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Summary: What if Ian had shot Riley in the underground tunnels like he had threatened to do? This is just a very short scene following that.

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"It's uncertain as of now if he's going to make it," the doctor said, looking sadly at them. "I am sorry; there is no further information at this time."

Those words made Ben feel ill. He numbly thanked the doctor and then turned back to the others, unaware of the sad looks the other nurses were giving him. There was a light touch on his shoulder and he turned his head to see Abigail beside him. She looked as worn as him and her eyes reflected the same sadness that coursed through him.

"He's going to make it, Ben," she whispered, trying to sound confident for him. Ben could only nod, hoping that she was right.

It had been three hours since they had been in the underground tunnel, searching for the Mason's treasure and it had been three hours since Ian had pulled the trigger and shot his best friend. Ben could see the scene happening again and again and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Why couldn't he have done something?

"He's awake now, if you would like to see him briefly. You can't stay too long; however, he needs to recover."

A different nurse had approached them and Ben felt Abigail tighten the grip of her hand on his arm, almost in relief to hear that Riley had at least woken up. It was a good sign. The nurse left after telling them what room their friend was in and ultimately leaving the choice of what to do up to them.

"Go see him, Ben," Abi said softly. "Let him know that we're all here for him."

Ben gave her a tight hug, holding onto her for a moment, before letting her go and looking over her shoulder to his father. Patrick Gates nodded to him as if to say for him to go ahead on his own. Ben turned to elevator that would carry him up to the hallway where Riley's room was and got inside without another word.

He entered Riley's room to find his friend lying on the only bed in the room, hooked up to the various instruments that monitored his life signs. It was an eerie scene to Ben, who never wanted to see his friend in this type of setting ever again.

If he ever made it out of this one.

Ben shook the negative thoughts from his head as he approached the bed. The room was deathly quiet, only the soft sounds of the machines could be heard. Ben half thought that Riley was sleeping, but when he stopped next to the bed, Riley opened his eyes.

"Ben," Riley said a little hoarsely, but he looked relieved to see his friend.

"Abi and I are going to spend the night here. We'll be here in the morning when you wake up."

"Ian got me good, didn't he?" Riley asked, and Ben didn't want to worry him. Riley needed to focus on getting better. Ben put a comforting hand on Riley's shoulder, which was about the only place he could touch him right now without disturbing anything around him.

"Look, Riley, just get better and take whatever medications that the doctors want to shove down your throat, okay? You are going to be fine."

Riley looked doubtful, but nodded anyways, tipping his head slightly since he didn't have the strength to do anything else. Ben stayed with him until his friend slipped back into a peaceful, but drug induced, sleep. Ben lingered by the bed for a couple minutes longer, still seeing the scene of Riley getting shot replaying in his head. He couldn't lose his best friend. Hell, Riley was more then his friend, he was part of his family and Ben knew that it was his fault that Riley was even in the mess in the first place. If it wasn't for Ben, he wouldn't have been there to get shot.

Ben slipped out of the room quietly, with the horrible feeling that he just might lose his best friend.

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