Oh god in heaven I hate my computer

Oh god in heaven I hate my computer...
About a month ago I edited this chapter and changed... quite a few things. I save it, go to eat dinner that night, come back half an hour later and what do I have? The first unedited version of what I wrote...
(This is the third attempt)
I've also come to the conclusion that everyone needs an AU, slightly OOC, high school fic. This is mine.

Three Months Later…

Roxas stood outside of his high school, dying of heat exhaustion. It was May, and probably one hundred plus degrees outside. He was waiting for a ride.
He pulled out his cell phone and speed dialed number eight, frowning as he got the message.
"Hey, this is Axel. Whatever I'm doing, it's probably more important than your call, so leave a message."
It beeped and Roxas hung up, wondering what could be keeping his boyfriend, and why he wasn't answering his phone. Axel always had it with him and he always picked up when it was Roxas ringing him.
Over the past few months, Roxas' relationship with Axel had been steadily moving forward. Through lots of laughs, kisses and tears, they had managed to remain together as their bond grew. It would be silly for Roxas to say that he was in love with the redhead, but he was falling in love. Axel captivated Roxas like nothing else. And he was always there, whenever Roxas needed him. Except for now... Or so it seemed…
He began to walk in the direction of Twilight College, a few blocks away. He planned to stop by Axel's dorm and see what was up. At this time of the day, if he wasn't coming to get Roxas, he was probably there, being one of the few students who opted for morning classes that semester. He always teased Roxas that the reason he couldn't sleep in was because the blonde was still in high school. Neither really minded though. Being able to see each other in the afternoon seemed to turn any bad days into good ones.
The walk was agony. Roxas began to sweat profusely through his thin t-shirt, and his backpack felt like it had bricks in it instead of a few mere books.
It took him a good ten minutes to get to the dorm. When he arrived he took the stairs up to the eighth floor, and made his way to room number thirteen.
He knocked on the door softly. When no one came he knocked louder, finally wondering if the door was unlocked, he tried it. It wasn't. It was only strange because Axel and his dorm-mate Riku, never locked the door. They were so cockily confident that if anyone tried to break in and steal stuff, they'd never get past the crap all over. He set his backpack on the floor with a thud and a sigh as the weight was lifted off his back. He dug around in the sack for a time until he found an electric blue key which had been given to him by Axel, "Just in case." He fit it into the lock quickly and pushed open the door. The room was empty as far as he could see. He walked in and skirted around a pile of rather... fragrant laundry. He sat down at the kitchen table with a sigh. Beginning to worry, he pulled out his phone once more.
He had missed a call. It was from Sora, with a message frantically demanding that Roxas call him at once and that it was an emergency.
Roxas decided to call Riku first, having gotten his number from Sora. If anyone would know where Axel was, it would be Riku. He frowned again when Riku's phone rang from across the room. He hung up and called Sora who picked up immediately.
"Sora? What's the matter?"
Sora was out of breath, like he had been running, and sounded distraught.
"I-it's Riku… a-and Axel…"
"What about them? Sora, you're scaring me…"
"They've been arrested Roxas…"

Roxas was silent. Axel and Riku weren't exactly angels, but they weren't bad people either. What had gone wrong...?
"Sora. What's going on? What happened to them?"
"Someone found out about us. How we're dating them, and the fact that we're…"
"Minors…" Roxas finished for him. The phone dropped out of his hands and onto the carpet. He could hear Sora's voice from the other end of the phone. At that moment he decided it really didn't matter all that much. Why was the world so fucked up, he wanted to know... Couldn't two teenagers be together without everyone giving them all of this shit about it?
He stood up suddenly and grabbed his phone off of the carpet.
"Sora! You still there?" He shouted into the phone.
"Sheesh, no need to shout Roxas, I'm right here. What are we gonna do?" The brunette sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

"I really don't know how Sora, but we're getting them out."

To Be Continued…

Wow, I know that took far too long to update. Sorry guys.
Also I know I write short chappies, but I've been told by some that they like that? Oh well. Maybe the next one will be longer. Now that school is out it'll be much easier for me to update.
Also I'd like some ideas from you of what you may like to see in this fic. At this point it has no foretold ending, so a few ideas would be nice.
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