Well like the summery says and if you can't guess, this is a cross over with Avatar The Last Airbender. This takes place after Phantom Planet for DP but for ATLA it will start with the first episode, though I am not doing every episode and in fact, I'm skipping unimportant things like the episode with Haru, good luck finding it! Not to mention this is all Danny so it will be much shorter then the actual seasons. In fact, I'm not even going to do the whole Northern Water Tribe deal, and Aang won't be looking for a fire bending teacher, and also Danny will find familiar friends thanks to Clockwork throughout this FF and I admit I am skipping some pretty important episodes but it's not like Danny could do anything and remember these are following Danny, if you want the others at least general point of view, go to the episodes! Oh and I do not own DP or Avatar!

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Danny was blasted to the ground again by Plasmious.

He had teleported back to earth and was determined to finish Danny off.

Danny snarled and shot another blast.

Vlad dodged it and created ten copies of himself.

They all raised their arms and shot towards Danny.

Danny closed his eyes waiting for contact.

However the contact never came.

Slowly Danny opened his eyes and saw everything frozen and a clock like portal appearing.

Clockwork floated out of it "Clockwork? What are you doing here?" Danny asked.

Suddenly another ghost stepped out behind Clockwork.

Clockwork cast a sad look towards Danny "I'm afraid you are needed elsewhere" he said.

Danny was about to say something when he was surrounded by clocks.

When they vanished Danny saw a war playing below.

One side was blasting fire at others who were using air to attempt to defend them selves.

Danny watched in horror as they flew away and saw a boy flying on a flying bison in a storm.

A wave knocked him into the sea and both him and his bison were washed away, frozen, in a block of ice.

Danny turned to the two ghosts "what is all this" he asked.

The other lowered his head "my name is Roku, this is my world, it is overrun by firebenders of the Fire Nation" he said.

Danny rubbed his neck "what do you mean bending" he asked.

Clockwork smiled "it is a way to manipulate the elements according to which element you master, the Air Nomads controlled air, Fire Nation, Fire, Water Tribes, water, and the Earth Kingdom, earth" he explained.

Danny raised an eyebrow "then what does this have to do with me? And what was up with the kid in the ice" he asked.

Roku frowned "in my world there is a spirit called the Avatar, it lives in a human body, that boy is the current Avatar, and I am the one before him, and the Avatar is capable of bending all four elements" he said sadly.

Danny frowned "I still don't get what this has to do with me" he explained.

Clockwork frowned "Aang, the Avatar, is this worlds only hope for the Fire Nation launched war on the other nations, and succeeded in winning all but the northern water tribe, you must help Aang to defeat the fire lord" he said.

Danny crossed his arms "with what? My ghost powers? With how strong they are I'm not quite sure that will be enough" he said.

At this Clockwork chuckled "in your ghost form you can fly, use ice, and use a form of ectoplasmic lightning, all of those are forms of bending" he said.

Danny shrugged "and that means…" he asked.

Roku laughed lightly "in your human form and ghost form we will be able to unlock your ability to bend those three elements, though earth will not be an option for you to bend unless you learn a ghostly attack that uses earth" he said.

Danny's eyes widened "so you want me to help the Avatar, but if I can bend three elements, what does that make me" he asked.

Roku frowned "a unique bender, though try to keep that information to as few people as possible, as long as possible" he said.

Suddenly Clockwork tossed Danny a staff "what's this" Danny asked.

Clockwork waved his hand in front of Danny's face once.

Instantly images of many water, fire, and air bending movements flashed through his mind.

Danny experimentally opened the staff to reveal a neon green glider with icy blue swirls.

He shot a cross look at Clockwork "was this color planned" he muttered.

Roku laughed "it was Clockworks idea" he said.

Then he frowned again "though you do need some new clothes" he said.

Clockwork waved his hand in front of Danny again.

Danny quickly looked down and saw he was in dark maroon silk pants and a baggy dark brown silk tunic.

He also had a dark maroon cape made of a cloth similar to silk with a hood on and a water tribe symbol on it.

He turned to Roku and Clockwork "so how do I help the kid, he is in ice and I lost sight of him ages ago" he said.

Clockwork pressed a button on his staff and Danny looked down to see a girl break open the ice "he is released one hundred years later, you must help him, I will make it so you are a prisoner on a ship, and the crew will remember you as such" Clockwork said.

Roku then floated foreword "as soon as time starts again you must escape, Aang will be captured on the ship, you will introduce yourself as a water tribe member who was captured by the Fire Nation, they will remember you as an important prisoner so you will be chased" he said.

Clockwork frowned "good luck Danny, and try to keep your ghost half hidden, only use it if necessary like your escape" he said.

Danny nodded as the scene faded to black.

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enjoy the next chapter where Danny finds himself in Aang's world...