Just for an important note I almost have the second book of this released but for continuities sake I must get a few things cleared up, first off I am debating on revising Danny And The Avatar before or after I get the next one on?

I'll let you guys decide. I only have three more chapters to write but at the rate I'm going it will be finished ASAP and this time I can garuntee it.

I'm just having a bit of trouble in Ba Sing Se. And I would like to know if in the second do you guys want me to incclude what's happening to Valerie or just work in a chapter on her at the end?

Or maybe even a paragraph?

And The last question is for book three do you guys want me to do only the important chapters like I have been or since every chapter can play a small part in some way do you want me to just do every single one?

It's your choices, please review and tell me!