Ok my friends, here is your lemon. It will mean a little more if you've read Dear Diary, so you get the build of of wanting and needing that this pair had to go through to get to this point.

I always say that I don't think I'm very good at writing the lemon. It's difficult for me to put this kind of stuff down on paper. I hope this meets your approval, and takes care of some of the tension that built up in the telling of the other story.

As always, enjoy.

Alice laughed

Heat. So much heat, both inside and outside of my body. No one could cause this much heat but Quil. Always Quil.


We managed to get through the wedding without giving our guests a floor show. Barely. It all went well until it was time for us to dance. My Dad walked me to Quil, and he took both of my hands in one of his, pulling me close so he could wrap his arm around me as we said our vows. My dress wasn't quite warm enough for the October sunset, but I knew that Quil would keep me warm. And he loved it. He loved how I looked from the front. He loved all my bare skin showing at the back.

We made it through the ceremony, even though I couldn't tell you now what we said. I just repeated what the minister told me to say. It wasn't really the words that meant so much as the emotions behind them. My voice hardly worked. His voice was so low and husky that it made me tremble. I think the only thing that kept me on my feet was his arm around me. And when we kissed, even though it was one of the milder kisses we'd shared, it felt like so much more. Like a promise that would never ever be broken.

The bonfire was high and bright, sending off enough heat to make everyone step back, but it was nowhere near as hot as Quil's hand on my back. He kept touching me, couldn't not touch me, as we made our way through the crowd of guests. We cut the cake and did the formalities of the evening. I managed to eat some, he managed a little more. It was like we were treading water, waiting for our chance to drown. And then it was time for our dance.

I don't know why we thought we could get through that. It was too much to ask, having my body pressed against his as we moved across the floor. He tucked his head down so he was breathing in my ear, and I couldn't take it. I just couldn't take it any more. I said his name - I probably moaned it - and suddenly he swept me up into his arms and said goodnight to everyone. It's a good thing that our dance was the last thing we were supposed to do before leaving. I can still hear the whistles and catcalls that followed us as he ran off with me, but by that point I didn't even care. All I wanted - all I needed - was to get away from there. To somewhere that was just us.

Quil didn't put me down until we'd reached the car, just out of sight of the party on the beach. He bent to open my door for me, but turned and pushed me roughly against the car and kissed me with everything he had. Instinct took over like it had so many times in the past, only this time there wasn't any limit from Sam to stop us as his hands slid down my sides to cup my hips and pull me closer. It took everything I had to pull away and tell him, "Not here." That made him laugh. What would Sam think, after trying to safeguard me all this time, to find us in flagrante delicto on the hood of Quil's car?

The ride to Port Angeles never took so long. Quil always called our make out sessions "sweet torture." There was nothing sweet about that ride. It was pure torture. Quil kept his hand on my thigh, teasing me with a gentle caress as we hurtled down the highway. Not even the good Chief Swan from Forks could have slowed us down.

Quil seemed calmer by the time we got to the hotel. He said it was because he finally had me where he wanted me. That made me even more shivery than I already felt. My legs were quivering as he helped me from the car, and he grinned down at me as he took my hand in his. I couldn't tell you what the front desk clerk looked like, or if it was a man or woman. My focus was entirely on Quil.

He swept me up into his arms again as we walked down the hall to our room - the honeymoon suite. He shouldered the door open and kissed me deeply before putting me down and crossing the room to turn on the air conditioner. "Now," he turned to look at me, a small smile playing across his lips. "Where were we?"

I couldn't answer him. I could only stand there, staring at the man who I could now call my husband. The man I'd been aching for since I was 14 years old. He grinned wider at me, and patted his pockets, taking out a CD and slipping it into the stereo on the table. "If memory serves me, I think we were dancing," he said as he crossed the room to take me in his arms. He took one of my hands in his and ran the other one down my back to pull me close. He let go of my hand so I could clasp mine around his neck as we moved slowly around the room, and reached to take one of the pins out of my hair so it could tumble freely down. "Oh Claire," he whispered as his nose grazed along my neck. "What you do to me..." I moved to kiss him, and his lips were gentle on mine.

After all that wanting, this was everything. Just dancing with him and kissing him with no one else around, no limits, no worries. Just me and Quil, whispering to each other as we kissed, slowly growing in intensity as we moved. He pulled the pins from my hair one at a time, kissing my neck as each section of hair was released. I went to work on the buttons of his shirt, kissing his chest as each one came undone.

It was strange to move so slowly after being so frenzied before, but now that all was said and done... we had all the time in the world. Time seemed to stop as Quil's lips and hands moved across my body, touching me slowly and carefully. He was driving me crazy again, but it was the good crazy. The crazy we'd both been after. The crazy we both needed more than life itself. The kind where you're drowning but you don't care because you're drowning the one who's drowning you. Around and around, over and over, to taste... to touch... to kiss...

The heat that was always a dull fire when he was around was blazing, filling me and changing me. It burst out from that spot at the base of my stomach and spread through me, until I could swear that my temperature was nearly has high as his. I traced my hands over his russet skin, marveling at his taste and texture, moving in slow motion as I followed him over the edge of the world.

I hadn't expected this. I knew Quil would never hurt me, but this tenderness... this slow sweetness... it was beyond anything I'd ever be able to imagine. We were on the bed before I realized it, our clothing gone, or legs tangled together, the only two people in the world. I couldn't kiss enough, couldn't taste enough as he murmured over me, his heat washing over me like I was standing in front of a fire.

I stretched to my full length, feeling his body against mine, moving with him, mirroring him. His lips were burning passion against mine, our breathing speeding up as we moved deeper into each other. He paused before he entered me, whispering his love even as he feared hurting me, and I cried out as the last of my innocence burned away in his heat. I clung to him as we trembled together, caught up in nothing more than pure desire. I arched into him as he moaned my name, cupping my hips to guide my movements, gradually turning that flare of pain into a deeper pleasure. I gave myself over to him entirely. He was everything.

He rolled, pulling me on top of him to free his hands so he could trail them up my sides to my breasts. I stretched out over him as we rocked together, needing to feel him against every inch of myself as the indescribable pressure began to build inside me. He laced his fingers in mine, drawing my arms up over my head so he could run his hands down the length of them, down my sides and to my hips once again, leaving trails of fire behind his touch. I began to gasp his name as I moved upward to some previously unknown plane. He pulled me ever closer, his voice low and rough as he breathed into me. I began to shudder, his kiss sending me over the brink, and I cried out with the pleasure that was breaking like waves over my body. He followed immediately behind, my name on his lips as he pumped harder with his own release.

We lay there, bathed in sweat and trembling in each other's arms, unable to speak, our bond even deeper because of the act we had just shared. Our kisses were gentle again, the fire dampened for the time being. Though it would always be burning. This fire, like Quil's heat, would never go out completely.