To all my loyal readers/reviewers, etc., etc...

While I know I will probably be receiving hell for this decision, I have decided to TEMPORARILY remove "The Leaf's Demonic Angel" from my profile. I will also do this with my story "Jinchuriki of the Leaf."

However, do not despair (or kill me .!!), for this is a revisionary period. I have seen that these stories have begun to get away from me, so I think that it would be best to revise them properly.

Besides, my writing skills have, in my opinion, improved by a lot since I began here on , so I couldn't completely abandon my first two stories.

I will re-post the first chapters to both stories once I have revised them to my specifications, but any beta readers who would like to evaluate it would be more than welcome to. Anything to better your reading experience.

Since I must also balance school and the like with my writing, I will not be able to post often. But, rest assured, I will continue to work on all three of my stories (The Leaf's Demonic Angel, Jinchuriki of the Leaf and The Leaf's Emblem). Consider this the end of a two month sabbatical.

So, please have patience with me, for these stories shall return soon after I take them down. I promise both will have a more solid plot-line and a more steady flow of semantics. Your continued support/reviews are greatly appreciated, and you guys are the main reason I am revising these stories so I can make them better.

If you can't wait a while, then please read the first two chapters of "The Leaf's Emblem," my third Naruto story. The revised stories will be in a similar format, so expect that to be my new writing form.

Until those stories are reposted, Ja Ne, minna-san!

Sincerely, Ninjafan101