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Rated M for Mature: Scenes of graphic nudity, sex, rape and some violence.

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Content Warning: The following story deals with sexual and emotional relationships that are both heterosexual (mf) and homosexual (ff). It gets a little crazy, and I would love to tell you who's sleeping with whom, but that would spoil the suprise and all my fun.

Warning: It's rated M for a reason. This story is twisted and just a little, okay, allot icky. No really, scroll down, you'll see what I mean. Also, all opinions expressed are not a reflection on the author's personal beliefs or those of mentioned organizations and government bodies.

Author's Note: Aaaand I'm back. What's a summer without writer's block, a major computer malfunction and family chaos? So here we are at the beginning of another story. While the inspiration for this tale came from several places, mostly I blame The History Channel.

Thanks, as always go out, to my beta reader HoneyLynx86 for all of her invaluable input. My best friend Jenn for answering all the one am phone calls to answer odd questions. Last but not least, Cathy for being there for me.

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A CSI Story

By RebelByrdie


He didn't bother turning on the lights in the cheap room. The woman laying limp against him, Abbie or Maggie or some such 'ie' name, wouldn't have noticed anyway. Markus dropped his evening's entertainment on the motel bed. Her black Versace dress and blue blood cheekbones clashed with the wild print on the bedspread: the classic and the trashy. He grinned as he pushed his hands through her styled blonde hair. Her green eyes were wide and unfocused. She was groggy and barely responsive and he pushed his hands under the hem of her skimpy dress and went up. He was as hard as a fucking rock. This was the best sort of sex, and all it took was a little finesse and trusting bar waitresses. Cougars on the prowl were the easiest prey. They didn't arrive with friends and they always left with someone. All it took was a distracted cocktail waitress and a little unexpected kick to her Fuzzy Navel and here they were. He pushed the skirt of the dress up over her hips and tugged the top down to her stomach to let her breasts -- they were at least C cups -- spill out.

Markus fumbled with his belt and fly, one hand trying to free his raging hard on, the other splayed over Whats-Her-Name's bare left breast. When he finally wrestled his button and zipper down, he paused to fish the Trojan out of his pocket. He grinned as he rolled the latex over himself. He winked at the almost unconscious woman beneath him. "That's an Extra Large there, Sugar." His jeans were hanging just bellow his ass, clinging to his thighs. They were probably chaffing up against her splayed legs, but she wasn't complaining.

Markus pushed her skirt up farther and lined himself up for entry. It was so incredibly hot. The condom was lubricated, he was ready and the bitch wasn't going to complain so he pushed in hard and fast. She took him inside of her without resistance; she was slick, hot and ready.

Then came a sound. It might not have even been an audible sound. It might have been a quick alert in Marcus's mind. He heard it, though, a soft click and then pain.

Markus had played hockey, he knew how to take pain. Nothing had ever hurt so badly in his life. He screamed. There was something hurting his dick. He scrambled and tried to pull himself out of the woman. Gasping and howling his pain, he put his hands on her shoulders. As he looked down, he saw two green eyes, sharp and focused on him. She was laughing. He pushed her down into the mattress and lunged backwards, pulling with his hips. His scream went up an octave as he tugged himself free. Markus fell backwards onto the mildewed carpeting and backed up, one hand blindly reaching for the doorknob that was too far away, while the other cradling his limp, bloody and mangled manhood. When his back did hit the wood of the door, he climbed to his feet, shaking all over and ran out of the room and into the parking lot with his pants around his ankles, screaming into the night.

The woman on the bed, her belly slick and red with his blood, laughed.