Title: Murder Disabled

Author: Sarge1

Rating: T

Summary: The team is helped by a very unlikely source to capture a sinister killer bent of "cleansing" the world of all people he considers useless. JJCentric, but the entire team is involved.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Criminal Minds peeps. (If I did, I'd give JJ more to do…) I'm just playing with them.

Author's Note: WARNING – This story deals with a bit of a touchy subject as far as who the murder victims are. It's not meant to offend anyone and I apologize beforehand if it does.



"Jamie, you're early," Victoria Locke called from the kitchen when she heard her front door open. She side stepped around the island in the middle of the room, counting her steps as she went, and started moving toward the living room. "I wasn't expecting you until three." There was a pause and then silence. "Jamie?"

A low growl came from her left and Victoria turned her head towards the noise, her sightless eyes instinctively turning in the same direction. "What is it, Rigley?" she asked with an air of nervousness in her voice. Her dog, Rigley, never growled. Ever. As a guide dog, he was trained not to. And the fact that he was growling meant something was seriously wrong. She swallowed hard.

She felt the German Shepherd brush up against her, but before she could reach down to touch him, he was gone. She frowned and reached for the wall, trailing her fingers along it as she felt her way into the living room. "Jamie?" she tentatively called out again.

She felt a shift in the air and then a deep voice suddenly rasped in her ear, "Not Jamie."

She had no time to scream.


"Twelve murders in the last four months. A couple Denver, a family of four in Boulder, a woman in Wiley, a college student in Fort Collins, a family of three Leadville, and a man Kit Carson."

Morgan leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms and frowning slightly. "So what's the connection besides the fact that they're all locations in Colorado?" he questioned. "You've got to admit that it's a little spread out even for being in one state."

"And culture and age don't seem to be a factor," Emily pointed out. "We've got white, African American, Hispanic; ages ranging from small children to the near-elderly…"

"That's what the Colorado Bureau of Investigation thought until two elements continued to show up at every scene," Hotch stated before glancing at JJ.

The blonde caught his look and pressed the projector remote, switching to the next slide. "At every scene there was this symbol carved into the left temple of a victim," she expounded, showing them a symbol of what looked somewhat like a sloppy lowercase M.

Emily raised an eyebrow. "An M?"

"Or something else," Hotch said.

Garcia decided to chime in. "It kinda looks like my version of a bird." Everyone looked at her in a perplexed manner. "Ya know, when you're drawing a setting sun or something and you put those distant birds flying in the sky?" There were a few blinks around the room. "You draw the script-y M thing? ...As a bird? Anyone?"

"Oh yeah, I know what you mean, baby girl," Morgan replied with a smile. "I think I used to draw birds like that when I was like seven."

"I don't think it's a bird," Reid suddenly interrupted, speaking for the first time since the beginning of the briefing. With everyone's attention on him, he continued, "It's an extremely common structure in Western ideography. It can mean different things depending on which direction it's facing. For example, if the points are facing to the left, it can be a three or if the points are facing upward, it can–"

"Be a W?" Morgan cut in, an amused look on his face.

Reid frowned slightly, saying, "Well, yes, I suppose, but I was going to say it is sometimes used in meteorological systems as a sign for certain types of clouds."

"And if the points are facing downward?" Hotch prodded the young genius.

"Well, in ancient alchemy it was a symbol for fire," he stated. "The… 'Golden Arches' of the McDonalds sign is actually a modern day reflection of this meaning of the symbol."

There was a pause as everyone pondered what it could mean, but then after a few moments, Emily spoke up again.

"You said that there were two elements that continued to show up at every crime scene," the brunette said, "What was the second one?"

JJ glanced quickly at Hotch before swallowing in a bitter manner and replying, "The second one was that every victim that has had this symbol carved into them has had some sort of a disability."

"Disability?" Morgan questioned, his face readopting his earlier frown.

The young blonde woman stared downward for a brief second. "Yes, disability… As in anything from Down Syndrome to Multiple Sclerosis, and so on…"

"Damn," he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. "This is seriously one sick son of a bitch…"

"Exactly," Hotch replied stoically. "And that's why we're headed to Colorado." He stood, collecting the files in front of him. "Wheels up in forty minutes."



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