved her.

"I was…so scared...Heero..." Relena said in between tears. Heero felt sorry for the scared girl in his arms, and he gradually returned her embrace. Until Relena's tears had ceased, Heero kept his arms securely around her waist, whispering soft words of comfort into her ear.

"Heero? Can...can...I your room...please...just…in case any...anyone tries to again?" Relena said nervously.

"Hn." Heero led the frightened girl back to his room, placing a cautious hand on her shoulder. Once inside, Heero motioned for Relena to have his bed, and that he would sleep on the floor. She looked at him, but Heero gave no sign of going against what he had decided.

Relena retreated to Heero's bed, and watched him lie down on the floor. Her heart cried out towards him at that moment. 'He's giving up this for me…'



"Do you want me to go back to my own room?" she asked, seeing that Heero was very uncomfortable on the floor.

"It's ok. I don't mind."



"Have this." Relena said smiling as she threw him the pillow she was resting on. He caught it and resumed his sleep.

But to Relena, he seemed no better, as he still turned over from side to side, trying to find a comfortable spot. Acting on pure instinct, and not thinking of the consequences, Relena came and lay down beside him, bringing with her the blanket on Heero's bed. She laid the blanket over Heero and burrowed her way against his chest.

Heero suddenly felt a change in the way he was sleeping, and he opened his eyes. He felt like he was in his bed, but the hard floor soon reminded him that he wasn't. But he had the blanket over him. Reality chose that moment to kick in and Heero suddenly saw Relena lying next to him. His breathing began to quicken, as he was unfamiliar with the voluntary, sudden close proximity between them.

"Re…Relena?" he stuttered. No reply came from the sleeping girl, but Heero was sure he saw her smile.

"Relena!" he whispered urgently. This time she opened her eyes and looked up at him, still holding the grin on her face. "What exactly…"

She cut him off by putting her finger to his lips, and put her head back down against the pillow. "Just sleep Heero…" she breathed as she fell asleep again, and Heero then had to accept the fact that this wasn't going to change. He sighed, but pulled her warm body closer to him.

"I'd never let anything happen to you, my angel." Heero whispered to her. A smile came across her face and she never felt happier. Heero then finally understood what he was thinking about earlier. 'I'll stay and protect her till the day I die.'