"Oh my god" smiled Manny taking out a costume, she stood infront of a vanity mirror, in a old looking Halloween shop "Em, this would look great on you!" yet, Manny put it to herself, smirking that it looked good on her too.

It was near Halloween, and Emma and Manny for once single together. Emma and Peter FINALLY broke up and Manny has been wanting to footloose on top of a table or something..

"A leather cat outfit?" Emma asked, coming up behind the mirror and gazing at Manny admired herself and giggled a little looking around "That's more your thing" she says with a small 'sorry' kind of grin.

Manny's mouth dropped but laughed, nodding and took the outfit for herself

"What are you going to get then?" Manny questions.

Emma frowned and shrugged "I don't know" she admits and rolled her eyes "That stupid rule at school..."

"If not dressed, not welcomed" mocked Manny to nod "Yeah, Mrs.H sucks but look at what she gave birth to. It's not a shocker. But! At least it's good for us, I mean I like dressing up. But can you see the boys?"

"Well, Craig was good in that 80's costume" Emma joked remembering that from grade 7 and Manny laughed. Emma couldn't believe they were Junior, next year they'd be graduating!

"God" Manny said "I'm so over that guy" she smiled looking around, they've been through so much. What else could Degrassi throw at them!?

"Uh oh" Emma eyes Manny, "You already crushing someone?"

Manny's mouth dropped, feeling suddenly cornered and didn't even bring it up but bit her lip trying not to smile, "You'll never believe who" taunts Manny going into the fitting room and Emma leaned on her door waiting.

"Umm Jimmy" guessed Emma to hear Manny snicker "Spinner again?"

"never again" bittered Manny.

Emma's body straightened against Manny's changing room door when she saw Paige coming over "Good, cause honey bee is all mine again" Paige informed as she crossed her arms but sent Emma a playful smile, knowing she meant nothing by it

"Oh-it wasn't... I-" Emma didn't know what to say.

"Emma, chill" laughs Paige "I'm totally kidding. Anyone having a crush on Spinner actually amuses me. I thought I was the only crazy girl" joked Paige and shared a laugh with Emma. So things didn't work out with Alex, Paige just kept missing the way it use to be with her Honey Bee so her and Spin got back together.

Manny came out "You are the only crazy girl" she said in a sing song bitter tone and Paige rolled her eyes.

Its not like Manny and Paige hated each other anymore like they use to, they just breathed to insult another. But they were friends..in that enemy kind of way.

"Well I'd rather crazy then..." Paige sized Manny up and down in her leather cat outfit "Well...you know what I'm going to say"

"So funny" Manny turns to Emma "What do you think?"

"Whoever your in like with right now, his eye balls will pop out" explained Emma with a little giggle at the end.

"Oh it might be a she" Paige joked back.

Manny faked a gasp "No Paige that's your job" she smiled, "You think nobody knows about your shennigans with Alex?"

Paige rolled her eyes again but shut up.

The television over them went onto the news and Emma huffed "Another killing? That's two now." she frowned deeply, praying for the ones who lost loved one.

It wasn't like Degrassi at all. . . people were being found dead in the woods.

"I heard it was bears" nods Paige

"Bears in Toronto?" Manny tried hard not to laugh at Paige's stupidity and they listened to the news:

"Last night another teen girl from Lakes shore high was attacked in the woods. The girl lived and is under serious surgery. They seem to have found dog claw marks in the girls shoulder. If anyone have seen coyotes or a stray dog, report it and call..."

"A dog now?" snickers Emma, disgusted nobody could find this thing.

"Hopefully they find it" admits Manny going back in the fitting room to change back into her clothes

"What'd you get?" Emma asked turning from Manny to Paige who lifted her costume.

"Vampire" Paige showed fangs and a corset little dress, a little black cape along with it.

"neat" Emma said.

Paige nods and looked around her, Emma didn't have a costume "Do you need help?"

Emma groans "I don't even want to dress up."

"You will dress up Emma Nelson!" Snapped Manny from the changeroom.

"Yeah well, rules are you need one. For the Halloween blow out" laughed Paige and gasped pointing behind Emma "This is SO adorable" she walked to a certain costume...Emma slowly following behind...