Roxas was sitting in last period Biology, zoning out to the sound of the announcements when the perky voice of a student changed to the deep voice of the principal, Xemnas. (No one was ever called by his or her last names in Twilight Town.)

"Good Morning students. It has been brought to the attention of the school board that a few students have been having overly 'intimate' relationships with students of the local collage, Twilight University, which is why I feel the need to remind you that an intimate relationship between someone over eighteen and someone under is illegal and punishable by law. We see fit to warn you of this, as we have been experiencing problems in this matter. That is all, and have a good rest of the day."

And with that, the PA system clicked off.

Their teacher Cloud had left the room, and the class was in an uproar, wondering whom it could be that was actually dating someone at TU. Roxas zoned out some more, not really listening to his lab partner Sora gossip to their friend Kairi about it.

Cloud walked back in yelling for everyone to quiet down. Someone trailed behind him.

At the sight of this person, Roxas' mouth dropped open. He was probably around twenty, and could be called neither a boy, nor a man. He was just a guy. A really hot guy in Roxas' opinion. He was tall and lanky, which immediately made him attractive, but his hair was defiantly the selling point.

It was fire red, and spiked back into perfect poky perfection. He carried a cocky, confident air about him, and wore a smirk on his face.

Roxas couldn't keep his eyes off the guy! Not just because he was so gorgeous, but because Roxas couldn't help but feel a kind of connection between them, like they'd met before somewhere. In a dream perhaps?

He and Cloud reached the front of the classroom, where they captured the room's attention. He noticed how Sora waved to Axel who raised a hand and smirked in recongnition. How did Sora know him?

"Alright everyone. We have a guest with us today," Cloud called out calmly.

"This is Axel. He's a sophomore at TU, studying Biology. He's here today to give us a demonstration on fire and its properties. This'll be a final exam for him, so try not to be total assholes."

The class laughed as Axel began the lesson.

Roxas couldn't concentrate at all.

A few times, Axel called on him, but all he could do was gape for a few seconds before his brain started to form coherent thoughts. By that time however, Axel had just chucked and moved on to someone who actually had their hand raised, however his eyes lingered on Roxas the entire time.

Awhile later, the bell signaled for the end of class, and Roxas was almost disappointed. He really didn't care much for Bio.

He noticed Axel hanging around the back of the room but thought nothing of it as he got up to leave.

Suddenly Cloud called him to his desk as his friends shouted goodbyes to him. Roxas figured that he was going to get told off for not paying attention, but Cloud looked sheepish and ever so slightly uncomfortable.

"Um… Axel would like a word with you…"

He got up and left the room, closing the door firmly behind him. Roxas turned awkwardly to the redhead, who was fairly beaming at him. He moved towards Roxas and held his hand out for a shake.

"Hey-ya Roxas. Nice to meet you. Name's Axel. Got it memorized?

Roxas just looked puzzled.

"Um, yeah I know, hi." He shook Axel's surprisingly cool hand.

"Look, sorry about your lecture. Today's not really been good for my brain." Axel snickered.

"No worries, no worries. I actually wanted to talk to you about something else. It honestly has nothing to do with school."

Roxas was even more confused than before. He knew it was showing on his face. It turned to full on bewilderment when Axel blushed and said,

"Um, are you busy tonight? Wanna go on a date or something?"


Cloud was way too much of a romantic softie.

To Be Continued…